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Bitdeal, the industry's leading Token Listing Service Company in the industry can help you list your tokens in the popular exchanges and increase your liquidity and token visibility effectively.

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Token Listing Services

As the crypto market continues to expand, with thousands of new tokens being launched regularly, it's now tougher than ever to get noticed and trusted. This has made the need for a professional token listing service provider a crucial factor to successfully thive in the evolving crypto world. Knowing it growing demand, Bitdeal a leading token development company offers effective token listing services. 
In this blog, you will gain detailed insights into Bitdeal's token listing services. Before that lets take a quick look at at what token listing services involve.

What are Token Listing Services?

Token Listing Service is nothing but listing a specific cryptocurrency token in a particular exchange platform. You can purchase, sell, and trade crypto tokens effectively by listing your tokens on the exchange platform. Does it feel intriguing to you ? This blog post is going to take you on a knowledgeable adventure. Let's get started!

Essential Information Needed For Token Listing

If you are a newbie to the concept of token listing, then this segment is just for you. Even if you are an experienced trader, you can take notes of this essential information required for your Token Listing Services. 

  • Select a name for your token to be listed under.

  • Decide what kind of token you want to create and decide on a plan based on your company's requirements.

  • Examine the tokens' market capitalization based on their current pricing.

  • Write a short and understandable description of your token and specify how many tokens will be generated overall in the list.

  • Select a symbol to use on trading platforms and exchanges to represent your tokens for listing.

  • Find out how many tokens are in circulation right now and how many tokens there can ever be.

  • The token will become accessible in the transfer window and listed in the transaction window upon completion of the identification setup.

The Process of Token Listing Services

Listing your token on the exchange platform takes various steps. Rather than listing your token on a particular exchange platform, you can list your token on various exchange platforms as well. Here is the process of Token Listing Services.


To begin listing your tokens on the exchange platform, you should send an application to the respective application. Ensure you include all the necessary details of your token to list on the exchange. 

Listing Fees

To cover the cost of listing, reviewing, and maintenance, the exchange might deduct a listing fee. Also, the listing fees will be charged on the basis of the services and exposure provided effectively. 

Liquidity and Market Making

Liquidity is the most-needed feature for trading. When your token listing services need market-making services, they can use the liquidity to buy and sell orders on the order book at the earliest.

Technical Integration

By successfully surpassing the listing and evaluation terms, you can list your token on the exchange platform. Users can also incorporate Blockchain or Cryptocurrency technology with the exchange.

Starts Trading

After completing the liquidity and technical integration, users can list new cryptocurrencies on the exchange. Finally, users can purchase, sell, and trade cryptocurrency with this Token Listing Services.
If you are new to the industry, then that's where you would need assistance from a professional like Bitdeal.

Bitdeal - The Leading Token Listing Services Provider

Bitdeal is the best Token Listing Services enterprise that assists you in listing your token exactly on the exchange you choose. If you are searching for ways to enhance the accessibility and visibility of your Blockchain project, then Bitdeal’s Token Listing Services is the best choice. Bitdeal provides legitimate Token Listing Services that are specially designed for your crypto and Blockchain projects. Our classified Token Listing Services will help you list your tokens on diverse exchange platforms.

Exceptional Benefits of Token Listing Services

1. Bitdeal is the top-tier Token Listing Service in the industry. You can list your token on the most popular platforms by using our assistance. We assist the users by listing the token and increasing its market awareness.

2. We provide users with comprehensive services for listing their tokens. Turkey services, such as resolving all criteria and necessities in the listing forms

3. We're glad to report that our customers are more than pleased with our reasonably priced listing services. For a reasonable fee, we assist our consumers in getting their tokens listed on over 50 prestigious listing websites.

4. We list tokens on the exchange listing platforms and other leading listing platforms to satisfy our clients’ needs. No matter what your token price is, we can list your token on your preferred exchange platform. 

5. We have an abundance of knowledge about exchange listing sites and have connections to several other listing sites that we do not charge commissions to our clients.

The Top 10 Crypto Exchanges We List Your Tokens

  • Binance

  • Koinpark

  • Huobi

  • Bybit

  • Kraken

  • IDEX

  • Kucoin

  • Coinbase

  • Bithumb

  • Coinsbit and much more. 

These are the top ten crypto exchange platforms we are using to list your Tokens. In addition to these exchanges, we can list your token on other exchange platforms too.

What Is the Cost of Listing a New Token? 

As Bitdeal is the most eminent Token Listing Service Company in the USA, we have assisted many people in listing their new tokens on famous exchange platforms. Coming to the point, how much does it cost to list a new token? Well, every exchange platform costs a maker fee and a taker fee, so the cost of Token Listing might vary. At Bitdeal, we offer services to create a new token and then help users list their tokens on a legitimate platform. Our development process is simple. Our team will visualize the features first and design the token you want to list. Then, we will develop the token with all your business requirements and finally, we perform quality testing and launch your new token to list on the popular exchange.

Why Choose Bitdeal as Your Ideal Token Listing Services?

Bitdeal is a top-rated Blockchain Development Company that provides legitimate Token Listing Services seamlessly. We offer excellent services and guidelines to list your token in the legal exchange platform. Besides, our consulting team is ready to clarify all your queries regarding the Token Listing Services. Bitdeal has successfully delivered projects in many global countries. They are Germany, the USA, Spain, India, Japan, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Austria, Brazil, Canada, etc. Our Token Listing Services will enhance your liquidity and trading volume at affordable prices. So, what are you still waiting for? Contact us to begin your journey of Token Listing now!

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