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Polkawar Clone Script - To Build a innovative NFT fighting game like Polkawar

Polkawar Clone Script exclusively from bitdeal to build your own NFT fighting game like Polkawar.

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Polkawar Clone Script - To Build a innovative NFT fighting game like Polkawar

Polkawar Clone Script

Polkawar clone script is a precisely coded nft gaming script. With this script as a source code, any cryptopreneurs can launch their own decentralized fighting game like polkawar. To provide the look and feel of polkawar to users, we have integrated special functionalities and high tech APIs in our script. The platform  built with this script will act as an all-in-one platform that promotes NFT, DeFi and Gaming.

Specifications Of Polkawar Clone

Script Type: NFT Gaming Script
Blockchain Type: Custom (Based upon clients requirements)
APIs Integrated: All the Prime APIs 
Native Token: custom (Based upon Clients requirements)

Features Of Polkawar Clone


Staking feature lets user stake their desired NFT for a specific time duration and let’s them earn rewards with it

NFT Marketplace

Exclusive NFT marketplace to list the in-game assets like characters, weapons, pets, etc,. There users can buy, sell in-game assets.


The prime purpose of the logistics system is to provide NFTs as real world assets. This new feature attracts many more users towards it.

NFT Gaming

NFT fighting game with attractive background template and gaming music. Any user can create attractive avatars and participate in game

NFT Storage

Secured NFT storage via IPFS storage. 

NFT Wallet

Unique NFT wallet to buy, sell and store NFTs.

Gaming Characters

Users can create their own gaming character and participate in gaming.Some of the specified game characters are listed below

Warrior: This character is referred as the most powerful game character which holds weapons like Sword, Tessen and Big knife
Magican: Magician is recognized with mysterious magic tricks which holds weapons like Magic Vase and Sceptre
Archer: Archer wons gun and arrow which has very high speed.

Weapons Listed in Polkawar Clone 

The below listed are the weapons one can use in the polkawar. Users can hold it as NFT and can buy or sell it in the future.

  • Sword
  • Big Knife
  • Tesson
  • Bow & Arrow
  • Gun
  • Sceptre
  • Helmet
  • wing
  • Armor
  • Wing

How To Clone a Polkawar Game ?

To clone the NFT game like polkawar, the user have various options like

1. Going with Free launcher
2. Development form the scratch
3. NFT Gaming Clone 

In the above listed options, the best and most recommendable to start ups is NFT gaming Clones. If you are thinking of building a NFT game like polkawar, then, you can simply buy Polkawar Clone Script / Software from Bitdeal that comes under NFT Gaming Clone Scripts. The best thing about Bitdeal's clone script is customization, users can entirely customize the script from blockchain technology to integrated APIs.

If you are curious about clonning Polkawar, then, reach out to our experts instantly!

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How Does Polkawar Clone Work ?

Polkawar Clone is designed to work exactly as polkawar. In the war game, users can create their own gaming character, pick up their weapon and participate in the war game either as a single person or as a team. The users of this platform have multiple choices to earn rewards from the platform. 

1. The gamer can win in the battle game and earn rewards.
2. The user can stake their own NFTs and get income via that
3. NFT Marketplace lets users buy, sell NFTs.

At first, the user needs to register in the platform, once they are done with registration, they will be provided access to all other features in the platform.

Why Start A Gaming Platform like Polkawar?

Polkawar is a completely decentralized fighting game launched in the year 2021 which aims to bring all kinds of features like Defi, Staking and NFT Marketplace within a platform. Polkawar has its own native token PWAR, the price of the token is nearly 0.09 USD and the 24 hour trading volume is estimated as 200K USD. 

Within a year of launch, Polkawar has gained a significant amount of users with its attractive features.

It offers three main features like

  • Polwar Realm
  • Polkawar Marketplace
  • Polkawar Logistics


The native token of Polkawar is PWAR which holds 1374 th rank in coinmarketcap

  • PWAR Price: 0.09$
  • 24-hour trading volume: 278K $
  • Currently Supply: 27,072,168
  • Maximum Supply: 100,000,000

The token has multiple use cases in the platform. which are listed are

  • Play to earn: By playing the game, the users can earn PWAR tokens.
  • Purchase Fee: The holder can purchase in-game assets in the platform via this platform
  • Staking rewards: Any user participate in the staking will get rewards PWAR as rewards.
  • Farming rewards: Liquidity providers can get rewards via this token.

Why Bitdeal for Polkawar Clone Script?

Bitdeal, being a dominant Game Development Company offer versatile gaming development services like racing game, adventurous game, card game, fighting game,etc, As a reputed company in the software industry, we always deploy and deliver the best to our clients. 

Disclaimer: Bitdeal neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Polkawar". We have mentioned the brand name Polkawar to make things clear to our clients. It is important to understand that we does not promote, copy and collaborate with them.


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