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Secondlive Clone Script To Build a Platform like Secondlive

Explore what is secondlive clone script and know its features and functionalities.

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Secondlive Clone Script To Build a Platform like Secondlive

Secondlive Clone Script

Secondlive Clone Script is a precisely developed clone script build for entrepreneurs to create a versatile 3D virtual space just like secondlive. The Platform built with this script will provide diverse functionalities to users like Avatar Creation, Various Virtual Spaces, Marketplace and scenario editor so that the user can engage with any kind of activity like singing, dancing, attending meeting, trading, etc, We at bitdeal has equipped the script with all the primary APIs and standard security protocols with finely integrated smart contract.

Bitdeal Secondlive Clone Protocol

  • Script Type: NFT Gaming Script
  • Version : 1.0
  • Blockchain Integrated: Binance Smart Chian (custom)
  • APIs integrated : All the Prime APIs integrated

Secondlive Clone Features

  • The below listed are some of the unique features we have integrated in our Secondlive Clone Script.
  • All kinds of virtual spaces are completely permanent.
  • The Script is enabled with real world synchronization to promote the real world things.
  • There would be no limited people or limited space, the platform would have the capability to accommodate a bulk volume of users.
  • It controls transactions, payments and income
  • The elements and objects are designed in a way to connect with another virtual worlds
  • A single user as well as a group of people can create virtual content on the platform.

Application Scenarios of Secondlive Clone Script

With Secondlive Clone, you can create multiple applications but it is important to understand that this digitally sophisticated platform can't deal with your real-world things and biological functions like hunger, thirst, etc. It promotes strong social interaction,  top gaming experience, and a way to earn money.  Let's have a look at the important applications

Social Space

This social space provides mind blowing features to its users. Users of the platform can login from anywhere in the globe in the time they wish. 

Users can create avatars and strongly interact in social communication and they can also see the activities of other users.

It will act as a open as well as free source, the user can create scenes, art works and then they can trade it further in a marketplace

Gaming Environment 

Metaverse gaming has been the mainstream of attention and the possibilities of metaverse games are much more. Here, the users are allowed to create game rules as well as gaming assets. 

The special feature allows inhabitants to create NFT assets that includes movies, text, moments, music, etc, The early participants of the platform are provided with certain rewards.

Online space to learn and work

The Pandemic brings uncertainty and shifts the work towards home so this feature combines to provide the office like environment. Here, one can build office buildings and multiple avatars to participate in meetings for efficient communication. The same is  applicable in the education sector, it would act as a better replacement for online classes which promotes learning easier.


Of Course all kinds of NFTs are supported in this script, the user can showcase any NFT in the platform and let users buy and sell it. Thus it also helps in improvising the liquidity of the platform. 

The Prime Features of Avatar

The Avatar is a most important element in the platform. It protraits all their things. Here, some features of avatars 

1. Avatar Movements: Functional movements of avatars like jumping, dancing, running, etc
2. Expressions: Revealing certain experssion in a specific situation
3. Emotions: Revealing all kinds of emotions
4. Gaze: Standard control of eye sights
5. Terminal Equipment Settings: This provides a good viewing effect powered with AR & VR.

Why Should You Start A Platform like Secondlive ?

Secondlive is an all-in-all platform built in Binance Smart Chain commenced in the year 2021. Within a short span of time, this platform gives a big hit. According to Dappradar, its 24 hours statistics are listed below

  • Users: 40.53 K
  • Transactions: 46.33 K
  • Volume : $118.81
  • Balance : $867.11

This Platform will act as a hub so that the user can do any kind of activity like singing, dancing, learning and working inside the platform.

The Products of the site are

  • Avatar
  • Space
  • SNS
  • Market
  • Builder
  • Event


  • Token Name: SecondLive Token
  • Token Specification: LIVE
  • Over all Supply: 1,000,000,000

Secondlive DAO

Decentralized Autonomous Organization, DAO is now the most popular term of the industry. Many business models like Crypto Exchanges, NFT Marketplaces are shifting their services under DAO. DAO spontaneously enables partial ownership to the users that lets users participate in decision making. This concept put aside the old management concept. Secondlive is one of the platform which is build under DAO.The DAO modules is displayed below

1. Proposal list: The Proposal is listed in a snapshot which is a kind of off-chain poling platform. 

2. Proposal Page: Proposal page displays the detailed information about the proposal

3. Voting Power: The users of the platform are allowed to participate in each and every user has a unique and specific voting power.

How Secondlive Clone Script benefits Entrepreneurs ?

As mentioned in the above, Secondlive clone script is precisely built for entrepreneurs who want to adopt the business model of secondlive. Our Secondlive clone script lets them start a platform instantly and easily. The business can also get brand recognition as well as high ROI. 

Why Should You Choose Bitdeal ?

Bitdeal, the Metaverse Development Company provides versatile solutions for Cryptopreneurs. Our Vision lets us research deeper to make the entrepreneurs path smoother.  We come up with instant solutions and services to build their business.

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Disclaimer: Bitdeal neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Secondlive". We have mentioned the brand name Secondlive to make things clear to our clients. It is important to understand that we does not promote, copy and collaborate with them.


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