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STEPN Clone App - A Move To Earn Web3 Lifestyle App With Social-Fi and Game-Fi Elements

Get deep knowledge about STEPN Clone App

STEPN Clone App - A Move To Earn Web3 Lifestyle App With Social-Fi and Game-Fi Elements

STEPN Clone App

STEPN Clone App is a move to earn, Web3 fitness lifestyle app  incorporated with fun game elements, social-fi and game-fi elements. In the STEPN Clone App, the users are armed with NFT sneakers to walk, jog or run outdoors. As a reward, users earn game currencies that can be used to upgrade and mint new Sneakers.

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Lets Dive Deeper!

What Is STEPN?

STEPN is a Web3 Web3 lifestyle app with inbuilt Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements. 

STEPN is developed based on the daily fundamental activities of the people who are moving around. STEPN is the first successful project that brought out the move&earn concept. 

In this application, the users are armed with NFT Sneakers. The users earn the game currencies by walking, jogging, or running outdoors. These profits can be used to upgrade their NFT sneakers or be cashed out. Inside the STEPN App there is an in-app Marketplace where the players can lease or sell their NFT Sneakers. 

The Tokens
Governance Token - GMT (Total Supply 6 billion)
Utility Token - GST (Unlimited Supply)

Unique Features of STEPN Clone App

Burn Mechanism

Due to the limited supply of tokens, the need for a burn mechanism is essential to facilitate more and more users. This process is used to reduce the circulation of both the GMT and GST tokens through various in-app activities.

Dual Token Model

The need for fundraising and utility is the main reason for the STEPN clone app to run on a dual token economy model. There are two tokens available for the users to earn through different methods as follows:

  1. Green Metaverse Token (GMT)
  2. Green Satoshi Token (GST)

Decentralized Wallet

The decentalized wallet is built into the game and supports two chains of assets. Also has a wallet backup function and swap function with liquidity.


The marketplace is an area where the users can rent, lease, sell, or buy their NFT Sneakers, badges, and gems.

GameFi Elements

  • Game Modes
  • Sneakers
  • Gems and Sockets
  • Shoe Minting
  • Badge

How The STEPN Clone Script Generates Revenue?

The app owner gets revenue from the small amount of taxes for the in-app activities performed by the users. NFT trading, shoe minting, and shoe rental are some of such activities. The assets in the applications are owned by the users and also the earnings in the app are also made by the users.

Why Is Move-To-Earn The Next Evolution Of Fitness?

There is more demand for the fitness companies and also they have never been clearer. And now the move-to-earn is fastly becoming a more popular and trending movement that helps people to exercise.

To exactly understand why the move to earn is the next evolution of fitness, we need to start to understand from the beginning.

Move To Survive

Centuries ago, people belonging to that period were far way better in physical shapes than we are today. There was no gym and fancy machines existed. This is because people of that period moved to survive. 

The ability to navigate into our natural environment like climbing, jumping, and running was essential to stay alive.

Move To Fight

Next, due to the agricultural revolution, the society became more structured and farming required more physical activities. Sowing, menial chores, and harvesting crops made the people stay fit.

Move To Thrive

Our quality of life has improved, due to technological and agricultural advancement. After the necessity to survive, people also started to become more fit physically. It became a coveted virtue and civic duty. People moved to thrive.

Move To Flex

This laid the foundation for today's fitness outlook. Due to lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyle, new diseases, health problems are evolving. So people started moving to flex.

The Very Next Evolution Of Fitness: Move To Earn

Even with more investment, new equipment, bigger gyms, the rate of people who reduce exercise is very low. That's when the move to earn movement arrived. Inorder to motivate movements and paying people to workout, this new era of fitness gives people an instant, clear encouragement to get healthy.

STEPN Clone App Development

Inspire millions to a healthier lifestyle with the STEPN Clone App from Bitdeal. Want to enter into the world of Move-To-Earn? Create Your own M2E platform like STEPN. 

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