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Get complete STO Consultation Services from bitdeal - leading Security token offering service provider in India. We at bitdeal provide consulting support for STO marketing, STO launch, Token creation and everything related to STO.

Why Need STO Consulting?

Security Token Offerings are a quite new way of a legal fund-raising technique that is becoming more viral among crowdfunding networks.  The drawbacks of ICO is, it is completely favorable for issuer-side alone, so in order to favor the investors with registered securities, STO's were introduced. As STO's are deemed as legal crowdfunding method, it started to grab the investors attention within a short period of time.

Whenever a new business model or new innovation arrives to market, people must need proper knowledge transfer or consultation support in order to utilize the new concept. Though STO's are similar to ICO, some of the processes in the STO launch have huge variations. So probably the investors and the issuer must need a proper consultation to participate in STO launch. 

In this blog let us discuss all the steps and processes involved in STO consultation services and the best STO consultation service provider.

STO consultation

STO consultation is more important for the issuer who wish to launch an STO. STO can be divided into Pre-STO and Post-STO process. Both require consultation services for the successful launch of STO. Pre - STO is the basement for the launch of STO and involves different consultation processes. 


1. Planning

During the planning of STO, The issuer must need to decide what type of token that he/she are going to provide for investors and how much capital he is fpcusing to raise. So for a newbie, it will be a tough task to go through all these processes.  

Consulting a best STO consulting firm will lighten the hard works, and smoothen the planning of STO.

Owners/Investors manual.

In ICO, we call this white paper. The issuer of Securit token can't be able to create a Userfriendly manual unless he has a better understanding of STO. STO Consulting firms can support you in white paper writing by feeding the knowledge of STO main purpose, assets details, investing details, token values, and types, etc.

2. Tokenization

Based on the security the issuers provides, it should be packed up with a legal encrypted entity so-called Tokens. STO Consulting firms can extract you the best possible way's through which you can tokenize your assets.

3. Legalization

 As per the country where your launching STO, the legal laws will vary and also as per the assets that you have involved in your token, the legalization process will vary. The STO consulting companies will do the R & D process and provide you the apt legalization steps for your STO.

4.Issuance Portal

Issuance portal is a website or an online medium, where the token crowd sale will happen. Through which can let people know about your token and its usage. Contact with STO consulting company and know about the best way to deploy the Hi-Fi issuance portal.

5 .Token Marketing

After the creation of your token, you must provide it to the knowledge of the people in the market. Marketing ways of your token may differ according to the nature of your token. Thus, Contact with STO consulting company, to know about the best marketing ways for your token. 

Post -STO

The consultation services after the launch of STO, which will suggest the ways for claiming the profits and shares by the investors will also be provided by all service providers.

Bitdeal - Reputed STO consultation Provider

Bitdeal is a reputed STO consultation service provider, who can help you out with all the consulting services starting from planning for an STO until the successful launch. We always inherit a complete R & D process to find the best suitable way to success your STO process.

The expert's team of Bitdeal is so dedicated so that they can provide you consultation services on 24 X 7.

Contact Bitdeal STO Consulting Team Now !!!

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