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Bitstamp Clone Script To Start an Exchange Like Bitstamp

Explore What is Bitstamp, and how to create a bitcoin exchange like bitstamp

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Bitstamp Clone Script To Start an Exchange Like Bitstamp

Bitstamp -  Those who are crazy about cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency trading would aware of this top most popular bitcoin & cryptocurrency exchange. There are several clone script marketplace are selling bitstamp clone script, but bitdeal is providing premium bitstamp clone script. So in this article, we are gonna discuss what is a bitstamp? What are the highlights of bitstamp? what is bitstamp clone script? What are the special features of bitdeal bitstamp clone script?  Why start an exchange like bitstamp and How to start a bitcoin exchange like bitstamp? 

Let’s get into this article now! 

What is bitstamp clone script?

It is a website script, that consist of all the current features of the popular bitcoin exchange bitstamp, which can be capable of customizing it with special trading features. Bitdeal provides premium bitstamp clone script and which will become as ready-made and white label script.



So, before understanding how to start an exchange like bitstamp, let us first go through about what is bitstamp? Highlights of bitstamp and why to start an exchange like bitstamp?

What is bitstamp?

Bitstamp is a European cryptocurrency exchange company, which was founded in 2011. At first, the founder of this company Mr.Njec Kodric has launched it in Slovenia along with the Co-Founder Mr. Damijan Merlak. After that the company has moved to London, the UK in 2013 then they moved to Luxembourg in 2016. Bitstamp has been considered as the alternative to the ever popular and dominates bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox Because bitstamp was the first cryptocurrency exchange to support trading with USD, EUR, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ripple and most recently bitcoin cash. 

In 2016, the Luxembourgish government has given the legal license to bitstamp, so that they started to provide their services in all the 28 states of EU.

Why Start an Exchange like Bitstamp?

While comparing bitstamp with other popular crypto exchanges with its renown competitors bitfinex and Mt.Gox, this European exchange stays in the top with notable success, endurance, and sustainability in the cryptocurrency market. All this success is achieved by guaranteed trading, trustworthy fund security, trading speed, user-friendliness, and less likely to hack.

Apart from this, there are some highlights which might inspire you to start an exchange like bitstamp, let us go through what are those highlights.

Highlights of Bitstamp

1. Mt. Gox was the top competitor for bitstamp during the initial stage. Bitstamp has beaten the competition by overtaking

2. Mt.Gox for the first time in 2013 along with the trade volume of 8294.02 BTC on 22nd July, whereas the Mt.Gox Trade Volume was 8215.90 BTC Only. Ref : Bitstamp Overtakes Mt.Gox

3. Currently Bitstamp’s 24 hours trade volume is $64,093,908 USD

4. 24 hours trade volume of bitstamp by coinmarketcap is $150,645,666( while publishing this article )

5. Even Though the bitstamp had a security breach along with the loss 19,000BTC, No Customer has lost their bitcoin during this security breach. 

6. The Estimated annual revenue of bitstamp is around $17.9M (Ref : crunchbase

7. While launching bitstamp kotric has just a thousand euros, and two laptops and a server

8. Bitstamp current ranking in coinmarketcap is 46th, but ranking doesn’t affect this huge exchange. Still, bitstamp is safer and easy if you are trading with Euros through SEPA transfer. Coinbase Vs Bitstamp

9. During the US Expansion, bitstamp has initiated to use BitLicense in order to proceed service in the United States(Ref: theblockccrypto)

10. Cointelegraph published an article that, Bitstamp has initiated to purchase bitcoins through credit card in order to facilitate trading for traders who are in 57 Non-European countries.

11. Initially, bitstamp have support purchasing bitcoin with credit card only for 28 European countries. 

12. Check out the Live trade view of bitstamp here: bitstamp tradeview

13. Bitstamp charges 0.25% as a service fee.

14. Bitstamp support USD and EUROS as fiat currencies

15. Bitstamp never limit the deposit for verified bitstamp users

16. Bitstamp Competitors are CoinBase, Kraken, Bitfinex

You can check out more about bitstamp in reddit.

Hope you had some interesting statistics about bitstamp, but we have some interesting tips if you are wishing to make a bitcoin exchange better than bitstamp. Check it out below!

How to start a bitcoin exchange like bitstamp?

To make this business dream you must need a rock solid, highly secured bitstamp clone script that will overtake the existing user-friendly & security features of bitstamp.

1. Bitstamp drawback is, the website is not beginner friendly. So you can overcome this by making your bitstamp clone more user-friendly.

2. Bitstamp trading charges is a little bit high, if you can provide a low service fee then you can become unique than bitstamp and its competitors.

3. Bitstamp is not providing decentralized trading features, and margin trading features. At bitdeal, it is possible to interconnect decentralized trading, and margin trading feature with our premium bitstamp clone script.

4. Likewise, there are several pro tips to make your bitstamp clone exchange, better than bitstamp and its competitors. 

5.We are providing separate technical and functional business plan to start a bitcoin exchange better than bitstamp. You can get the business plan below here!

Business Plan To Start an Exchange Better than Bitstamp

How bitdeal can help you to start an exchange like bitstamp?

We bitdeal, popularly known for our spearhead product bitcoin exchange script. In the early days of bitdeal, we initiated our business journey by providing bitstamp clone website script for those who are eager to start a bitcoin exchange. we provide to say that we are a monopoly in providing bitstamp clone script with advanced features. You can Get a free demo for our bitstamp clone script below here.

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Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the Bitstamp and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term "Bitstamp" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

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