Customizable STO Script to launch your Seurity Token Offerings

Customizable STO Script to launch your Seurity Token Offerings

STO or security token offering is a new crowdfunding technique in which investors are provided with security tokens with which they can claim for profit/shahre. The main difference between ICO and STO is that ICO provides utility tokens but STO provides security tokens . 

Pre-packed STO Script to launch STO 

STO Script is a backend source codings build for launching Secuirty Token Offerings process . Whatever can be your business model, you can launch your STO with the help of Spre-packed TO scripts with customizing feature .

Bitdeal provides you Ready-made STO Script to launch your own STO 

Bitdeal - the first rated STO Development Company furnishes you with complete STO services starting from  Security Token Offering consulting till the successful launch of your STO . Bitdeal can develop unhackable and easily customizable STO Script to launch your STO anytime with a great success .

Bitdeal STO Script involves all the details and processing for your STO. Bitdeal covers all the following aspects in your STO Script .

1 . Fund Management Dashboard .
2 . Admin Panel . 
3 . Investor Feature . 
4 . KYC /AML Details .
5 . Integrated and Secured Crypto wallet .
 6 . Automated Dividend Issuance Module. 
7 . Market Capitalization Unit .
8 .  Rasied Fund / Investment 
9 . Options to upload legal documents and disclaimers .
10 . Enchanced Mobile Friendly Website . 

We , Bitdeal have 200+ dedicated developers who can develop a readymade , bug free STO Script to launch your STO successfully . They analyse your business model completely and incorporate all the suitable features in the scripts to make your STO launch profitable . 


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