Custom STO Script To Launch Your Own STO

Custom STO Script To Launch Your Own STO

launch your own STO with Bitdeal's STO script which can be customize as per your requirements . Bitdeal can provide you STO Script with many features encrypted in it and with no bugs .

What is STO ?

STO or security token offering is a new crowdfunding technique in which investors are provided with security tokens with which they can claim for profit/share. The main difference between ICO and STO is that ICO provides utility tokens but STO provides security tokens .

Pre-packed STO Script to launch STO

STO Script is a backend source coding build for launching Security Token Offerings process . It doesn’t matter whatever your business model is, you can launch your STO with the help of pre-packed TO scripts with customizing feature .

Bitdeal provides you Ready-made STO Script to launch your own STO :

Bitdeal - the first rated STO Development Company furnishes you with complete STO services starting from security token offering consulting till the successful launch of your STO . Bitdeal can develop unhackable and easily customizable STO Script to launch your STO anytime with a great success .

Bitdeal STO Script involves all the details and processing for your STO. Bitdeal covers all the following aspects in your STO Script .

1 . Fund Management Dashboard .

2 . Admin Panel .

3 . Investor Feature .

4 . KYC /AML Details .

5 . Integrated and Secured Crypto wallet .

 6 . Automated Dividend Issuance Module.

7 . Market Capitalization Unit .

8 . Raised Fund / Investment

9 . Options to upload legal documents and disclaimers .

10 . Enhanced Mobile Friendly Website .

We , Bitdeal have 200+ dedicated developers who can develop a readymade , bug free STO Script to launch your STO successfully . They analyse your business model completely and incorporate all the suitable features in the scripts to make your STO launch profitable .

Get a free demo for Bitdeal's STO Script to launch your STO !!!

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