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Sweatcoin Clone Development - Create Your Own Economy Like Sweat Economy

Explore here how to launch your own Move to Earn Gaming App like Sweatcoin.

Sweatcoin Clone Development - Create Your Own Economy Like Sweat Economy

Sweatcoin Clone App 

Sweatcoin Clone App is a Move To Earn Fitness game application that rewards for daily physical activities & function like the Sweatcoin app. This clone app inherits next-gen tech elements such as GameFi, NFT, Metaverse, Social-Fi, and all relevant fun gaming features which creates interest among people to make physical actions & earn digital assets for their movements. The Sweatcoin clone app also has support for a wallet app through which users can stake the tokens and earn rewards. 

We Bitdeal, a leading Move to Earn Game Development Company offer Sweatcoin Clone App with an inbuilt wallet app, NFTs, DeFi, DAO, decentralized exchange, games, and more. You can catch our gaming experts to know the cost of developing your own M2E game app like Sweatcoin. 

Sweatcoin Clone App Development

Sweatcoin Clone App Development is the process of developing a mobile app like Sweatcoin, that rewards you every step with new-gen currency, ie., digital assets. Before starting to develop your own M2E App like Sweatcoin, be clear about all the aspects you are about to add to your game app. As an End-to-End Blockchain Game Development Company, Bitdeal offers game development with next-generation technologies and gaming aspects such as NFTs, DAO, NFT Marketplace, wallets and digital currency support.

So, before knowing why to develop an M2E Game like Sweatcoin, let us know the Sweatcoin Game.

What is Sweatcoin?

A free-to-play fitness app that rewards people with Sweatcoins for their steps. This is new gen Move to Earn Gaming app that pays people with virtual currency for walking. Sweat Economy aims to bring web2 & web 3 in a single app and make this economy a place where people can become healthier and wealthier.  Users are rewarded with currency that can be spent on products or can be donated to charity or can be converted to SWEAT. 

With 100M+ registered users on app, that relies on a simple step, “Walk, Earn”. 

Sweat Economy - A new global economy of wealth through health

History of Sweatcoin

The Sweat economy has created a roadmap for its activities and they have crossed its first phase in which it conducted token generation events, Sweat Wallet App, and Staking & making rewards for the stakeholders of SWEAT. 

In phase 2, they have planned to launch SWEAT NFTs and buy SWEAT with cryptos & inactivity fees module.

In phase 3, they planned to bring Sweat DAO, NFT Marketplace, and DEX integration.

In phase 4, Sweat aims to support movement data analytics and new movement validators such as cycling & swimming.

Key Characteristics of Sweat Economy

  • Powered by SWEAT
  • Completely Open
  • Accepted Globally
  • Fully Decentralized 

Why Launch An App Like Sweatcoin?

Here is a valid reason to make and launch an M2E app like Sweatcoin.

Data Privacy

Sweatcoin is known for its 100% data privacy and they don't sell the data to any third party. You can also develop your own M2E App with high-end data privacy that creates trust among people.

Increased Activity

Sweatcoin achieved sustainable physical activities through a business model which continuously rewards its users for active participation.

Important Features of Sweatcoin

Listed here are the important features of Sweatcoin. 


Through this feature of Sweatcoin, users can choose any branded goods and services in its marketplace. The products range from iPhones, anti-gravity yoga classes, Apple watches, and so on.


This option lets users donate to any variety of environmental, humanitarian & animal preservation activities.


Through this users can convert their Sweatcoins into SWEAT. 

Business Benefits of Launching M2E Game App Like Sweatcoin

Listed here are the benefits of creating an M2E App like Sweatcoin.

  • You can catch up with a huge user base as M2E is a trend.
  • Make a significant role in the digital market.
  • Generate high ROI
  • Grab more gamers via the mobile app
  • You will run early in this massive M2E race.

How To Launch Your Own M2E App Like Sweatcoin?

If you have an interest in launching your own M2E app like Sweatcoin, you can get connected with Bitdeal - an M2E Game Development Company, that offers support to launch your own fitness app like Sweat Economy with features like DAO, Decentralized, crypto wallet, NFT Marketplace, games and more.

We develop and deploy Sweatcoin Clone Script with which you can launch your own move to earn an NFT Gaming platform.

Sweat Clone Script

Sweatcoin Clone Script is a well-tested set of codes with which anyone can launch their own fitness app like the Sweatcoin app. We provide software that supports to launch of websites as well as mobile applications. The launched M2E app pays users for their walks or steps with digital currencies. 

Features of Our Sweat Clone App

We Bitdeal helps in launching your own token like SWEAT and also supports creating a whole gaming economy with features like DAO, Decentralized, NFT, and more as like in Sweat Economy. 

Listed here are the main features of our Sweatcoin Clone App Development.

  • Transfer 
  • Staking 
  • Reward Club
  • Fiat on-ramp
  • NFTs
  • Games
  • DAO
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Wallet App 
  • Referrals
  • DeFi functions
  • Advertising 
  • NFT Marketplace and so on.

Why Choose Bitdeal for Sweatcoin Clone Development?

With 7+years of experience in game development, we step into a move to earn game development to make revolutions with the world.

Listed here are the reasons to go with Bitdeal for your Sweatcoin Clone App development.

  • 300+ Gaming experts
  • Huge expertise in NFT & Blockchain game development
  • Advanced features & addons 
  • Attractive Game development solutions 
  • Technical support even after the game launch

Then, Why Still Wait to join Bitdeal for your M2E Fitness Game App Development? 

Get in touch with our experts now they offer world-class M2E Game Development services to launch fitness games like Sweatcoin.

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