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Time to Start Your Bitcoin Exchange Website!

Before moving to explanation, your mind arises some queries about why to start a bitcoin exchange website? we have the answer here! ?

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Time to Start Your Bitcoin Exchange Website!

Before moving to explanation, your mind arises some queries about why to start a bitcoin exchange website, why should we ?

Let us go through about few significance of bitcoin (one of main digital currency) unbeatable elevation.

As we all know, bitcoin is a complete decentralize virtual or digital currency, which has been traded over the globe through online & offline. Since age of bitcoin growing, it has been ruined along with traders. The following period was the peak period of bitcoins - October 1, 2013, to November 29,2013. By the report of 99 bitcoins, on October 1, 2013, the price was $133.03 and by the November 29, it is about $1132.26.

Now let us look at the strong reason behind the title we claimed,
Almost the year 2016 is going to end. But still, The price rate of bitcoin is flying in the wind like a rocket. By the BPI(bitstamp price index), as of Dec 22, 2016, bitcoin price has ring the bell at $875.
January 12, 2014, it has been almost 34 months completed since bitcoin has traded at $875.

December 21, 2016

After blitzing, btc value was $800. Throughout the day bitcoin has a steady trading period of 90 minutes. By the end of the day bitcoin has reached a rate nearly $830.

December 22, 2016.

By the morning of the day, the price has plateaued near $845. Exactly at 6.30 the price has surged to $863 just in a trading period of 60 minutes. Also, the price rose again to $ 875 at 10'o clock.
During the start of the year, bitcoin value has begun to trade with $432. But by the current scenario, the rate is about nearly $875. it has been double of the beginning rate.
In the first 3 weeks of June, investors and adopters drove demand for the cryptocurrency due to the peak rate of $780 at that time.

Bitcoin Growth in China

At December 22, 2016, the bitcoin has broken the past record of 6000 ¥. That is the rate is about 6015.05 ¥ (approx: $863.72). China accounts for a significant bitcoin trade as of the day December 22.For the first time, ever bitcoin circulation has crossed $14 billion. To check current bitcoin rate click here.

Let us conclude with,

By the previous statements, we can strongly say that the rate of bitcoin will gain more growth by 2017.Also, there is some possibility that the price may cross $1000 between the first three months. We are sure this is the right time for traders to start their own bitcoin exchange website.
A lot of traders will fall into bitcoin marketplace because of the growing rate of bitcoin. But instead of trading bitcoin, an individual person can earn more profit by offering bitcoin trades. So why you are waiting, bitdeal – is waiting to provide you the advanced solution for bitcoin trading marketplace.
Keep Trading! Also be an owner of a top bitcoin trading website!

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