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What is Aptos Blockchain & Why it is getting popular: A Complete Guide

Aptos Blockchain is getting so much popular and even saying it will replace Ethereum. Check out what is Aptos & its specifications.

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What is Aptos Blockchain & Why it is getting popular: A Complete Guide

From the launch of Bitcoin, cryptos & cryptocurrency exchanges, the blockchain served as the backbone for those tremendous technologies. We have a lot of blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, BSC, and more. In 2023, particularly one blockchain is getting so popular, even saying that it has the chance to take the place of Ethereum. All this hype was going for the Aptos blockchain.

In this article, we will discuss everything about Aptos Blockchain & does it is worth the hype.

What is Aptos Blockchain: Everything You Should Know

Aptos is an L1 blockchain powered by the Move programming language that offers higher scalability, security, and usability for users. Aptos came to live on Oct 17, 2022, and within a short period, the blockchain has raised millions of dollars.

Aptos has all the characteristics of a layer1 blockchain such as,


  • Smart Contract 
  • Native token
  • Native Token Payment
  • Scalability
  • Data Storage
  • Foundational Block Creation

Aptos blockchain is constructed under a Rust-based powerful programming language known as Move that offers a parallel execution engine, top-notch security features & lower fee structure.

Why is Aptos Blockchain Trending now?

There are two reasons for the popularity of Aptos Blockchain:

  1. Aptos has a strong & popular backend like Google, Binance, NPIXEL, etc.
  2. Aptos is a Layer1 Proof of Stake blockchain same as Ethereum, which means it can do all the processes of Ethereum, but with higher speed & lower fees.

Features of Aptos Blockchain:

Aptos has some unique features which is also a factor for its popularity, let's check out those key features of Aptos Blockchain:

  • The major feature of the Aptos blockchain is Move, a Rust-based programming language developed by Meta(Formerly known as Facebook).
  • The Aptos has Two parallel execution engines which will offer a smooth as-silk user experience.
  • Aptos can process 130k transactions per second.
  • Lower Transaction Cost.

How Does The Aptos Blockchain Works?

The Aptos is providing a higher transaction speed with efficient scalability & reliability. Let's check out the game-changing processes & technologies behind the magical performance:

Move Programming Language: Move is the custom programming language first built for Diem. With its bytecode nature, it was adorable enough to take care of the unique & basic needs of Aptos blockchain services. It has more secured global storage when compared to others. 

Block-STM Technology: It is one of the parts of the Aptos technology that creates an engine that will handle smart contracts effortlessly. The Aptos blockchain uses a parallel engine to take care of multiple tasks. In the Aptos blockchain, the failed transaction will not stop the entire chained process. Instead, it will exclude the failed transaction & re-execute it. 

Byzantine Fault Tolerant Protocol: In some blockchains, they use consensus protocol for transactions that follow the order. Instead of using consensus, Aptos doubles the process & lets it flow in parallel to each other which results in the absolute reduction of latency. In this scenario, Aptos uses the BFT engine for accuracy & verifies the states of the on-chain processes, then executes the validators required. 

How Aptos Differs from Other Layer1 Blockchains?

Everyone is feeling like Aptos is a familiar name, it's true. Aptos blockchain is holding unique characteristics when compared to other layer1 blockchains. Let's take a closer look at the difference between Aptos & other blockchains.

Solana Vs Aptos: Solana can be considered one of the main rivals for the Aptos. Solana is one of the peak-performing layer1 blockchains in recent days. When it comes to speed, Aptos & Solana have a similar level of speed. Because they both rely on parallel engines. But Aptos is more reliable when compares to Solana. 

Aptos is less prone to failure when compared to Solana. In the Aptos blockchain, every block will be connected to both the leader block & nearby blocks in the blockchain. If the leader block fails, it will connect to the nearby blocks & eliminates the failures.

Aptos Vs Avalanche: According to some collected early reports, Aptos outperforms Avalanche in testing conditions. But in the real world, Aptos completes transactions 0.3 seconds faster than Avalanche. When it comes to TPS, Avalanche can go about 4500, but Aptos can do around 130K to 160K.

Aptos Vs Ethereum: Already we know that the Aptos blockchain has beaten Ethereum in speed. This happens due to the hardware design. Ethereum has only one CPU core, on the other hand, Aptos operates on 16. Yet Ethereum has indestructible reliability & popularity. 

Investing In Aptos a Good Idea?

If you are looking to build a business based on blockchain, I will suggest Aptos, due to the speed & fee structure it will offer. Aptos has a strong backend team & technical founders. Major giants also backing up the Aptos blockchain. Recently a web3-based Video platform chingari has partnered with Aptos & they have experienced a sudden surge in their Token development known as Gari.
If you are an entrepreneur looking for a fast, cheap & secured blockchain then Aptos can be your choice. 

Wrapping Thoughts

Crossing the Theories, the Aptos has successfully launched many projects with the promised features. In the future, they can offer more superior services, especially which could be beneficial for Web3 social media, Web3 Gaming & general Web3 development

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