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What are Fractional NFTs and How Can They Benefit Collectors?

Fractional NFTs are changing the NFT industry with their jaw-dropping features. Check out what Fractional NFTs & how they will boom the NFTs.

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What are Fractional NFTs and How Can They Benefit Collectors?


NFTs have made history by making a boom in the decentralized industry, the NFTs are looking to do it again with their newly trending version. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one-of-a-kind blockchain-based digital assets. Because of the unique nature of NFTs, demand for them is exceptionally high, resulting in increased pricing for NFTs and making them exclusively available to high-net-worth investors.

We already have heard about Fractional NFTs, now they are getting high ROI with the craze of Web3 development. F-NFT is getting huge attention from businesses & entrepreneurs with its satisfying & illiquid features.

In this article, we will learn why 2023 will be the year for Fractional NFTs.


What is a Fractional NFT?

A fractional NFT is an entire NFT that will be split into multiple pieces, which allows users to claim their favorite NFT small part. 

In terms of fractional nfts, the nft will be processed with the help of a smart contract for creating a pre-limited number of small nfts. Those small NFTs are linked with the original undivided NFT. 

These fractional nfts show the percentage of part of the ownership for the NFT holders. Like the classic NFT, F-NFT can be traded in NFT marketplaces. 


Fractional NFTs: A Game Changer in 2023

Many may think that NFTs cannot be divided into smaller units, but the fact is, yes they can. Fractionalization is available for all NFTs, like the minting process of NFTs. Fractionalizing NFTs will offer various advantages to both creators & collectors. Categories like digital arts, real estate properties, and music NFTs can be used as priorable F-NFT applications in 2023 & beyond. 

Benefits of Fractional NFTs

Fractional NFTs can offer multiple benefits without any flaws for users & businesses. Without wasting any time let's check out the benefits of fractional nfts.

  • Using F-NFTs will lower the entry costs for NFT investment. It is not possible that anyone can afford to own an asset from one of the top NFT collections, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club or CryptoPunks, and more. By fractionalizing the NFTs into various sections that can be sold at lower prices, removing previously existent monetary obstacles.
  • Fractionalization of NFT increases the liquidity of NFT products by dividing them into multiple fractions that can be traded separately in the market at cheaper costs, removing the illiquidity concerns that expensive NFT collections previously had.
  • The approach for fractionalization enables the discovery of values for NFTs by permitting auctions for fractionalized nfts, removing concerns for first-time NFT creators by assisting them in determining the value of their creative works.
  • These NFTs can be used to help retail crypto investors diversify their portfolios of NFT assets by acquiring portions of several expensive NFT collections.
  • Investment Product Creation is made possible by fractionalized NFTs, which can be used as a tool to generate such things, which would help to hike the market capitalization of NFTs. The preceding and following points are directly related to becoming effective.


How do fractional NFTs Work?

The workflow & creation of fractional nfts is easy, like minting the NFTs. 

  1. The very first process in fractionalizing an NFT is simply locking the NFT in a smart-contract vault, which is software developed in the Blockchain, that will produce fractional results when the condition is met. 
  2. After uploading the collections, the creator or seller can set the parameters such as fractional limits, etc.
  3. The buyers will get special features from the fractional NFT marketplace, like gifting, sharing the ownership, airdrop, and more. 
  4. The buyers can collect all the portions of the fractional nfts if they want, but they have to keep an eye on the value of the fractions, because when all the fractionals of the native nfts are sold, then the value of the fractions will be zero.


Difference Between Fractional NFT & Classic NFT

There are not a lot of differences between the F-NFT & Classic NFTs. 

  • Traditional NFTs will be sold by whole & there will be either one creator or collector. On the other hand, fractional nfts can be divided & traded to multiple collectors. 
  • Traditional NFTs ownership will be under a single creator or collector, if a user needs the NFT, it has to be collected as a whole. But the fractional nfts can be owned by multiple users, if a user wants those nfts, they can acquire a part of the fraction.
  • The fractional nft has a unique feature that, if a user collects all the portions of a specific nft, the fractional nfts can be combined to reverse the fractional process & it will become a whole or traditional NFT.


Where can I get Fractional NFTs?

Well, there are the most known & unknown NFT marketplaces that allow creators & collectors to buy, sell, display, fractionize, and reverse-fractionize digital collectibles. 

Opensea: Opensea is the world's largest NFT Marketplace with various collections of NFTs. The Opensea has a section that contains various types of fractional NFTs.

Unicly: Unicly is a protocol like a platform to trade, fractionize & combining fractions of NFTs. This platform supports all types of ERC-standard NFTs for fractionalization. is one of the fractional NFT marketplaces which allows users to do all kinds of activities with their fractional & classic NFTs. This platform also supports ERC standard NFTs.

You can also create your own fractional NFT marketplace with an NFT marketplace development company

Bitdeal -A Fractional NFT Pitstop 

Well, if you are an intelligent NFT enthusiast & looking to start your business in the NFT, then you have come up with a new NFT business idea that will be a game changer in 2023 & beyond. Fractional NFT medium will play a major role in the growing Web3 in the future. 

Bitdeal a leading NFT Development Company, can show a successful way to join the world of NFT with Industry-leading NFT development solutions. We can assist you in Fractional NFT development with our team of NFT experts. 

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