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Activate Passive Income While Your Body is Inactive - Sleep to Earn NFTs

Explore in detail about what is sleep to earn.

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Activate Passive Income While Your Body is Inactive  - Sleep to Earn NFTs

Sleep To Earn - The Boom In The Crypto World

Sleep Ecosystem- Overview 

The sleep ecosystem was created as the first solution to provide a reward system for insomnia sufferers. The sleep ecosystem presents a financial incentive that fully accommodates a fundamental component of human physical and mental well-being, among its other distinctive features. Our ecosystem will provide a variety of services that connect DeFi, metaverse, and GameFi, all of which will be powered by $SLEEP, the native currency of sleep ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency does not have to difficult to understand. As a result, the team made it a priority to build a solution that would not only make crypto easier to use, but also more accessible and appealing to the public as the industry approaches broad acceptance. The team's experience in crypto marketing and community building has led us to set ourselves apart from the competition by offering a scientific approach to campaign planning that includes a deeper look into data analysis. 

The Sleep-to-Earn Solution

The sleep ecosystem is a first in that it financially rewards individuals for prioritizing healthy habits while preserving productivity. It was the first reward system for the insomnia market. The sleep ecosystem provides a financial incentive that fully supports a vital part of human physical and mental well-being, among its other distinctive aspects.

The Sleep Ecosystem Features

  • SleepVerse-Metaverse and Land Distribution game 
  • Sleep-to-earn sensorial sleep tracker 
  • NFT marketplace with NFT SleepyRabbits collection
  • A DeFi solution (non-custodial wallet+staking )

Sleep to Earn NFTs

There are many sleep to earn platforms in the market. These sleep ecosystems provide NFTs as rewards for their sleep activity.  

Now NFTs can earned in this Sleep ecosystem as a passive income for users. Boost your crypto earnings while you rest shortly and earn NFTs.

How does the Sleep tracker work ?

The app will keep track of time spent sleeping due to an innovative sleep tracker feature and calculate a factor based on the sleep tokens you have. The more stocks you own, the more money you make. The longer you hold it, the more $SLEEP you will get. The more $SLEEP token you have , the more $BUSD incentives you will receive. 

As more individuals join the group and download app, they will be able to earn passively, contribute to the platform's popularity and worth, and get the rewards they seek. The amount of sleep that is measured in the app is converted into sleep tokens, which can then be withdrawn to your wallet for use, transfer or withdrawal.

SleepVerse Alpha version

The SleepVerse Alpha version lets rabbit to connect vocally and visually. It can be accessed via Web3 and Virtual reality devices. 

The alpha version comprised of: 

NFT museum

The rabbit museum was created with a focus on the architectural side to create a high tech gallery. It will feature the sleepVerse's rarest NFTs ranging from MarioRabbit to GoldenRabbit.

Rabbit university

The sleep Ecosystem makes community education a top priority. We are carefully selecting the greatest academics to educate the community on a wide range of issues about cryptocurrencies, self-development, and well-being. Indeed, newcomers to bitcoin are finding it challenging to navigate the avalanche of information accessible.

Sport Podcast stadium

Sports are now regarded as one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Nevertheless, no metaverse is actively exploring that field. The SleepVerse alpha version will give a shared environment for soccer , basketball, and football fans to watch their favorite games with re-owned athletes commenting on them. In the stadium, users will engage with one another and sit in groups based on which team they favor.

Wellness centre

The wellness center at SleepVerse will be an elevated facility with a variety of activities geared at the relaxation and enjoyment of users. Yoga sessions will be offered as well as methods for improving such as professional hypnotherapy and story telling. Friends will be willing to hang out and admire the view from the clouds in a Spa worthy of the highest standards. 


Thus, Sleep to Earn is inspired by the rise of Play to Earn gaming, the metaverse, and DeFi.In this regard,we undertook a comprehensive review of the numerous opportunities and services that can be provided, as well as how we can implement them in real life while integrating the virtual world and metaverse into our daily lives. You can study DeFi and Web 3.0 from a single portal with the sleep App, rather than having to download many apps for that reason. Users will have access to NFT and cryptocurrency search, tracking, buying, and selling services. Use the Sleep ecosystem's protocol to stake and trade your assets safe and easy through wallet.

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