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Art Blocks Clone Script From Bitdeal To Start an NFT Marketplace like Art Blocks

Explore in Detail about Artblocks Clone Script and its features, Create Your Own NFT Marketplace like Art Blocks with Bitdeal.

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Art Blocks Clone Script From Bitdeal To Start an NFT Marketplace like Art Blocks

Art blocks Clone Script

Art blocks clone script is the white label NFT Marketplace Clone Script that provides the sole proprietorship to kick-start an entirely unique and interactive platform like artblocks. The NFT Marketplace built with this script promotes 3D models, dynamic NFT and provides the same user experience as it is in artblocks.

Bitdeal’s Art blocks Clone Script is a custom script that lets business people pick up things from Blockchain Technology to additional APIs.

Specifications Of Art blocks Clone Script

  • Script Type: NFT Marketplace Script
  • Blockchain Tech Used: Ethereum (Custom)
  • Version: Newly Updated
  • Token Supported: Native Token Supported (Custom)
  • APIs Integrated: All the Prime APIs (Custom)​

Features of Art blocks Clone Script

Curated Collection: Curated Collection holds the list of high standard and technically innovative nfts
Attractive NFT Display: Well aligned, attractive NFT display lets users choose their desired nfts easily.
NFT Wallet Integration: NFT Wallet Integration to buy, sell and hold NFTs in a highly secured way
Multiple payment option: Multiple Payment Option facilitates users to buy/sell ntfs in their convenient payment option
Licensed NFT: Various range of NFT license from restricted to commercial use that provides full authority to the users
Separate Section For Artists: Others than NFT section, there is a exclusive section for artists that displays the full list of artists in the platform
Quick NFT Minting: Quick and straightforward nft minting 
NFT 3D View:This feature lets user to view nft in a 3D format

Why You have to start a NFT Marketplace like Art blocks?

Art blocks - World’s First Interactive NFT Project with Different approach

Art was launched by  Erik Calderon and Jeff David in the year 2021. It is considered as world's first interactive platform to mint nfts

Art blocks provides unique tools for artists to create unique nft collections. The standout  thing is that  the digital nft is constantly changing its state based upon the Computations on Ethereum blockchain.

Users can also interact directly with the NFT art with the funds sent to the smart contract of the specific nft.

Instead of going behind financial aspects it is established as the platform for creativity. This kind of approach enhances the overall blockchain users.

​Curated Project

The platform has curated project categories with hand picked collections from the team which is labelled as "Art Blocks Curated Collection" The Prime motto is to create a unique section for collections which represents the best artworks with technical innovations that are released on the specific schedule.

Playground Project

The Playground Project is accessible to artists who have listed on curated collections. The Projects listed under playground are not recognized as the official projects of At a time, anartist can launch a single project, further violations tend to disqualification.

Art blocks ringers

Ringers are the popular NFT by Dmitri Cherniak, a 1000 of 1000 minted NFT. It may seem to have a simple surface but provides multiple combinations with the algorithm. Variations in Features include count, size, layout and colours.

Art blocks Squiggle​

Squiggle is the NFT of 9217 of 10000 minted that holds the NFT license. It is reserved now for manual distribution for collectors and community members for a certain period of time.It is also available in the Opensea for the secondary market.

How to Clone Art blocks ?

Artblocks is the brand new platform launched in just the year 2021 which adopted an entirely new approach in the NFT Industry. Obviously, there are many more available in the market. But the most prominent way to clone art blocks is Artblocks Clone Script.

Thus Art Blocks have tried a very new thing in the NFT Market and We Bitdeal, being the leading NFT Development Company, We rely on the trend and provide the best solutions for your project!

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How Does The Art blocks Clone Script Works ?

  • It is designed to worked as a decentralized platform, users need to set up MetaMask Wallet.
  • First, load the wallet and connect it with your account.
  • Choose the art piece that is listed on the NFT Platform in various sections like curated collections and all projects.
  • Every Art piece in the platform has unique characteristics and features
  • Users can also find new additions on Factory Category
  • Along with the art piece, the users get the specific license ranges from unrestricted to commercial use
  • The Owned NFT constantly reshapes its state based upon the computations on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Benefits of Art Blocks Clone Script

  • Interactiveness
  • High ROI
  • Unique Digital Collections
  • Instant Market Launch
  • Rich Features

Why Bitdeal Cares ?

Bitdeal, the optimal NFT Development Company, has on-field experience on various NFT Projects. With our customer-centric approach and rich user-friendly features, we stand straight in the market. We offer versatile solutions on multiple domains like art, music, gaming, real estate, etc,

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