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Decentraland Clone Script To Build an NFT Virtual Platform like Decentraland

Explore In detail about Decentraland Clone Script and its features in detail

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Decentraland Clone Script To Build an NFT Virtual Platform like Decentraland

Decentraland Clone Script

Decentraland clone script is a fully white-label NFT Metaverse Marketplace Script, that helps to build an NFT powered fully decentralized virtual reality platform like Decentraland on top of the ethereum blockchain. Inside the created Decentraland like metaverse platform users can build, trade, and monetize their virtual assets, lands, contents, or applications. At Bitdeal - NFT Marketplace Development Company we code a ready-to-launch Decentraland clone script that is empowered with true 3D technology, and it can build a finite, traversable virtual space. 

Our Decentraland clone development process covers the creation of native token development like MANA. The token will give full control over the environments of the Virtual space. Users who enter the metaverse marketplace with the token can access anything which ranges from static 3D virtual places to interactive Games.

Decentraland Clone Script Features

  • Ultimate Decentralized Platform
  • Superior 3D Experience
  • P2P Interactions
  • DAO Ledger
  • Metaverse compliant infra
  • Advanced SDK to create lands
  • Encrypted Data Protection
  • Multi-layer security protection
  • Integrated Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integration
  • KYC and AML protection
  • Two-factor authentication

Specifications of Bitdeal Decentraland Clone Script

  • Script Type: NFT Marketplace Script
  • Blockchain Technology: Ethereum (Customizable)
  • Updated Version: 1.0
  • Tokens: LAND (customizable)
  • Integrated APIs: All the prime APIs Integrated 

Major Use Cases of Decentraland Clone Script

  • Dynamic 3D Design
  • Collectibles
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Virtual Gaming
  • Social Platform

Our Decentraland Clone Marketplace Features 

Our Decentraland Clone Script is designed with Marketplace where anyone can trade & manage all their decentraland on-chain assets.
Listed here are the features of Marketplace:
1. Sell - Users can set their own price in MANA & expiration data for all their offers.
2. Buy - Players can buy parcels, Estates, wearables, and names.
3. Transfer - Allows users to transfer decentraland assets with other users.
4. Explore - Through which you can explore the virtual world via map to know who owns the land, wearable, and avatar names.
5. Manage - Allows to create or dissolve estates.
6. Permissions - Grant Permissions for others to deploy on your LAND
7. Name - You can name your parcels & Estates with descriptions.

Thinking about how to get Decentraland Clone Script?

Are you a crypto Aspirant, thinking about getting our Decentraland Clone Script? Then, no wait! Reach our Experts, they will guide and educate you more about the script and business models.

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Decentraland - Insights

Decentraland Foundation was founded by Esteban Ordano and Ariel Meilich in 2015 on the Ethereum blockchain. At first, they launched the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to provide a fully decentralized platform to users. It is a perfect virtual platform that holds real estate parcels, items, etc, 

This platform lets you to

1. Explore Incredible scenes 
2. Create Scenes and artwork with advanced SDT
3. Trade NFTs 

All kinds of purchasing are acceptable only via the MANA token, the ERC-20 token of decentraland! This MANA token is easily available on many cryptocurrency exchanges so that the users can buy it and make purchases on Decentraland. This MANA token is stored in the Ethereum wallet.

Decentraland Marketplace

Other than the virtual world and gaming environment, it has released a marketplace for users with drag and drops editor to access scenes this Marketplace lets Participants to trade LAND tokens which are labeled as MANAOne can use this marketplace to transact parcels and game items. All kinds of transactions are verified in the Ethereum network 

Native Tokens of Decentraland

MANA - Cryptocurrency

  • It's a native cryptocurrency of Decentraland
  • All Trades supported only MANA token
  • MANA holders have a right to participate in voting
  • MANA is converted into Wrapped MANA (WMANA) in voting
  • LAND Token can be purchased with MANA

LAND - Non-Fungible Token

  • The land is the NFT that defines the land parcel
  • LAND Token also supports Voting
  • Like MANA no need for wrapping in voting

Decentraland Architecture

Ethereum Smart Contracts form many-layered Components in Decentraland. The Digital Ledger tracks the land parcel ownership. Each Land Parcel is encrypted with the corresponding virtual land, owner, and content description. 

The Layer includes files like

Content Files: To Refer all audios and videos in static
Script Files: Define the behavior and character of content
Interaction Definition: Responsible for P2P Interactions like voice, chat, etc, 

How Does Decentraland Clone Script Work?

The Platform build by decentraland clone script works the same as decentraland 

Traders View

  • At first, one needs to create an account 
  • Load the crypto wallet with MANA 
  • Other than trading, the user needs to be active in games and other activities
  • One can buy LAND with MANA
  • The LAND holder can monetize their NFT if they want to

Creators View

  • Needs to create an account
  • Fill up the wallet with MANA
  • Create Scenes, Artwork with Advanced SDT
  • Create it as NFT 
  • Trade NFTs 

Decentralized Autonomous Organization - DAO

Decentralized Autonomous Organization holds the most prominent smart contract that makes up the decentraland includes LAND contract, EStates contract, Marketplace, Wearables, etc which is considered as truly autonomous. The Community Players controls the land, digital assets, and a lot more, As DAO uses open source code to streamline its rules. One can stake MANA or hold LAND and participate in the voting process. This DAO runs on DAO Software solution Aragon that would interact with Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Decentraland Clone Script Use Cases

  • 3D Scenes Creation
  • Content Curation
  • Advertisements
  • Collectibles
  • Social Interactions

Why Bitdeal Cares?

Bitdeal is the leading Metaverse Development Company with a great motto to leverage Startups in NFT Business offers noble services in Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development and NFT Gaming Platfrom Development.

  • 7+ Years of field experience
  • Powerful team with blockchain experts
  • round a clock technical support
  • Agile Development Methodologies
  • On-time Deployment
  • Global Clients

Our Best Selling NFT Marketplace Clone Scripts

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Disclaimer: Bitdeal neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Decentraland". We have mentioned the brand name Decentraland to make things clear to our clients. It is important to understand that we does not promote, copy and collaborate with them.


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