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BC Game Clone Script

Become rich just by creating your own gaming platform like BC Game with Bitdeal.

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BC Game Clone Script

BC Game Clone Script

A BC.Game Clone Script is a ready-made solution for creating a world-class Cryptocurrency casino game effectively. Generally, our BC.Game Clone Development includes functionalities like user management systems, crypto integration, game preferences, customized game structure, and gaming algorithms. Remember, we develop a Crypto casino gaming platform like BC. Game.

White Label BC Game Clone Software

The White label BC.Game Clone software is a user-friendly software that can mimic any crypto casino game and make a clone of it. At Bitdeal, we can include some add-on features to your BC.Game and launch the world of online Crypto casino gaming platforms. We can develop your white-label BC Game Clone software at a reasonable price by using the most recent programming languages and technologies. With our BC.Game Clone software, you can dominate the entire Bitcoin gaming industry. 

What is a BC Game?

In the constantly evolving gaming world, numerous games are emerging daily., one of the most entertaining games is none other than the BC Game. What is exactly a BC Game? It is an online Cryptocurrency casino platform that provides a wide range of games to play with. For example, you can play table games, live casino games, slots, and much more. More importantly, users can play BC Game using the famous Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and much more. 

Why BC.Game Is Trending Right Now?

Since the gaming industry is expanding its territory, BC.Game Clone has become one of the leading crypto casino gaming platforms. So, why is it trending right now? It is all because of its 3 million user base from more than 150 countries. Furthermore, BC.Game Clone is adding native tokens and cryptocurrencies to attract more audiences. Also, this platform allows players to bet and win games legally. 

Statistics and Facts About BC.Game Clone Script

Here are some of the interesting facts and statistics about BC.Game Clone Script. 

  • BC.Game has 58 game providers

  • Offers over 8000+ casino games

  • Provides over 150 Crypto and Fiat payment options 

  • Sportsbook with 80+ sports events

  • Inclusive VIP program and royalty bonus

  • 600+ High-volatility games

  • Sponsorship from the Argentine Football Association

  • Gives 40% exclusive referral bonus

  • Multi-language support

  • Offers official license in Curacao

  • Receive a welcome bonus of $220,000

Exclusive BC Game Clone Development Solutions

we provides exclusive bc game clone solutions like,

1. BC.Game Crash Clone Script

Our BC.Game Crash Clone Script includes brilliant strategies such as betting on a rising multiplier. Also, the multiplier keeps on rising until it crashes the game. With our BC.Game crash clone script, you can generate high ROI. 

2. BC.Game Casino Clone Script

An online gaming platform called BC.Game Casino makes the claim to provide casinos, sports betting, and classic crypto games that are provably fair. Our team's specialty is the designers and operators of casino platforms with consistent gameplay and safety measures.

3. BC.Game NFT Clone Script

Because NFTs are becoming increasingly popular, we created a version of that includes them. The creation and trading of in-game NFT assets will draw in several players.

4. BC.Game Hash Dice Clone Script

A probability game called BC.Game Hash Dice takes advantage of the blockchain's hash value computation and methodology. We create your BC Game Hash Dice clone script with your desired features using the aforementioned methods.

How To Start Crypto Casino Game Like BC.Game?

Creating your own crypto casino game like BC.Game is a little difficult. But everyone can create only if they know these following steps,

  • Ideation

  • Planning

  • Requirement analysis

  • Audience Segmentation

  • Sustainability - Long term/ short term

  • Country 

  • Investment/ Budget Analysis

  • Documentation

  • Consultation

  • Tech Support

  • Design

  • Development 

  • Deployment

  • BugFixing

  • Maintenance

If you don’t have the complete technical knowledge to follow the above listed steps you can contact any leading Blockchain game development company like Bitdeal. We assist you in launching your own crypto casino game like BC.Game from scratch. 

Features of Our BC Game Clone Script

The following are the remarkable features of our BC.Game Clone Script at Bitdeal.

  • Variety of Games

  • Supports 16+ Languages

  • Blockchain Network Integration

  • Safety Measures

  • User Authentication

  • Multi-Crypto Support

  • Fair Gameplay Experience

  • Monetization Opportunites

  • Cryptocurrency and Fiat Support

  • Reward and Royalty System

  • 24/7 Customer Support 

  • Lottery System

  • Affiliate System

  • Live User Chat 

  • Payment Methods

  • Promotions and Bonus

  • VIP Access

Top Benefits of BC Game Clone Script

To start your Crypto Casino Game App by exploring the top benefits of our BC.Game Clone Script. Here you go!

Sportsbook Interface: With this feature, users can interfere with the Sportsbook among other competitors. This will allow gamblers to place bets on genuine sports events. 
Compatibility: This feature will let other Blockchain games perform well on this platform without glitches. Also, you can share and receive online currencies seamlessly.
Shit Codes: With this feature, you can earn money in the form of rewards or bonuses. Additionally, you can even get money for inviting your friends to play a game with you. 
Customized Jackpot: This feature will help you include any customized options in the BC.Game Clone Script. Well, you can buy a lottery, match the number, and get your rewards.
Post-Launch Support: Once your BC.Game Clone Script is launched, and you can get complete assistance from us. Besides, you can participate in premium events and gain profits. 

Popular Casino Games Other Than BC.Game

Many other casino games are as much as popular as the BC.Games. Some of them are listed below. 

Trending Games

  • Spinning Wheel Game 

  • Crash Game 

  • Classic Dice Game 

  • Roulette Games

  • Blackjack Casino Game 

  • And more..

Top winning games 

  • Coin Flip  Game 

  • Floating dragon  Game 

  • Limbo game

  • And more..

Recently Added games

  • Ultimate Dice Game 

  • Egyptian Adventure Game 

  • video poker

  • And more

Listed above are some of the games of our BC Game Clone. Apart from this our BC Game Clone Contains unlimited games to know those features catch our experts.

How Much Time Does It Require to Create a BC.Game?

Firstly, you need to determine that developing an interesting BC.Game clone takes a huge amount of time and resources. Essentially, with the help of experienced programmers, front-end & back-end developers, content writers, and designers, you can create your own BC.Game Clone Script. 

More importantly, correlating with the company’s budget, we will proceed with the development process. We will collect all the sufficient requirements from the client’s side and create your high-end crypto casino gaming platform like BC.Game. 

Market Overview Of BC.Game

As you already know, BC.Game is the foremost crypto casino game in the gaming platform. The BC.Game was founded in the year 2017 by providing a broad range of games to global users. Within a few days of its launch, BC.Game has gained organic traffic and generated many leads as well. When compared with other crypto casino games, BC.Game has encrypted security by implementing the Blockchain networks efficiently. 

BC.Game Clone Script Demo and Pricing

We are currently offering advanced BC.Game Clone Script incorporates Blockchain technologies in the game. You can view a live demo of the innovative BC.Game using our Clone Script. Also, we guarantee to provide possible rewards with your desired Bitcoins. At Bitdeal, the pricing will be varied based on the customizations you want. Stay in touch with us to get a customized pricing quote. 

Backed Up Blockchain Platforms in BC Game Clone Script

Here is the list of Blockchain platforms backed up in the BC.Game Clone Script. 

  • Polygon

  • BSC

  • Ethereum

  • Polkadot

  • TRON

  • Wax

  • Avalanche

  • Fantom

  • Solana

Backed Up Wallets in BC Game Clone Script

To implement various digital assets, we support several Crypto wallets. Some of the Crypto wallets that are backed up in the BC.Game Clone Script. 

  • Metamask

  • Trust Wallet

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Coinbase Wallet


  • Myetherwallet

  • TronLink

  • Scatter

Is BC.Game Safe to Earn?

Each and every Online gambling games have their own risks . Anyone can earn millions in a second and at the same time any one can lose millions in a second. Like that we can say the BC.Game is safe at the same time we can say it is unsafe it depends upon your gaming strategies. If you play by understanding the strategies of the game there will be a chance of winning.
Are you a diehard fan of online gambling game? and need to create your own BC.Game? Bitdeal as a leading Casino Game development company helps you to launch your own Crypto casino game like BC.Game by providing the BC Game Clone Script with A-Z Features.

Superior Revenue Streams of BC Game Clone Script

You can earn potential revenue from these streams using our BC Game Clone Script. 

Subscription Fees - Users can enjoy a lot of benefits with their premium subscription or membership like reduced fees. With this users can access premium games or increased incentives. 
Token Sales - With this amazing feature, users can earn profit from an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) by selling these tokens to investors. 
Transaction Fees - With the transaction fees stream, users can add and remove Cryptocurrencies from the platform. Also, depending on the type of Cryptocurrency, the size, and fees might change. 
Referral Bonuses - By selecting this option, individuals who recommend new players can receive referral benefits. These bonuses might be in the form of a predetermined amount of cash or a portion of the introducer's losses.

Hire Our BC Game Clone Developers

Bitdeal is the leading BC Game Clone Script Development company in the industry. We have the most talented and dedicated developers to develop the advanced BC.Game Clone Script. Hire our Crypto casino game developer to create the best-structured BC.Game Clone Scripts accordingly. Our developers will gather all the necessary information from your side and include their unique ideas to give the best output. Finally, hiring our skilled developers will have a great influence on your project’s success.

Why Choose Bitdeal for Developing BC Game Clone Script?

Creating a Crypto Casino Game like BC.Game is a thrilling adventure in the gaming world. Bitdeal is a prominent Game Development Company with more than 15+ years of experience. We have a successful record portfolio, excellent ideation to deployment techniques, and expertise. At Bitdeal, our skillful professionals can transform your idea of an online Crypto Casino game into a completely functional BC Game Clone Script. We provide an affordable, adaptable, and safe way to enter the Crypto Casino Gaming world. 

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