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GameFi Clone Script | GameFi Aggregator Clone

Explore here the complete GameFi Development Solutions & Services provided by Bitdeal.

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GameFi Clone Script | GameFi Aggregator Clone

GameFi Development Company

Game Development Company, Bitdeal offers  A to Z solutions to build your own GameFi Platform where the combination of gaming and finance in a completely decentralized blockchain network with the integration of cryptos & NFTs. We develop & deploy a decentralized GameFi platform where users can play and earn cryptos or NFTs. Our gaming experts make the platform more engaging & fun by including rewards, badges, avatars, score points, customer feedback, and more.

To create your own Gaming platform along with decentralized finance benefits that attract tech-savvy and fun loving players , contact Bitdeal. We assist you in launching your own GameFi Platform that yields you more ROI.

GameFi - A Short Intro 

GameFi - Game + Finance 

GameFi is the club of the gaming industry and decentralized finance (DeFi). This GameFi is the result of the collaborative effort of both blockchain enthusiasts and gamers.

This GameFi platform represents the combination of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Cryptocurrencies, Play To Earn (P2E) gaming model.

The merge of Gaming & DeFi occurs in these two ways:

1. Decentralized Games with DeFi Elements
2. DeFi with gaming mechanisms

To Know more about GameFi, read our previous blog -> GameFi - The Next Big Thing In the Blockchain Game

Features of Our GameFi Platform Development 

Listed are the main features of the GameFi platforms that we develop & deploy for our clients. If you bring your requirements, we include those features into your platform. 

GameFi Aggregator 

GameFi Aggregator allows gamers to check their in-game assets and earnings. Investors can get information such as NFT games, game modules, white papers, developers & more.

Yield Guilds 

We include Yield Guilders in our GameFi platform development. These are exclusively provided for active gamers & token holders.


Our GameFi development process includes launchpad integration. This launchpad is a chain-agostic game-specific launchpad where anyone can display their games.


The accelerator in the GameFi platform holds the pre-build tools & templates which include P2E & token economies model.

Mini Games 

We integrate N number of mini-games that attracts many players. These mini-games have a series of new games which follows the Play to Earn Mechanism.


As GameFi includes NFTs, Cryptos, and in-game assets. This marketplace lets gamers to buy,sell and bid on gaming items.

Auction House

We include this in our GameFi Platform only for auction participation. 

Hidden Reason Behind The Popularity of GameFi Platforms

The main two benefits of GameFi platforms that make it popular are as follows 

Play & Earn 

GameFi platform's mechanism, the play-to-earn is completely different from traditional pay-to-play-and-play-to-win models.

In the GameFi platform, the players can make money by playing their own favorite games and this offers the premise for financial inclusion in the gaming industry.

Secure Ownership

The involvement of NFTs in these decentralized games increases their monetization potential & offers gamers true ownership of their assets. 

Since in-game items can be transferred via distributed blockchain ledger & no in-game items can be altered.

 Top Players in GameFi Space

Listed here are the top playing GameFi platforms in the market.

  • Axie Infinity
  • Alien Worlds
  • Upland
  • The Sandbox
  • Splinterland and more.

Why Develop Your Own GameFi Platform?

As GameFi has gained huge attention between investors & players via its engaging themes, DeFi components, Gaming features, NFT tokens, and more. 

Gamers prefer GameFi over traditional games as it has complete control over digital assets, and the P2E concept to earn money.

The metaverse popularity also adds significance for GameFi and makes it a more lucrative market for gamers & investors.

The famous GameFi platform, Axie Infinity already met success and MetaScoccer has also raised $2M before its release.

Thus, choosing an idea to launch your own GameFi platform is the right choice at this time when a huge masses are interested in NFT, Metaverse & Games.

So Why Still wait to develop your own GameFi platform and become a millionaire?

How To Launch Your Own GameFi Platform?

Launching your own GameFi Platform is easy when you contact a GameFi Development Company. They take care of all the activities from scratch to get it launched. We Bitdeal, The Leading GameFi Development Company offer the development of platforms with both gaming & decentralized finance features & plugins. We have experts who are skilled in developing decentralized games with finance mechanisms inbuilt.  

Our GameFi development also includes offering clones of top GameFi platforms. We also provide a unique GameFi Script to launch your own GameFi platform from the scratch with features like NFT, Metaverse, and more.

Some of our top-selling GameFi Clone Scripts include,

  • Axie Infinity Clone Script
  • The Sandbox Clone Script
  • Alien Worlds Clone Script
  • Upland Clone Script and so on.

Why To Choose Bitdeal For GameFi Development Services?

Here are the reasons behind choosing Bitdeal for your GameFi-related projects.

  • Expertise in Cutting-edge technologies
  • Integration of Security APIs
  • IGO Launchpad Support
  • Advanced Gaming Features
  • Technical Support 24 X 7 and so on.

Future With GameFi 

GameFi holds the future as it has gained the attention of massive people of the Digital economy. This GameFi will reach $1000 by the end of 2022. 

The future prediction of GameFi states that within 20230 it could reach $91.11. GameFi stays in this globe still the DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and Cryptos stay. We know Metaverse, is the future of this globe & thus there is no end for this GameFi platform. Get quick consultation with bitdeal - a leading Blockchain Game Development Company!

Be early in this race, by launching your own GameFi Platform Now with Bitdeal !!

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