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GameFi - The Next Big Thing In the Blockchain Game

Explore in detail about GameFi and know its features and working.

GameFi - The Next Big Thing In the Blockchain Game

GameFi - The Quick Glimpse

GameFi may seem like a new trend but it holds many more records within a very short period of time. As per Dapp Radar data, nearly 80 - 100 million transactions have reached out in GameFi. which is said to have the huge potential to transform the entire gaming industry with its gamer-friendly environment. It is the combination of Game and Finance which obviously refers to the monization possibilites which might not sounds new but with DeFi and NFT let gamers get exposure to multiple gaming experience and opportunities to earn more.

Is GameFi Combining Gaming with NFT and DeFi ?

GameFi provides next generation gaming experience and provides three prominent directions to make money via Play to Earn Feature, DeFi and NFT. Let's get into it.

1. NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

There are no roles that the NFTs can't play. It took various dimensions like art, music, assets, etc. When it comes to gaming, the NFTs are referred to as the ingame assets like characters, weapons, accessories, pets,etc. The gamer can own the NFT and also have corresponding ownership towards it. In the future, the owner of NFT can sell it in any exchanges and earn money.

2. Play To Earn

In the initial stage, gaming sites are designed with the concept of play-to-win there winning the game itself brings more pleasure to the gamers. Then, the Play-To-Earn concept has emerged here. Players get rewards just for participating in the game and they win the game, the gaming platform has provided digital tokens as the additional reward.

3. DeFi

Decentralized Finance, DeFi is almost a familiar concept. There users can stake, lend, farm and earn more by launching tokens. Players can also rent out their tokens and earn.

Features Of GameFi Platform

Yield Guilds: Yield Guilders are provided to the active gamers and other token holders.
Game Aggregator: Aggregator is designed for gamers which provide detailed information for all the NFT assets.
Launchpad: It is kind of chain-agostic game specific launchpad 
Marketplace for game items: In the marketplace, gamers can buy, sell and bid gaming items.
Accelerator: The Accelerator holds the pre-build tools and templates that adopts the token economies and P2E mechanics
Auction House: Auction House is only designed for auction participation.
Mini Games: Mini games consists of the series of new games that follows the Play to Earn Model.

GameFi Aggregator - Mechanism Behind the working of GameFi

GameFi Aggregator is considered as the actual destination for gamers and investors. Here gamers can instantly check out their in-game assets; it is a kind of easy tracking tool for earnings. Rather than playing games, via this aggregator, gamers can instantly rent, exchange in-game assets. For Investors, Aggregator offers plenty of information regarding NFT games, game modules, developers, whitepaper,etc,

Gamers play a different variety of games and so they may store digital assets in different platforms where aggregators act as a central storage for players and it lets users to track their game-assets easily to monitor profits.

Why do gamers start preferring GamiFi Platforms ?

Within a short period of time, GameFi attracts many users towards it. statistics shows that nearly 13% of blockchain related investment is pooled for GameFi. As mentioned in the above  NFTs, DeFi and Play to Earn design attracts many more gamers towards it. 

  • More possibility for earnings
  • Completely Decentralized
  • Play To Earn model
  • Decentralized Finance
  • NFTs
  • Fast Transaction
  • GameFi Aggregator 
  • Standard Security

Popular GameFi Games in the Market 

Here, let's have a look at the popular GameFi projects

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a kind of popular NFT based game developed by Sky Mavis on Ethereum. where gamers are allowed to collect, breed,trade the avatars called "Axies". In the time of launch, the price of Axie token is 0.12 Euro, now it has surged to 120 euro. just look at the massive growth.


Decentraland is a virtual world game where users can buy lands and get access to the elements in the gaming platform. By march 2021, its active users count has reached 10K and it keeps on raising in the market growth.


Cryptoblades is a kind of battle related game, users can buy avatars and participate in battle. The winners of the battle will get the SKILL token, the native token of the platform.

The Sandbox

Sandbox is a virtual platform that lets players build their own houses and also monetize virtual experiences. SAND is the native token of sandbox.

Is it Possible to start a GameFi Platform ?

The popularity and success of GameFi must have inspired many cryptoprenerus to launch their own platform. If you are one among them, then, no worries. You are in the right place. Starting a platform like GameFi is a doable thing for people like you with our technical assistance. We exclusively build GameFi Clone Script that serves as an instant solution to start a GameFi Platform.

GameFi Clone Script

GameFi Clone Script is a well-coded script equipped with attractive features and tight security protocols to build a GameFi platform. It is designed in a way to be compact with NFT, DeFi and P2E. This script will act as a one-step solution for budding cryptopreneurs to launch their own platform on their desired blockchain.

Who We Are?

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