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The Epic Story of Binance - From Zero To A Billion Dollar Exchange

Know the story of binance and its CEO CZ. Explore how it holds the prominet place in the crypto market and the timeline of binance

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The Epic Story of Binance - From Zero To A Billion Dollar Exchange

Mankind love stories! Since childhood, we have been brought up hearing many stories but this is the inspiring story of the Binance, which builds its own empire in the Crypto Space & The Man behind binance will astonish us for sure.

Get ready to Inspire!

Today the Trade volume of Binance is 3 Trillion USDT  with an average daily trade volume of 3.8 billion USD which supports nearly 591 trading pairs and 184 tokens. Binance provides services in almost 26 global languages. All these Amazing milestones are achieved from zero with the ultimate effort of Changpeng " CZ" Zhao, It is important to know the history of this man before getting into the history of Binance!

Changpeng Zhao - The Man Behind Binance


Changpeng Zhao, Popularly known by CZ, The Most Prominent public figure in The crypto market was born in the ordinary family in China and in the late 1980s, their  family moved to canada. In his Teenage, we worked in Burger shops and gas stations tofill his pocket.

At Montreal’s McGill University he studied computer science. At first, he developed the trade matching software for Tokyo Stock Exchange and then build a software for future trading. In 2005, we moved to Shanghai and started providing trading systems for brokers.

In 2013, he began to learn about Bitcoin and  Blockchain Technology, then he joined as a head of Development. He even worked at OKchain, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges as a chief technology officer and then, he decided to start his very own Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance

The Timeline of Binance

The breakout of ICO is one of the most factor for the birth of binance

The Launch of BNB - July 08, 2017

In the initial days, 1 ETH equals 2.7k BNB and 1 Bitcoin equals 20K BNB. Now at the time of writing, 1 BNB = 0.010 BTC

Binance Exchange Launched  - July 14, 2017

On this fine day, 14th July, 2017, Binance has launched. with in just 45 days, binance has reached 120k active users and nearly 4k new registrations And Binance has gained a decent ranking in the CoinmarketCap within the short span of time

Binance Lab - October 2017

Binance Lab is the venture Capital of Binance started with the motto to empower Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects and to extend support to budding crypto preneurs

LaunchPad - November 2017

Binance Launches launchpad and Launch pool for token listing. It provides all the support for business persons from Token Advertising before the Launch to Marketing

No 1 in coinmarket cap - December 2017

On December 17, 2017, Binance acquired the first position in the coinmarketcap just 6 months after the launch.and exceeds 1 billion USD. 

Reached 6M users - Januray  2018

In January 2018, Binance reached around 6M users.

Trust Wallet Acquisition - July 2018

Trust Wallet is an open source, anonymous, Decentralized Ethereum Wallet that supports ETH tokens which is the first public acquisition of Binance to provide  safe and secured services to the users.

Binance Academy - August 2018

Binance Academy is the free online education portal that helps traders as well as ordinary people to explore in detail about Blockchian technology,Bitcoin Market, Crypto Industry trends, etc,

Binance Charity - October 2018

Binance Charity is the non-profit organization raised for a good cause. During the outbreak of COVID-19 crises, binance has donated 3 million USD.

Binance Chain - April 2019

Binance Started realize the importance of its own blockchain and launched Binance Chain

Acquisition of Wazirx -November 2019

Binance Acquitted the indian based Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency exchange wazirx and it is considered as its second public acquisition

Binance DEX - February 2020

Binance launched its decentralized order matching engine which is built securely on the Binance chain that lets traders proceed with the trading without any intervention of third parties.

Binance Smart Chain -  September 2020

Binance smart chain is the blockchain that runs parallel to the binance chain which is EVM compatible that has the capability to run alone when Binance chain went offline

Highlights Of Binance

1 Platform for NFT Marketplaces:

Now, NFT is the hottest trend, Binance Smart Chain act as a platform for many NFT marketplaces.

2. Binance NFT

Binance is planning to launch its own NFT marketplace, Binance NFT which will go live by June 201.

3. Binance Coin - BNB

Both Binance chain and Binance Smart Chain use BNB as a gas fee. it powers many projects which run on the binance chain and a kind of payment method for many NFT Marketplaces

4. Binance Earn

Binance Earn is the kind of Crypto saving account that holds many options to earn passive income. 

5. Binance Card

A Binance Card is a kind of Crypto powered debit card, one can even use this card to buy candies. One can use BNB, BTC, etc, to pay bills via this card

6. Crypto Loans

Binance Provide Crypto Loans with no hidden fees. Users can borrow BTC, ETH, USDT, and open to choose the loan duration ranging from 7 days to 180 days

7. 15 M Daily users

It supports multiple languages and gains users all over the globe, it's daily global users are estimated as 15 Million. It provides services in Android, IOS, Web

8. 125X Leverage:

 It supports Futures trading and margin trading which can give leverage upto 125x

Binance always stays hungry to find new opportunities that would help the global trader to make use of cryptocurrency in an effective and in an easiest way. The exchange and its team have a great adoption characteristic to “exchange the world” through new crypto trends.

   "Make hay while the sun shines"

Now, Crypto Market is in the spotlight, Day by Day, The Market Capital Value  keeps on increasing and Cryptocurrency business stands out straight as the promising business model for the decade.  

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