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Bitcoin Price Predictions 2019

Find out the bitcoin price predictions of 2019

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Bitcoin Price Predictions 2019

We all know that, Bitcoin – The master of all cryptocurrency having a nature of getting volatile in its price. This fluctuation is the main reason for bitcoin trading to rise and fall.  In the history of bitcoin, 2017 was the one of the prominent year, in which the bitcoin price were surpassed $10,000 for the first time. This surge remains until the start of 2018 (in January). Later, the bitcoin price continues to dry with heavy range, and have tried to bump with smaller range.
At last bitcoin price is settle down with $3783 as of December 06, 2018.   

So let’s see a short analysis of bitcoin price in 2019, what experts are predicting about bitcoin price, and what factors will play huge role in predicting the bitcoin price on 2019.

Expert’s prediction about bitcoin price in 2019

1. John McAfee – Founder of McAfee given a statement on bitcoin price which is beyond 2019. He says that the bitcoin price will touch $1 million dollar by 2020.

2. Sonny Singh - Chief Commercial Office at Bitpay, Predicting that bitcoin price will between $15,000 - $20,000 before the November 2019.

3. Ronnie Moas  - A cryptocurrency  analyst predicted that BTC price will touch $28,000 by 2019.

4. Michael Novogratz – Founder of Galaxy digital stated that BTC wouldn’t cross above $9k, and it will break $10,000 within first 4 months of 2019.

5. Fran Strangar,  A bitcoin analyst is optimistic on bitcoin price and he belives that bitcoin price would touch $20,000 by January 2020.

The above predictions are having huge variations, but are in positive direction. So hope the bitcoin price will touch unimaginable growth by 2019. For your better understanding  we have published an article which is about  “cryptocurrency industry trends 2019 “, where you can get all the stuff about which cryptocurrency will be the big player in 2019, and how cryptocurrency industry will be in the upcoming years.  

Refer this article “ who decides the price of bitcoin ? “ where you can get exact information about why bitcoin price is often fluctuates, and what are the reason behind bitcoin volatility.


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