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DDEX-based DEX Platfrom Development | DDEX Clone Script

Start your own DEX exchange as like DDEX and make real time crypto assets exchange platform with Bitdeal's DDEX clone script.

DDEX-based DEX Platfrom Development | DDEX Clone Script

Bitdeal - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, offers the specialized DDEX clone script to start your own exchange as like DDEX. We develop DDEX clone script with advanced features to make you stand out best in-crowd.

DDEX Clone Script 

It is a website script which consists of all the features and plugins that a DDEX exchange has with which you can start your own decentralized exchange as like DDEX.


What is DDEX?

DDEX is the first decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens and it is built on Hydro Protocol that offers real-time trading with automatic order matching with secure on-chain settlement.


Source : CoinMarketCap

DDEX is one of the top DEX platforms in both the total number of transactions and trading volume. It is an exchange with Realtime API and friendly fees which yields greater market depth and liquidity.

Start your own DEX platform as like DDEX with more enhanced APIs and features. Get a best DDEX clone script from Bitdeal now.

DDEX 1.0

DDEX released an upgraded version DDEX 1.0 on December 2018, with new features and benefits to all its users across the whole exchange. This new version of DDEX is entirely driven by upgrading the new hydro smart contracts.

Highlights of DDEX 

1. No Sign-Up 

DDEX allows users to trade securely using their digital wallet which does not require additional registration or signup process.

2. Exchange with Actual Liquidity

DDEX is one among the best DEX platform that is user-friendly to trade and exchange fees in limit with actual liquidity.

3. No Deposit Required

DDEX offers the way to trade its user's digital assets from wallet to wallet using the ethereum smart contracts which do not require any deposits.

4. 24/7 Mobile-focused Trading

DDEX provides trading services through mobile phones too through mobile applications. You can trade 24X7 on DDEX downloading DDEX mobile-native trading app from google play store or apple store.

5. Automated/Real-Time Trading 

DDEX provides free Hydro API documentation with which you can experience state-of-the-art capabilities for automated trading.

6. Trading Fees

The default trading fees that DDEX collects from users are :

Maker Fee: 0.1%
Taker Fee: 0.3%

There are available of discount for Hydro Protocol Token (HOT) holders.

Gas Fees 

Transactions processed on Ethereum network requires a "Gas Fees ". These gas fees go to miners who run smart contracts on an ethereum blockchain network.

7. DDEX 1.0 New Features

The new version of DDEX, DDEX 1.0 has the following new features to satisfy the users.

1. Asymmetrical fee structure
2. Market Order Capability
3. Lower transaction gas
4. Market Order Capability
5. New Trading Interface and a lot more.

8. Multichain Development

DDEX's hydro smart contracts provide a multichain process, which enables developers to capture opportunities on a wide variety of blockchains.

9. Secured Transactions 

The hydro smart contract protocols of DDEX are audited by the third-party security firm which audits smart contracts.

Thus transactions on  DDEX is more secured and safe than any other decentralized exchange platform.

10. The hydro provides DeFi developers to create dynamic marketplaces for decentralized cryptocurrency. Thus, it is so easy for anyone to launch their own DEX for the fast and secure exchange of digital assets.

What Bitdeal can afford?

Bitdeal - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script Provider, offers clone script of major exchanges to launch your own crypto exchange platforms. The major clone scripts that we provide involve Binance clone script, Poloniex clone script, Okex Clone Script, IDEX clone script and lot more.

We develop and deploy the best DDEX clone script to start your own DEX platform as like DDEX.

Get featured DDEX clone script from Bitdeal now to launch your own DEX !!

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Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the DDEX and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term "DDEX" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

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