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Hyperledger Burrow Architecture and Features - A Detailed Analysis

This blog focuses on what is hyperledger burrow and its architecture and how it is used for private blockchain development on hyperledger.

Hyperledger Burrow Architecture and Features - A Detailed Analysis

In the past decade, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have exploded wider among people. The cryptocurrency economy is also evolving as it offering an optimal solution to overcome the complex need for modern financial backing.

As cryptocurrencies are the future of the new crypto economy world, the way people view and measure the value of the digital currency and its technology is also getting increased. Due to the arrival of various new technology, few budding entrepreneurs facing some difficulties in understanding those stuff.

None of the people will be unfamiliar with what is cryptocurrency? What is Blockchain? and what is a Smart Contract? But do you have any idea about What is hyperledger Burrow?

No worries, I hope this blog will provide you a high-level overview of Hyperledger and its framework. 

  • What is blockchain technology

  • What is Hyperledger

  • Difference between Blockchain and hyperledger

  • Hyperledger Frameworks

  • What is Hyperledger Burrow

  • Features of Hyperledger Burrow

  • The future of Hyperledger Burrow

we all have heard of "database". Normally we use them every day like, the access to the contact list on the phone is a simple database. Every complex database contains a list of instructions and programs that can interact with one another. 

The database is playing a big role in various businesses and society. Hence, to meet this need, Distributed Databases have emerged through blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain

To the persons, who constantly following our blog will sound like a broken record.  But this is to the person who is not sure about blockchain.

Coming to the point, earlier the full of stories is about buying and selling various crypto with fiat. But what's far more significant behind cryptocurrencies, is called Blockchain.

In the context of Blockchain, "Trust" could mean everything. Blockchain technology is a public distributed ledger with no central authority, the global network of computers jointly manages the database. Cryptocurrencies use permissionless blockchain, while business blockchains tend to be permissioned.

But, here the blockchain uses Consensus Mechanism like Proof-of-work and proof-of-stack to ensure the information in the database is always correct and secure. As days pass by Hyperledger entered into the frame, by acquiring every business or organization’s interest.

Many companies interested in blockchain technology began to realize they could achieve more by working with hyperledger together.

What is Hyperledger

As I am continuing this concept with blockchain, don't think hyperledger is also a kind of blockchain. First of all, Hyperledger is Not a Cryptocurrency, Not a Blockchain, Not a Company, and Not a Coin.

Hyperledger is rather something like an open-sourced hub to benefit an ecosystem of blockchain-related use cases and hyperledger based solution providers.

In detail, Hyperledger is an umbrella project, guardian by Linus Foundation in 2015. NodeJs, Acumos, Alljoyn are some examples framework of Linux. The Hyperledger is a framework, was started with a few numbers of developers including in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and Technology.

It was set up with an aim to create a smart contract, reliable blockchain application and distributed ledger-based technology framework for cross-industry.

Difference between Blockchain and Hyperledger

Blockchain is basically a technology that stores data and implemented in various ways, while hyperledger is a platform or framework that uses blockchain as its database. Every hyperledger transactions will be stored in blockchain nodes.

Hyperledger Frameworks

As the name Umbrella project suggests it includes Fabric, Sawtooth, Burrow, Iroha, and Indy

Hyperledger Fabric - Used in Supply chain Networks

Hyperledger Sawtooth - used in the fishing industry supply chain

Hyperledger Burrow - used to run Ethereum smart contracts in a Hyperledger network

Hyperledger Iroha - used to optimize mobile application

Hyperledger Indy - used as a decentralized identity database service for businesses

Now let us discuss more on Hyperledger Burrow here.


What is hyperledger Burrow

Hyperledger Burrow is one of the Hyperledger projects focussed on simplicity and speed. It supports and executes both EVM and WASM (WebAssembly) based smart contract code on a permissioned Virtual Machine.

It uses Byzantine Fault Tolerance via the Tendermint algorithm. This Hyperledger Burrow is released by the Linux Foundation and was designed by Monax. It is an open platform acts as a permissioned smart contract engine helps to build and run Blockchain-based applications for business in a secure and efficient manner.

Features of Hyperledger Burrow

Consensus Engine

Similar to Proof of Work, and Proof of stack, Byzantine-fault-tolerant is also a consensus mechanism. The aim of this consensus engine is to prevent Hyperledger blockchain from forking. It uses Byzantine Fault Tolerance via the Tendermint algorithm to conduct and verify transactions.

Application Blockchain Interface (ABCI)

ABCI is the platform through which Burrow-based smart contracts, or chain codes, work related to Hyperledger's consensus mechanism without any essential code.

Smart Contract Applications

In Hyperledger Burrow,  the smart contract applications, or chain codes work under permissioned guidelines. In the sense, the transaction code of smart contract corresponds to public and private key pair and are executed in a permissioned virtual machine.

Permissioned Ethereum Virtual Machine

The Permissioned Ethereum Virtual Machine has the ability to spot out the code originally written in the Ethereum blockchain then translate it to work with Hyperledger Burrow.

Application Binary Interface (ABI)

Transactions need to be expressed in a binary format that can be processed by the blockchain node. Current tooling provides functionality to compile, deploy and link solidity smart contracts and formulate transactions to call smart contracts on the chain.

The future of Hyperledger Burrow

Hyperledger Burrow is considered as the Backbone of Smart contract, makes the blockchain functional, scalable and adaptable. Now it is expected that more companies will be able to swiftly and efficiently implement smart contracts into their systems.

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