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Kucoin Clone Script to Start a Crypto Exchange Like Kucoin

Explore here the ways to Start an Exchange Platform like Kucoin

Kucoin Clone Script to Start a Crypto Exchange Like Kucoin

Kucoin Clone Script is a ready-made package of source code with all the outstanding features of Kucoin exchange, with which one can easily build an exchange platform like Kucoin.

It’s a known fact, cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts are indispensable in the Crypto ecosystem. By availing supreme remarkable benefits, they become a Paramount in the Crypto world 

Bitdeal - leading Cryptocurrency Exchange and Blockchain Development Company incorporates Agile methodologies in software development and offers the best spotless Clone Scripts such as Localbitcoin Clone Script, Binance Clone Script, kucoin clone script, and a lot more.

What is Kucoin?
 Kucoin is the world-class Cryptocurrency exchange founded in the year 2017, provides digital asset transactions and exchange services. Its headquarters is in Singapore.

Highlights of Kucoin

  • Being a young team, kucoin has made a strong impact in the exchange industry with a funding amount of 20 million dollars. 
  • It supports more than 400 Cryptocurrencies and 340 trading pairs 
  • Kucoin supports ICO and becomes the most preferred platform for crypto enthusiastic to get newly launched cryptocurrencies.
  • Kucoin has a drastic amount of 5 million users over 100 countries
  • Kucoin has launched its crypto, kucoin shares (KCS) 
  • They provide exclusive easy 10 seconds sign up process 
  • Kucoin uses the most advanced API on the market 

Kucoin’s recent Market launches

Michael Gan, CEO at KuCoin, once mentioned kucoin as “The People’s Exchange”, to give life to those words, kucoin keep on launching new innovative features and services

KCS Lockup and Cashback program

To enrich the market value of KCS, kucoin has launched the KCS lockup program where the users have to hold their KCS tokens for a period of 90 days and can get an additional 50% as a rate of return while unlocking.

KuMEX Launch 
Its first release was Bitcoin Perpetual Contract and avails offer up to 20X leverage. To celebrate the launch of kuMEX, they have announced a trading competition and reward winners with 10,000 KCS

KCS pay fee launch
On October 30, Kucoin officially announced kucoin pay fee feature. User can enable the feature and enjoy discounts up to 20% for all kinds of trading pairs

Kucoin Fee

Kucoin offers a very low fee for both trading and withdrawal. It does not charge any fee for an initial deposit and charges 0.1 percent of interest-based on the crypto asset.

New Services and Products

  • Bitcoin futures platform KuMEX
  • PoS mining pool Pool-X
  • Soft Staking
  • OTC
  • decentralized trading solution Arwen

Key Features

High Security

Kucoin uses standard transfer encryption protocol for transferring data i.e all the user data is stored on data encryption. As an additional security feature, multifactor dynamic authentication has also incorporated

Customer Support

Kucoin provides 24 hours of customer support. They are also ready to give optimal solutions for their customer needs.

Kucoin Wallet

Kucoin offers high secured wallet that has been build using the Amazon Web services cloud. This wallet is designed with a high tech multi-level encryption technique.

High Processing Speed

Transactions and Deposits are done within the minutes. It has a high processing fee.

Massive Trade matching Capacity

The order matching the capacity of kucoin is 2 million per second and the making process for 1 million per second.

Margin Trading Service

In the month of October, kucoin has launched margin trading services that allow the user to borrow a certain amount from the trader to make trading. It supports bitcoin, Ethereum with 10X leverage.

Are you willing to Start an exchange Platform like kucoin?

We, bitdeal is here for you! An innovative team of experts gives you profound services to start an exchange platform like kucoin. Our Developer Concern Software Development Life Cycle framework in every product to give their best to the clients.
Our Kucoin Clone Script has the following features 
1. Automatic KYC/AML Verification
2. Enhanced Trading Methods
3. Two-factor authentication
4. 24 X 7 Instant live chat system
5. Additional Security APIs 
6. User-friendly admin panel
7. Attractive user-panel with additional features.

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Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the Kucoin and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term "Kucoin" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

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