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LocalBitcoins Clone App Development to kickstart your Cryptocurrency Exchange Business

Explore here the benefits of launching a cryptocurrency exchange app as like LocalBitcoins Exchange App

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LocalBitcoins Clone App Development to kickstart your Cryptocurrency Exchange Business

LocalBitcoins Clone App

LocalBitcoins clone app is a cryptocurrency exchange mobile application that replicates all the functions and features as like LocalBitcoins Exchange App. We Bitdeal - The Most Promising P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company offers the powerful LocalBitcoins Clone App Development Services through which you can start your own cryptocurrency exchange mobile platform. We develop and deploy LocalBitcoins Clone App that supports both Android and iOS platforms.

Buy our LocalBitcoins Clone Premium Package which includes LocalBitcoins Clone Script and LocalBitcoins Clone App ( For Both Android & iOS ) at considerable cost.

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Features of our LocalBitcoins Clone App

We Bitdeal develop LocalBitcoins Clone app with the following basic and advanced cryptocurrency exchange app features.

In-Build Escrow System 

The essential feature of the LocalBitcoins Clone App is the in-build Escrow System. We develop a super-fast and highly secured Escrow engine in your LocalBitcoins Clone App for safe trading.

Options to Trade Offline/Online

Our LocalBitcoins Clone App also has the features to trade in both online and offline mode. The traders can place their ads and they can make trading on the platform by contact with other traders through an online chat system or they can complete the transaction by meeting them physically.

Advanced In-app Authentication

The app is designed with options to set a separate password/pattern for your account or you can also set fingerprint access to unlock your account. This authentication eliminates the access of your account by unknown persons.

KYC/ AML Verification

We inherit security regulations such as KYC and AML protocols to protect the cryptocurrency exchange transactions on our LocalBitcoins Clone App platform. This allows only identified or trusted users to trade on the platform.

Integrated Wallet 

Our developers also integrate the wallet service along with the LocalBitcoins Clone App, so that when a user registers on the mobile application a separate wallet is created for his/her account to store fiat/cryptos safely.

Some other premium features included in ou LocalBitcoins Clone App Development process involves the following :

  • Email/ SMS Push Notification
  • Ratings and Review Options
  • Live Price Chart
  • Instant Chat system to connect with traders
  • 24/7 Support Team through live chat
  • Easy Ads Placement Options
  • Multi-currency Support
  • Multi-Language
  • Dispute Management
  • Location Tracking Protocols and more.

To get the full list of the premium features of our LocalBitcoins Clone App, just feel free to contact our experts who can explain to you all the features and functionalities anytime.


Check out our Local Bitcoins Clone Script Demo Details too


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Why LocalBitcoins?

LocalBitcoins - “ Bringing Bitcoins Everywhere “

LocalBitcoins - The most famous P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange is on its way to make its name sound louder on all the nooks of the crypto globe. As founded in 2012, by Jeremias Kanga, LocalBitcoins is tracking more and more active users on the platform each and every second. LocalBitcoins aims to provide a way to buy and sell bitcoins anytime, anywhere. 

LocalBitcoins has also extended their bitcoin trading services as a mobile application which has more than 10,000+ installs and has a rating up to 4.0 with more trusted traders.

Highlights/ Recent News about LocalBitcoins 

  • LocalBitcoins is famous due to its aspects such as escrow, conflict resolution service, reputation, and feedback mechanisms
  • With the new phase of Bitcoin peer-to-peer trading LocalBitcoins has encountered half a million active users every month.
  • LocalBitcoins says that after the adoption of AML/KYC regulations in Sep 2019, the platform’s darknet related transactions have dropped 70%.
  • The LocalBitcoins Exchange says that their user's signup has surged over 50% with approximately 4,000 daily new registration to 6,000 daily new registration
    in early 2020.
  • LocalBitcoins reported annual revenue of $29.5 million in 2019 which is a 10% increase over revenue of 2018 which is $26.9million.
  • Thus, starting a cryptocurrency exchange like LocalBitcoins can help you in making more revenue and users into your crypto exchange.

Benefits of launching a LocalBitcoins Clone App

Listed here are the key advantages of launching a cryptocurrency exchange app as like the LocalBitcoins Exchange App.

Mobile Handy Trading Experience

When launching a mobile application for cryptocurrency exchange services, you are capable of gripping more mobile traders to trade on the platform which increases the revenue.

Increased Trading Volume

As mobile users increase day by day, launching an app as like LocalBitcoins can increase the number of trading on the platform each second and which increases the trading volume on the exchange.

Brand Reputation

As LocalBitcoins have trustworthy users, launching a mobile app with all the features as like LocalBitcoins can make your own exchange popular among the crypto people in short span.

Trade Anytime Anywhere

When you start our cryptocurrency exchange service as a mobile application, you provide your users with a way to trade their cryptocurrencies anytime anywhere. This inturn increases user-density and sustainability on your exchange.

More Security-More ROI

When you build a cryptocurrency exchange app with more security features as like LocalBitcoins, you can create trust among the traders which inturn bring more users to the exchange through which turn over of the exchange rises accordingly.

Thus building an app like LocalBitcoins can bring you more users, trustworthiness, high ROI, Brand reputation, and rating in a limited time.

Why choose Bitdeal for LocalBitcoins Clone App Development ?

We Bitdeal - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, a pillar behind the most of the top cryptocurrency exchanges that are playing major role in the crypto industry has been serving in the cryptocurrency industry with more than 10+ years of experience in developing and deploying the bug-free cryptocurrency exchange script, cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts, cryptocurrency exchange clone app and more.

Our developers are skilled and experienced in building crypto exchange clone apps such as Binance Clone App, LocalBitcoins Clone App, Paxful Clone App, Zebpay Clone App, and more with most stunning features and functionalities that attract more mobile users to trade in the platform.

Thus, buying LocalBitcoins Clone App from Bitdeal and launching your own crypto exchange mobile app will be the easiest way to bring your dream of starting a crypto business and making more ROI in a short span come true. 

Look at the free demo of our LocalBitcoins Clone App Now !!

Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the Localbitcoins and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term "Localbitcoins" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.


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