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Introducing Paxful Clone App Development For Cryptocurrency Exchange Startups

Explore here the benefits of starting crypto exchange app like Paxful and also the premium features of our Paxful Clone App.

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Introducing Paxful Clone App Development For Cryptocurrency Exchange Startups

Paxful Clone App

Paxful clone app is a cryptocurrency trading mobile app that has all the clone trading features and services of famous cryptocurrency exchange Paxful. We, Bitdeal - The Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company provides extended Paxful clone app development services for exchanges startups, which are looking to create their own Paxful like clone app for both trading and wallet usage. Our Paxful Clone App Development services let you to get a top-class exchange app also wallet app like Paxful, with advanced UI/UX customization both for android and iOS

At Bitdeal we provide a premium Paxful Clone Development package, which includes a premium Paxful clone script, Paxful exchange clone app, Paxful wallet clone app that comes under an affordable purchase cost. 

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Premium Features of our Paxful Clone App

Listed here are the premium features of our Paxful Clone App :

1. Advanced UI/UX

2. User and Admin Dashboards with many attractive features.

3. Auto Trading Bot Integrated

4. Real-Time Price Chart

5. Multi-language support

6. Easy KYC/AML verification

7. Simple Sign-up Mechanism

8. Push Notifications

9. Multi-payment gateway

10. Location Tracking API

11. Ultra speed trading engine

12. Clear Transaction/Trade History

13. Integrated Cryptocurrency Wallet

14. Launchpad Integration

15. Fingerprint or pin lock

16. Live Trading Graph

17. Support of Multi-cryptocurrency

18. 24 /7 chatbot support for ease trading

19. Safe Escrow System

20. Review or rating pop-up after trading and more.

Why Paxful?

Paxful is a popular peer-to-peer, simple, and safe crypto market which supports the exchange of bitcoins globally. Paxful in competition with the world’s famous P2P Crypto platform LocalBitcoins makes more trade volume in recent days. Thus, with 300+ payment methods, Paxful is becoming the strongest bitcoin exchange in the crypto community as stepping into the fourth year of its crypto service.

As of the day, Paxful has almost about 8,00,000 happy customers with nearly 10,00,000 bitcoins sold on the platform. This implies that Paxful is the most-trusted P2P Crypto Exchange among people.

Are you Inspired by the Success of Paxful? Thinking to build an exchange like Paxful?

Check out our recent article: How To Start a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Paxful.

Recent News that highlights Paxful Performance

1. In the motto of helping the crypto community, Paxful has joined its hands with OKEX to make a better crypto ecosystem.

2. Paxful recently added the gold payment options on the platform to buy/sell bitcoins which can increase their financial state.

3. In May 2020, Paxful recorded BTC trading of $6.2 million volume which is a 41% increase, which is due to the new user-signup from India this month.

4. During this COVID’19, the average monthly user sign-ups have increased by 28% with the average trade volume of $4.4million.

5. In the post-COVID’19 the Paxful’s Bitcoin Trading Volumes have increased by $1.521 million in a week which is an all-time high trade volume for Paxful exchange.

Explore some other highlights of Paxful, that will clear up your mind, why to start as an exchange like Paxful here!

Thus starting an exchange like Paxful in this crisis time is a good idea and launching it as a mobile application is the best idea ever. Get our Paxful Clone App now and launch your crypto exchange app to enjoy huge revenue.

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet App

Paxful exchange provides many services and the notable and most famous service is its “Bitcoin Wallet App”.

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app provides an easy way for Paxful wallet app users to send, receive, and store bitcoins in their personal mobile crypto wallet. This Paxful Bitcoin Wallet App is being the ultimate service and best companion tool of Paxful exchange.

With Paxful Bitcoin Wallet App users can,

  • Easily Send, receive and store bitcoins which can be transacted anytime, anywhere
  • For a safe store of hard-earned bitcoins
  • Can share your bitcoin wallet address or QR code with traders or friends
  • Track their trades and know the current status of bitcoins.
  • Personalize your Paxful wallet profile
  • Know the updated bitcoin-to-fiat conversion rates and more.

We Bitdeal also assist you in launching your own Bitcoin/Crypto wallet with all the features mentioned above as like Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app with the help of our Paxful Bitcoin Wallet Clone App.

Why mobile apps for crypto exchange services?

We all know the impact of smartphones on this digital economy is increasing day by day and the number of mobile phone users is also increasing at a constant rate. This COVID’19 has increased the mobile app users and downloads to a very high rate across the globe.

Thus launching a mobile application based crypto trading business would be the best idea that can bring you a high Turn over even on this difficult situation.

From Business People Perspective, launching a mobile app for crypto trading can help in the following ways :

1. Grab the attention of mobile users in the crowd of crypto traders.

2. In turn, increase the app downloads and users count.

3. Boost the brand reputation of the crypto trading platform

4. Increase the number of trading each second on the crypto platform.

5. Which all inturns, increases the ROI.

To know more about the benefits of launching mobile applications for cryptocurrency trading, refer our previous article on the title “How Mobile Apps Can Benefit The Cryptocurrency Trading Businesses ?

Why choose Bitdeal for Paxful clone app development?

We Bitdeal – Leading P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company offers all kinds of crypto exchange development services such as centralized exchange development, decentralized exchange development, hybrid cryptocurrency exchange development, cryptocurrency exchange clone development, cryptocurrency exchange app development and more.

Here are the reasons to choose Bitdeal, for Paxful clone app development:

1. Complete Requirements Collection before the start of development

2. Transparent Communication regarding development.

3. Regular updates about app development on each phase.

4. 100% unique app development with advanced features.

5.   Affordable cost for overall app deployment and development.

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Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the Paxful and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term "Paxful" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.


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