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Explore what is, and find how to make a smart contract mlm like with bitdeal smart contract mlm script.

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  • Smartway run mlm clone script Clone Script To Start a Smart Contract MLM clone script clone script is a smart contract mlm script that can build a fully decentralized and legitimate smart contract based mlm dpp network on ethereum. At bitdeal you can get the fully ready made cryptocurrency mlm clone script, which is a website script that can build front end of the ethereum smart contract network,  where all the joining functionalities will be done by directly connecting ethereum wallet via meta mask and trust wallet, from desktop and mobile app respectively. The clone script provided by bitdeal ensures 100% decentralization, and hack proof mechanism along with ethereum smart contract. MLM Clone Script Features

  1. 100% Decentralized
  2. Binary 2X2 Matrix
  3. No Centralized Authority
  4. Smart Contract Powered
  5. P2P Payment Integration
  6. Meta Mast and Trust Wallet Supported
  7. Immutable Algorithm.

And more.

We can customize the original features, based on your requirement and can renovate the script with new customizations. 

How To Start a Smart Contract Based MLM Like Smart ?

Getting a mlm script is not alone a solution, to start your smart contract MLM Business, It’s just a start point. But, to make it successful and everlasting then you should have proper vision, mission and other business goals with your business plan.  While drafting the smart contract business plan, what are the things you should consider in the first place. Check out here!

Business Plan 

  1. Decide how you are going to engage the audience in your smart contract network
  2. Fix how much ETH that your smart contract should guarantee to the people in a period of time. 
  3. Enforce the joining rules and ETH earning methodology, whether it could be a binary 2x2 Matrix, or 2X5 matrix, Or 2X8 matrix or whatever. It’s up to you.
  4. People always fear to join MLM, but you should strike out their fear, just by explaining the things in a proper and truthful way on your front page.
  5. When everything gets fixed, move this idea to the technical implementation. (i.e) you have to create a smart contract that can hold and fulfill the expected business goals technically.
  6. Reach out a smart contract developer, and explain your business model, if the deal is okay, then start executing further.
  7. When the finalize project is completely tested, and the smart contract is audited, then launch your MLM.

Now, it is the time for us to go through a small review about

What is And How It Works? is another decent smart contract mlm like and forsage. Every smart contract mlm will guarantee a certain profit to its users, in that way, also guarantees you an fixed return on investment. That is if you join the network, then you will surely earn around 48ETH In just a quick 30 days along with 6  partners in each level.  

Apart from the above explanation, their official site claims, smartway,run claims the following things to be true inside the system.

#1 Enter With 0.2 ETH

The website claims there is much amount then 0.2 ETH to enter at level 1

#2 High ROI

With 12 levels a person who is joining the network can earn a guaranteed 48 ETH with then minimum investment of 0.2 ETH.

#3 Smooth Transition to Next Level

Guarantees no hard and complex technical efforts need to move next level.

#4 Requires Only 6 Partners to Complete a Level

Since the system follows a binary 2x2 matrix at each level, the movement to the next level will be very quick and easy too.

#5 Enforced Smart Overflow

This new enforced smart overflow will ensure there is no free space in dowlines by evenly allocating the newbies under the member who does not having a single partner in the structure.

#6 ReInvest after 30 Days

If you are not able to go through all the 12 levels, in 30 days, then the system system will give a free space to reinvest in to next consecutive level.

Features of

  1. No Risk
  2. Minimum Invitation ( 6 partners)
  3. Infinite liability
  4. Open source Smart contract
  5. Step by Step instructions guide
  6. Solutions For Business Promotions

How SmartWay.Run Works ?

As said above follows a 2x2 matrix on 12 levels, where the joining fee at each level varies. 

Level 1 : 0.2 ETH - 2 Members - Returns 0.4 ETH : Total - 0.4 ETH
Level 2 : 0.22 ETH - 4 Members - Returns 0.88 ETH : Total - 0.128 ETH
Level 3 : 0. ETH - 2 Members - Returns 0.8 ETH: Total -2.08 ETH
Level 4 : 0.44 ETH - 4 Members - Returns 1.76 ETH: Total - 3.84 ETH
Level 5 : 0.7 ETH - 2 Members - Returns 1.4 ETH: Total - 5.24 ETH
Level 6 : 0.77 ETH - 4 Members - Returns 3.08 ETH: Total - 8.32 ETH
Level 7 : 1.2 ETH - 2 Members - Returns 2.4 ETH: Total - 10.72 ETH
Level 8 : 1.3 ETH - 4 Members - Returns 5.2 ETH: Total - 15.92 ETH
Level 9 : 2 ETH - 2 Members - Returns 4 ETH: Total - 19.92 ETH
Level 10 : 2.2 ETH - 4 Members - Returns 8.8 ETH: Total - 28.72 ETH
Level 11 : 3 ETH - 2 Members - Returns 6 ETH: Total - 34.72 ETH
Level 12 : 3.3 ETH - 4 Members - Returns 13.2 ETH: Total - 47.92 ETH

In 30 days of period you can get 47.92 ETH and in 12 months you can gain 575.04 ETH which is nearly $ 131,494.

How to join smart 

  1. If you want to register with your desktop then you can use your Meta Mask
  2. If you want to register with your smartphone then use Trust wallet

Read the guidelines In their official login page.

Invitation link is not required to join the network. And if you have any queries, you can talk to the members in their official telegram chat.​

Final thoughts

Hope you had a deep session on   There are a lot of money making opportunities, some or legit and some or not.  So, it's up to you whether to join a mlm network or start a mlm business irrespective of considering the legitimacy.

Bitdeal Is Ready To Assist You!

If you have decided to start a smart contract mlm business, then we are ready to avail our technical resources to make your dream project come true. We are already gained a world level reputation by selling the following smart contract mlm scripts in the market. 

  1. Million Money Clone Script
  2. Forsage Clone Script
  3. Doubleway Clone Script
  4. XOXO MLM Clone Script
  5. Ethereums.Cash Clone Script 
  6. clone Script

And more smart contract mlm scripts

We are available 24x7 hours, if you want to talk to us regarding your business queries, Contact us in whatsapp, telegram, or via mail.

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Disclaimer: We are not the owner of "", and are not doing any direct promotional activities for them. Also, we are not doing any business dealing with "". We sell only smart contract based MLM scripts. Only for the better understanding and easy identification we use the term " Smart Contract".


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