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Doubleway Clone Script To Start a Ethereum Smart Contract MLM

Explore everything about and get guidance on how to start an ethereum smart contract MLM like doubleway.

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Doubleway Clone Script To Start a Ethereum Smart Contract MLM

Doubleway MLM Clone Script

Doubleway clone script is an ethereum smart contract mlm clone script, which can help you to start a legitimate cryptocurrency mlm like doubleway. At bitdeal you can get the double way mlm clone script, which is a mlm website script that can be operated under the control of ethereum smart contract. Once the website went live, the smart contract can’t be changed. So, it is 100% hack proof and fast performing script. This script ensures the crypto earnings and funds transactions of each user is, fully decentralized, so there is no manual control to moderate the transactions and other operations.

Features Of Doubleway Clone Script

  1. Binary 2x8 Matrix Scheme
  2. Decentralized
  3. 100% hack Proof
  4. Instant Payment
  5. No Manual Control
  6. Ethereum Smart Contract
  7. P2P Payment Integrated
  8. Ensures high Returns On Investment
  9. Can execute 5000 ETH transactions per hour
  10. Meta Mask and Trust Wallet Supported

And more.

At bitdeal we can customize the above features, as per the requirements also the business model, entry fee, level up options can be altered based on the focused profit deriving plan.
You can try a live demo of bitdeal’s doubleway clone script, Apart from this, at bitdeal you can also get demo for, 

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How To Start a Smart Contract MLM Like Doubleway ?

To start a new project or business, you should need a proper plan. When it comes to Binary MLM or a gifting scheme, you are free to choose the flow of the business. There are a variety of MLM types. Usually cryptocurrency mlm is a lucrative money earning option for all the users. So, if you believe your business idea can bring more users, then you should thing how to keep those users inside a cycle system, so that you can save your business from draining. So, on behalf of bitdeal, here i just want to share with you the business plan to start a smart contract mlm like double way.

Business Plan To Start a Smart Contract MLM Like Doubleway

  1. Focus on how the smart contract MLM is going to differ from the others in market.
  2. Give a strong shot of description, which should guarantee the people, that they can earn certain “XXXX” ETH or any other, within a particular fixed period.
  3. Fix the nature of the crypto earning system. Which means fix the flow in which a member can move towards the final level to earn his crypto’s entitled by the system. 
  4. Inject the proper math algorithm which could bring more profit, which in turns makes the entire system highly lucrative. 
  5. Decide whether it is going to be binary level, unilevel, or whatever. 
  6. Get a proper smart contract development and auditing support from a technology partner like bitdeal.
  7. Be clear about how you are going to bring all the above ideas into the smart contract.
  8. Find a technology partner who can assist you in smart contract development, and auditing for MLM.
  9. Go Live when everything is satisfied.

Hope you understand how to start a smart contract MLM like Doubleway with Doubleway Clone Script. Since we are talking about from the start,  it will be injustice if we don't go through a review of the doubleway smart contract. The Following sections will help you to understand what the Doubleway Smart Contract is? and How Doubleway Smart Contract Works? 

Continue reading...

What is

As claimed in their official website, is a binary acceleration matrix project, which runs on ethereum smart contract. Moreover, the doubleway is the dark side of Whereas the CryptoHands is the first launched blockchain project of this tie up. They have two different smart contract projects for different purposes. Both websites claim there is no admin, and both systems are fully decentralized. 

The official website claims, has been launched with the goal of solving two major problems.

  1. CryptoHands Is designed as a one time investment project for many years. So the user could face a long pause after getting an income by completing a level. Doubleway can fill those long pause and can balance with crypto hands.
  2. Users always like to earn repeat income, so with the support of doubleway cryptohands members can also directly join to doubleway. 

Hence, we can come to a conclusion, both the and balancing each other to keep the users inside a community.

How Doubleway Smart Contract Works ? 

Doubleway smart contract works based on the 2X8 binary matrix, whereas the smart contract controls every matrix operation, from members registration to all the payment processing. The Gifting scheme doesn't offer any product/service to anyone,instead it encourages people to earn more crypto’s by referring other people into the network. The Network grows exponentially from one person as below.

Reference :

​There are totally 8 levels, the first level completes when two people join directly under a member. To enter the first level a member should pay 08.ETH

And to enter level 2 one should pay 0.16 ETH,  and the members in level 2 will get doubled in count. There will be 4 members in level 2 . Like this upto 8 levels, the network will grow exponentially, by doubling the members counts at each level. At last in 8 th level there will be 256 members. Based on this the official doubleway website claims, the affiliate who is in top could earn 2621.44 ETH at 8 th level and totally 3500 ETH from all the levels in 64 days.

Profit Table of Doubleway

doubleway profit table


Level 1: Pay 0.8 ETH and Earn Profit of 0.16 ETH From Two Referrals
Level 2: Pay 0.16 ETH and Earn Profit of 0.64 ETH From Four Referrals
Level 3: Pay 0.32 ETH and Earn Profit of 2.56 ETH From Eight Referrals
Level 4: Pay 0.64 ETH and Earn Profit of 10.24 ETH From 16 Referrals
Level 5: Pay 1.28 ETH and Earn Profit of 40.96 ETH From 32 Referrals
Level 6: Pay 2.56 ETH and Earn Profit of 163.84 ETH From 64 Referrals
Level 7: Pay 5.12 ETH and Earn Profit of 655.36 ETH From 128 Referrals
Level 8: Pay 10.24 ETH and Earn Profit of 2621.44 ETH From 256 Referrals

Total Profit 3495.2 ETH in 64 days and 20971.2 ETH Per Year.

Advantages Of Doubleway Smart Contract

  1. No Risks
  2. Complete Decentralization
  3. P2P Transactions
  4. Can Join Without Referral
  5. System Couldn’t be Stoppable
  6. Inactive Referrals Multiples the Profit
  7. Can Join Directly From CryptoHands
  8. Secured Under Smart Contract

Proof Of Transactions That Makes The System to Grow Everyday

doubleway ethereum transactions


doubleway user flow

Refer :

Hope you now got an idea about what is doubleway smart contract, and how to start a smart contract mlm like doubleway. Let’s have a look why you can choose bitdeal to start a smart contract mlm website. 

Why Choose Bitdeal?

Bitdeal - We are a reputed blockchain application development company, we have experts who have expertise in decentralized application development, smart contract development and auditing, Ethereum Token Development, Crypto Exchange Development, Cryptocurrency MLM Development With Smart Contracts, and lot more. We have a strong portfolio of covering 70+ blockchain projects from different industries, 100+ crypto exchange development projects.We keep on moving forward with the goal of encouraging cryptocurrency / blockchain startups by observing the trends and implementing them in real life applications. Our experts can find out the impediments in making your dream business come true, and can guide you to survive as a successful blockchain entrepreneur.

Keep working on your cryptocurrency business idea, and feel free to reach us any time!

Disclaimer: We are not the owner of "", and are not doing any direct promotional activities for them. Also, we are not doing any business dealing with "". We sell only smart contract based MLM scripts. Only for the better understanding and easy identification we use the term "Doubleway Smart Contract".

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