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A Guide to Start a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Paxful

Explore in detail regarding how to start a p2p Cryptocurrency Exchange like Paxful

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A Guide to Start a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Paxful

Paxful does not need any introduction no more, its milestone success and popularity is echoing around the Crypto world. Paxful became the inspiration for many exchanges for overtaking its strong rival competitor LocalBitcoins in trade volume very recently.
It showcases the world that innovative strategies and consistent hard work will reward nothing but victory!
Any budding entrepreneur can start a Peer to Peer bitcoin exchange like Paxful with Paxful Clone Script.

Keep this in mind, when we clone the brand, we are not just cloning its features and functionalities, we are also trying to recreate its accomplishments.

What is Paxful Clone Script?

Paxful clone script is the ready-made website script with a 100% source code by which one can easily build a bitcoin exchange just like Paxful. This script has been encrypted with high standard security features and designed based upon the cybersecurity protocols.

To engage mobile-based users, one can also create a mobile app with all the features of paxful exchange with our profound  Paxful Clone App Development Sevices.

How To Start a P2P Exchange Like Paxful and Make it Successful?

To launch a p2p exchange like Paxful, You should understand and clear about the paxful business model, key features, development process, monetization options, and brand creation.  Keep your eye down to read,...

Paxful Business model

Paxful is the online market place to buy/sell bitcoins instantly. since, Paxful is the peer to peer exchange, where trading occurs end to end under Escrow protection. Users of this Exchange are allowed to display ads with information such as the number of bitcoins, mode of payment, date of selling, etc. This exchange also supports offline trading where traders can meet in person and execute trading.

To improvise the trader's experience and to guarantee the secured ecosystem reviews and rating section are added for each user, where traders can independently write their trading experience with the particular trader, this idea is very helpful to spot out the spammers in the exchange.

The most incredible thing about Paxful is its versatile payment options. This Exchange offers 300+ payment options under six major categories such as

  • Bank Transfer
  • Online Wallet
  • Itune gift card
  • Amazon gift card
  • Cash in Person
  • Cryptocurrencies

Key features

As we are building the bitcoin Exchange strictly, no compromise for Security measures, to make your exchange more robust, the following features are added.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is the only place to store cryptocurrencies. Once signed up in the exchange, it automatically generates the crypto wallet for users.

Smart Contract Powered Escrow Protection

Security is indispensable for any kind of business, Smart contract powered Escrow protection is used to provide high tech security to traders. A multi-signature wallet obviously reduces the risks in the transactions.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication with mail as well as a mobile number during signup for account protection.

Embedded Cybersecurity protocols

The script is fully tested and designed completely with the norms of cybersecurity protocols so that your exchange remains unhackable.

Instant buy/sell feature

Every trader wants to bull/sell bitcoins instantly for that purpose, a Superfast trade matching engine is needed to be integrated.

Live Chat

This feature is built for traders' convenience so that they understand the trading process in a better way.

Payment options

This exchange offers more than 300+ payment options. Thus, Paxful Exchange supports the only bitcoin but other altcoins are used as payment methods.

Admin Panel functionalities

  • Customizable admin panel where the admin of this exchange can add informative website blog to engage users 
  • The ability to see all overall statistics of the website with charts and pie diagrams.
  • To monitor the Review, all trade volume of the Exchange 

Development Methodologies

One can develop the exchange like Paxful in three ways, there are three possible ways to build it.

1: Do it by yourself

You can build your own exchange if you are the potential developer, yet it consumes much time and effort.

2: Hire the software developer

You can hire the free launcher, expose your idea, and build an exchange but their availability for the long term maintenance is still a question mark.

3: Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

By joining hands with the reputed Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, one can build an Exchange with the latest trading features since they have a certain level of experience in building Cryptocurrency Exchanges and they are also available for future discussions

As a crypto exchange development at bitdeal we provide you two primary options to start building your Paxful like crypto exchange like Paxful. 

Start From Scratch - Customized P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script 

You can start building your cryptocurrency exchange from scratch with our custom p2p cryptocurrency exchange script. With this, you can make major changes in the renowned functionalities and operations. Also, you can create your own 100% pure white label p2p cryptocurrency exchange.

Start With a Clone Script/ Template - Buy Paxful Clone Script

If you don’t want to start from scratch, then you can make use of our premium Paxful clone script, and can start setting up your own cryptocurrency exchange like Paxful. Our Premium Paxful clone development package covers Paxful clone script, paxful clone app, and premium customization features including wallet customization. This requires less effort and less cost Of investment

Monetization options

The owner of the exchange can make money by charging various kinds of fees such as

Trading fee:

The trading fee is the important income for all exchanges, the admin of this exchange can deduct a trading fee for all traders. It is advisable to fix low trading fees so that the user engagement will increase significantly.

Advertisement fee:

The ad posting feature is an efficient method to buy and sell bitcoins, the owner of the site can charge a trader for posting ads.

 Listing fee

Some Exchanges allowed listing of new cryptocurrencies, they can also make money by doing it

Deposit and Withdrawal fee

Few Exchanges do not collect fees for depositions and a significant amount of fee for withdrawal.

Dark Pool Trading fee

If the trader pays a dark pool trading fee, he/she can trade it anonymously, Admin can add this feature in their exchange and also collect a fee for this.

Marketing Strategy

No matter what the business model is, without a proper marketing strategy and planning it will not reached its desired goals

Paxful has unique and well-planned strategies, They have planned to reach traders geographically and organized plans for it. They have introduced many referral programs and conducted campaigns in the initial stages.

You have to derive a plan for your product, concentrate on your target audience, and don't be afraid to initiate new ideas

How Much Does It Cost to Start an Exchange like Paxful?

There is standard price for crypto exchange development It varies widely based on Client requirements. The cost depends on the API Chosen, additional features, tech stacks used, plugins, etc, We also offer Premium Paxful Clone Script that actually needs minimum customization.

How Many Days/Hours Will It take to start a P2P Exchange?

We deliver flawless scripts within 30 days, check out our detailed schedule below.

1.Project discussion and confirmation         -  48 hours
2.Project Team Spiltation                             -  72 hours
3.Modules based storyboard preparation    -  144 hours
4. Designing module                                    -  120 hours
5. Development  module                              -  168 hours
6.Product testing                                          -  48 hours
7. Deploying the product                              -  120 hours

Who we are?

Bitdeal! Leading P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, dominating the industry for more than 10 years with highly skilled professional developers and business advisors on our side. We are known for our quality work and on-time delivery.

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