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TRON Smart Contract MLM Software - One Step Solution to Launch Smart Contract MLM

Boost your ROI by launching Smart Contract MLM on TRON Network with Bitdeal's TRON Smart Contract MLM Software

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TRON Smart Contract MLM Software - One Step Solution to Launch Smart Contract MLM

Smart Contract-Based MLM 

Smart Contract-Based MLM’s are Decentralized MLM Networks that are governed or managed by any blockchain smart contract, but mostly the Ethereum blockchain. Since Ethereum is open source it gives open access for developers to leverage its smart contract technology and customize it for developing custom dApps. The entire MLM process will be tied up with one single knot, i.e A smart contract. The inbuilt Ethereum smart contracts inside an MLM network will carry out all the processes of an MLM Platform from user registration, rewards, matrix table execution to the payment process.  

As in recent days starting an MLM business is highly appreciated among the business people, because launching an MLM business with Smart Contract can create trust among users as the created MLM platform will be completely decentralized and difficult to hack or change the data. As the network eliminates the presence of the middle man all the transactions will be executed automatically through the protocols written in the decentralized smart contract. Once the smart contract is deployed it cannot be altered manually. 

What Is a TRON Smart Contract?

Smart Contracts- Ensures decentralization in any blockchain application, Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and every other blockchain, TRON is also having its own smart contract protocol. Tron Smart Contract is the most preferred smart contract solution for decentralized MLM Business in recent days over Ethereum Smart Contract. We Bitdeal Leading TRON Dapp Development Company offers all kinds of development solutions by leveraging the TRON Blockchain network. We develop and deploy TRON Dapps for all kinds of business verticals with more attractive features and plugins, TRON Smart Contract development for MLM Business, Health Care, IT Departments, and more.

TRON Smart Contract MLM Software

Tron smart contract MLM software is a ready to launch TRON MLM software that can deploy a fully decentralized smart contract MLM on Tron blockchain, with which members can join in a matrix plan to earn TRX token as a passive income just by referring people to the network. This Tron based MLM software is fully controlled by the Tron smart contract, so that every transaction inside the matrix scheme will be recorded on Tron blockchain, and no central party can eliminate or modify the transactions. 

At bitdeal we provide a white label Tron smart contract MLM software, that can be instantly deployed, and so that you can launch a fully decentralized smart contract MLM, where customers can join and earn TRX as a passive income during the covid-19 pandemic period. 

Tron Smart Contract MLM Software Features

  1. Leaderboard
  2. X3 and X4 Matrix plan
  3. TRON Wallet Integration
  4. Ethereum To TRON Swap
  5. Join with the smartphone( Tron wallet app required)
  6. Quick Withdrawal
  7. Reinvest features

And more...

Benefits Of TRON Smart Contract MLM Software

  1. Zero “0” Risk 
  2. Immutable Transactions
  3. High Transparency
  4. Instant P2P
  5. Guaranteed Passive Income

And more.

Smart Contract-Based MLM on TRON 

“Smart Contract-Based MLM on TRON” - The term can be used to denote a fully decentralized MLM network or Dapp powered by TRON smart contract. The process of developing and deploying a smart contract on the TRON Blockchain network for the MLM business process which uses customized TRX tokens as rewards is termed as Smart Contract MLM development on TRON or TRON-based Smart Contract MLM development.

Starting a smart contract-based MLM on TRON will ensure a safe and secured MLM business and will surely result in a high customer base as well as high ROI. We Bitdeal provides the best Smart Contract based MLM developed on TRON to make your MLM Business more unique and profitable.

Why Choose Smart Contract MLM Business?

If you have an idea of launching your own business, then starting a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) Business would be the right choice out there. You are all well aware of the MLM business, as we live in an era that is driven by online businesses. If you want a further knowledge about traditional MLM and Cryptocurrency MLM, refer our previous article: A Complete Guide To Start Crypto MLM Platform With Ethereum Smart Contract In 2020
Among all other business ideas, MLM business be the best option because, 

  • It involves lower risks if followed right steps.
  • It drives High Income with the less initial investment.
  • It requires only very low operating costs.
  • It provides a high level of freedom & flexibility. 
  • It possesses a high probability of profit all time and so on.

Thus launching a smart contract-based MLM business makes you own an MLM platform that is highly resistive for hacking and thus increases trust among the users.  

MLM Platforms with Ethereum Smart Contracts

Most of the cryptocurrency MLM platforms work on the Binary Matrix Model which relies on the Ethereum Blockchain network or uses ETH as a gifting scheme. There are many popular Ethereum Smart Contract-Based MLM platforms in the market with a trustworthy user base and ever-increasing revenue. 

We Bitdeal - Leading Smart Contract MLM Development Company offers the clones of the top-most Ethereum-based Smart Contract MLMs to reach a huge audience within a short span of time. 


Our Top-selling Ethereum Based MLM Clone Scripts are as follows :

Smart Contract-Based MLM Development on TRON 

Building an MLM platform on TRON blockchain works based on a Binary matrix as same as the MLM platforms built on the Ethereum network and with a gifting scheme which offers the users to earn TRX tokens instead of ETH. 

As TRON and TRX are creating a big competition against Ethereum and ETH, there are huge adaptations of Tron and TRX by business people and also traders in recent days.

Thus, many business people choose TRON blockchain to build their business dapps, and also many traders believe in trading through TRX. Thus you can also use TRON blockchain to build the smart contract of your MLM business with a customized TRX token reward system.

Get a customized Smart Contract MLM software built on the TRON network from Bitdeal now to launch your own MLM Business and enjoy more benefits than an Ethereum smart contract-based MLM platform’s owners. 

Why Prefer TRON Smart Contract over Ethereum Smart Contract for MLM business?

Here let us look at the major benefits of launching your own MLM business with TRON-based smart contract over Ethereum based smart contract.

  • Even though the TRON was introduced many years after Ethereum, they both have the same goals and do the same functions as well. Since in recent days, Tron is creating competition for the Ethereum network. 
  • The usage of TRX, the stable coin of TRON Blockchain by crypto traders has increased in recent days when compared to the ETH users. This shows that people prefer to invest in TRX more than ETH.
  • Recent transaction data shows that total ETH transactions over 24 hours are 626,000 when that of TRX is 816,000 which is also above the BTC transaction. This data clearly shows that crypto users prefer TRX tokens over other cryptos.
  • Many Dapps and DeFi are built on the Ethereum and Tron network more than any other blockchain. To beat the numbers of dapps on Ethereum, there are more dapps developed on Tron, as Tron is also becoming a popular blockchain that leverages dapps and DeFi solutions.
  • The main advantage of TRON over Ethereum is that the transaction fees in Ethereum are calculated by multiplying Gas and Gas Price, but in the TRON the transaction fees are calculated using Bandwidth and energy which is lower than Ethereum’s Transaction Price
  • As we all know the famous token standards of Ethereum are the ERC 20 standard, which is being pulled back by the TRON token standard TRX 20, through which many tokens are built in recent days. 
  • Another major benefit of choosing the TRON network for smart contract MLM development is that the transaction speed of TRON, ie., 25,000 TPS which is many times greater than Bitcoin and Ethereum network transactions. 
  • The transaction fee of TRX is nearly Zero, which makes crypto users prefer TRX over ETH, BTC, and more. 
  • It is recorded that approximately $180 M is spent by users on TRON based Dapps which is more than the amount spent on EOS or Ethereum based Dapps. And also a 207% increase is recorded in the use of TRON Dapps.

This clearly shows that TRON, TRX, and TRON based dapps are becoming popular and used more often by people than Ethereum, ETH or ETH based dapps.

As the network TRON and TRX have greater benefits, building your MLM smart contract on TRON blockchain will result in making your MLM Platform highly trusted and used by people all over the globe. 

Contact Bitdeal’s expert now to get developed your own smart contract MLM on TRON dapp with customizable features & plugins and also more salient features that attract more users.

Benefits of TRON Smart Contract-Based MLM  

Here are some key points that list the major business benefits of using a TRON -based smart contract for your MLM business. 

As Business Owner 

As a business owner of MLM platform that is built using a TRON Smart Contract, you can experience the following benefits.

  1. TRON smart contract-based MLM is also as Highly Guaranteed Platform as that one built using Ethereum Smart Contract.
  2. The level of security is high in TRON based smart contract MLM which increases the Trust of the MLM Platform.
  3. When the Trustworthiness increases among the users, accordingly the new users to the platform and the participation by the already existing users increase.
  4. As there are no factors like Gas Price or Gas Limit in the TRON blockchain network for transactions as like in Ethereum, the admin of the platform can experience higher profit over each transaction.
  5. The levels, protocols, fees, TRX rewards, and all other functionalities can be customized as per your requirements when you built your own MLM Smart Contract on the TRON network.

As a User

From the perspective of a user, using an MLM Platform builds on TRON over Ethereum based smart contract MLM is as follows :

  1. Low joining fees to become a member of the TRON smart contract-based MLM platform. Many Tron MLM are built with low entry fees.
  2. When you have joined as a member of the TRON MLM platform, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of TRX ( based on the platform ).
  3. Our active participation in the platform will help you increase your TRX amount in your account.
  4. As TRON is a secured blockchain network like Ethereum, joining in TRON smart contract-based MLM platform will be a Safer Choice.
  5. Apart from rewards, there are also many gifting schemes with TRX Tokens inbuilt within the TRON MLM Platform.

Who we are?

We, Bitdeal - Leading Blockchain Development Company offers all kinds of blockchain-related services and solutions to all industry and business verticals. As Smart Contract MLM business is making high sense over years, we provide smart contract-based MLM development services on various blockchain networks such as Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and so on.

We develop TRON-based Smart Contract MLM with high-end security and more stunning features. We also provide our smart contract MLM services as TRON DApps. Catch our Blockchain Experts who are available 24 X 7, to get to know more about our TRON Smart Contract MLM Development services!

Some of the notable services/solutions that we provide related to TRON network are as follows :

  • TRON Dapp Development for any kind of Business
  • TRON Smart Contract Development for all businesses
  • TRON Token Development on various TRX Standards
  • TRON Wallet Development
  • TRON Private Blockchain Development 
  • TRON Smart Contract Auditing Services
  • TRON based crypto exchange development ( Tron based DEX ) and so on.

Build your Smart Contract MLM Platform on TRON Now! 

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