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Bank Of TRON Clone | TRON Investment Smart Contract Development

Become a Billionaire By Launching a TRON Investment Smart Contract Like the Bank Of TRON

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Bank Of TRON Clone | TRON Investment Smart Contract Development

The Cryptocurrency has a snowballing effect on this fast-expanding decentralized digital globe. As all the crypto lovers know this secret vigorous booming nature of the cryptocurrency, they tend to use the cryptocurrency in all their business and daily routine applications. Thus, it became a hard environment to find someone who is unaware of the Term "Cryptocurrency".

In recent days, cryptocurrency investment platforms are making a greater share in global revenue than any other business model. The Bank of Tron is one of the most popular Cryptocurrency Investment Platforms built with TRON Smart Contract that records uncountable investments each second on the platform.

Thus, starting an investment platform with smart contracts built on Tron will be the best business idea from the list of cryptocurrency business plans. 

TRON Investment Smart Contract

TRON Investment Contracts are decentralized Investment networks or platforms that are built on a decentralized TRON Network. As people choose TRX for their investment more than ETH, building your own Investment platform on the TRON network will be more beneficial. Thus building the Cryptocurrency Investment Platform with TRON Smart Contract will surely ensure the trust among the users and also high ROI.

Business Benefits of Starting a Crypto Investment Platform On TRON Blockchain

Listed here are the major benefits of starting a cryptocurrency investment platform like Bank of TRON.

  1. Requires less initial investment to launch the platform
  2. Less risk involved as we use smart contracts which eliminates fraudulent activities.
  3. As-built on the TRON network, the owner can gain more revenue for all the transactions/investments carried out on the platform.
  4. Does not require constant manual work or maintenance to run the platform, as all the transactions occur automatically.
  5. Increase trustworthiness among people in which interns increase the user density.
  6. As there is a welcoming environment for Tron and TRX, launching an investment platform like Bank of TRON which includes an investment of TRX will make better business growth and visibility.

Thus, you can gain a constantly increasing ROI with the launch of the TRON Investment Smart Contract Platform as Bank of TRON.

How to start an Investment Platform like Bank of TRON?

To start an Investment Platform, one needs a website that has all the functions and features like Bank of TRON. Thus, with the Bank of TRON clone website, one can easily launch their own TRON Investment Smart Contract Platform like Bank of TRON and be popular among the TRON investment and Crypto community.

We, Bitdeal leading Smart Contract Development Company, offer the investment smart contract built on the TRON network to start your own crypto investment platform like Bank of TRON. We develop and deploy the Bank of TRON Clone Website with 100% customizable features and plugins.

Why Launch a Cryptocurrency Investment Platform like Bank of TRON?

From the above, you may be clear about the business benefits of starting a cryptocurrency investment platform. Here let us know about the reasons for launching your own cryptocurrency investment platform like Bank Of Tron.

What is Bank of TRON?

Bank of TRON - The First Smart Contract-based Cryptocurrency Investment Platform or Decentralized Bank Dapp, built on the TRON Blockchain network was founded in the year 2019. This platform offers various investment plans with different investment and return amounts. 

As Bank of TRON is built on the TRON network, the minimum investment amount of the platform is 10 TRX. As of now, Bank of TRON has 2 investment banks such as TRX Bank and BTT Bank. 

Bank Of Tron - Cryptocurrency Investment Platform
Founded Year - 2019
Locations - Hong Kong and China
Competitors - GrayScale, Lumina, Tagomi, Bitwise Asset Management, and so on.

TRON - A Decentralized Blockchain Network which is playing a competitor role for the major blockchain network Ethereum and more likely preferable for developing dapps and also for all other business needs.

TRX - The TRX is the official crypto coin of TRON which acts like an asset that benefits humans rather than acting as a cryptocurrency. 

Smart Contract - The algorithm written on a Decentralized Blockchain network for the purpose of automation of all the functions. The most preferred network to write smart contracts for any kind of business needs involves TRON, Ethereum, EOS, and more.

Get develop your own TRON Smart Contract to launch your own Crypto Investment Platform like Bank of Tron from Bitdeal now !!

Features of Bank Of Tron 

The three unique features that make Bank of TRON, the best Cryptocurrency Investment Platform are 

  • Safety and Reliability
  • Dividend Distribute
  • Referral Program

Safety & Reliability 

As Bank of TRON runs on smart contracts written on TRON Blockchain, there is no possibility for anyone to edit or delete the smart contract. No one can influence the autonomous operations of this TRON Smart Contract.

The dividends will be also paid automatically through this TRON Smart Contract.

Dividend Distribute

This Bank of TRON platform generates dividends of 3.7 - 6.7% / day based on the investment you make and distribute the dividends to your wallet balance.

The dividends are generated each second and you can withdraw or reinvest your dividends any second. The reinvestment would increase your total investment and as a result, you will get more dividends.

Referral Program 

The referral program is set into 3 different tiers in the Bank of TRON smart contract, which are 5%, 2%, and 0.5% referral rewards. These referral rewards are distributed automatically to your TRON wallet, which can be withdrawn anytime.

In the Bank of Tron referral program, the invitee also gets 0.5% of his/her own investment as rewards. 

Investment Packages/Plans of Bank of Tron

The below 4 investment plans of Bank of TRON is available for both TRX Bank and BTT Bank which requires a minimum of 10 TRX to activate the plan and also 2.5 TRX in extra for the transaction fees.

Diamond Plan

You get dividends each second with a 3.7% daily ROI. You earn dividends forever with total return infinity. 

Platinum Plan

You get dividends each second with 4.7% daily ROI. You earn dividends for a period of 45 days with a 211.5% return.

Gold Plan

You get dividends each second with 5.7% daily ROI. You earn dividends for a period of 25 days with a 142.5% return.

Bronze Plan

You get dividends each second with a 6.7% daily ROI. You earn dividends for a period of 18 days with a 120.6% return.

How to invest in Bank of TRON?

Here are the steps to invest in the Bank of TRON platform.

If using Desktop :

Step 1 : Install TronLink or TronPay 

Step 2: Next create or import TRX Wallet (If you have TRX Wallet import it or create a new wallet)

Step 3: Then transfer the TRX amount that you want to invest from your TRX Source( for example exchange) to the wallet.

Step 4: Now, login to TronLink or TronPay and browse the Bank of TRON website.

Step 5: Now, choose the investment plan and enter the amount you wish to invest and click Invest.

If using Mobile :

Step 1: Download and Install Banko Wallet or TronWallet or Math Wallet app.

Step 2: Create a new wallet or import your existing TRX Wallet.

Step 3: Transfer the TRX amount from exchange to your Wallet app.

Step 4: Within the wallet app search for Bank Of TRON.

Step 5: Once you find the platform, choose the investment plan, and start investing your TRX.

Thus, after your investment, your account gets activated and you have started earning dividends for each second as per the investment plan you have chosen.

Hope you are clear about the complete working of Bank of TRON and also the business benefits that one can enjoy by starting an investment platform like Bank of TRON.

Bitdeal -  Crypto Investment Platform Development Company

We Bitdeal - Leading Blockchain Development Company offers smart contract development services on various blockchain networks such as TRON, Ethereum, EOS, and so on for various kinds of businesses such as MLM platform development, Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Development and so on. 

We provide clones of Cryptocurrency Investment platforms such as Bank of TRON and more. We also provide a clone of popular Cryptocurrency Smart Contract MLM Platforms such as Million Money, Forsage and so on

Our Top-selling MLM Clone Scripts are as follows :

  1. Million Money Clone Script
  2. Forsage Clone Script
  3. Doubleway Clone Script
  4. XOXO Clone Script and more.

Apart from these services, we provide smart contracts( on any blockchain network )to launch your own MLM business, smart contracts to start your own Cryptocurrency Investment Business, and more.

Our experts are well-known for the development of a unique and bug-free TRON Investment Smart Contract to launch your own crypto investment platform like Bank Of TRON. Our Bank of TRON Clone consists of all the existing investment features like Bank of TRON, which can be customized anytime with new features or plugins.

Thus, buy Bank of TRON Clone Investment Smart Contract built on the TRON network from Bitdeal now to launch your own Crypto Investment Platform!

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Disclaimer: We are not the owner of “”, and are not doing any direct promotional activities for them. Also, we are not doing any business dealing with “”. We provide Cryptocurrency investment smart contract development on TRON Blockchain. Only for the better understanding and easy identification, we use the term “”


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