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NFT Fashion Marketplace Development - Create Your NFT Marketplace For Clothing & fashion accessories

Explore in detail about NFT Fashion Marketplace Development and explore its features.

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NFT Fashion Marketplace Development - Create Your NFT Marketplace For Clothing & fashion accessories


Fashion, The classic industry of the globe, holds the total captilization of 3 Trillion USD which is approximately 2 % of GDP. This powerpack Industry is expected to get super powers when it joins hands with NFTs. Non Fungible Tokens have the full potential to shift all the real things to digital,i.e, to tokens. In the row, fashion elements are no more the expection. 

NFT Fashion Marketplace Development

NFT Fashion Marketplace Development is the complete technical process of building a NFT Fashion marketplace on any specified blockchain which involves Smart contract auditing, NFT Storage, integration of additional APIs, Augmented reality integration, etc, The NFT Fashion Marketplace is build with the capabilites to buy, sell clothes, accessories and other gaming assets.

Features of Fashion Marketplace Development

  • Powered With Blockchain
  • Augmented Reality Support
  • Virtual Reality Enabled
  • Metaverse 
  • NFT Wallet
  • NFT Minting
  • Cross Chain Linking
  • Store Front
  • Attractive Avatars 
  • Search Filters
  • Bidding Option
  • 3D view

Wear To Earn - The Next Emerging Trend

NFT Industry is  used to the phrase, “Play To Earn”, which has turned out to be the most popular search term. Think tanks of fashion industry belives “Wear to Earn” would also become more popular with the surge in NFT Fashion Marketplaces. Popular NFT games like Axie Infinity, Zed Run have introduced this Play to Earn concept to grab gamers and let them earn with rewards. Likewise, designers, popular brands would also accumulate their work as well as an NFT and reward users who wear that clothing. This methodology improvises the bond between users and brand.” Popular Italian luxury fashion houses launched their own platform “Collezione Genesi '' for Fashion powered with metaverse capabilities.

How Does NFT Fashion Marketplace Work ?

NFT Fashion Marketplace works the same as any other marketplaces, the prime difference is that it is designed specifically for fashion designers. For Instance, NFT Art Marketplace is developed precisely for artists and users of that platform can buy, sell Art NFTs. Here in NFT Fashion Marketplace, users can buy, sell, items like clothing, accessories and other gaming assets.  With 3DREALtm technology and Augmented Reality, The Platform owner can host a Digital Fashion show with high-tech NFT Runway. The Metaverse capabilities let viewers hop on the digital run way to view each and every item. The NFT Wearables are easy to include with QR code.

Top Fashion NFTs in the Market

  • Dava
  • Gucci
  • Buryberry
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Krigler

How Designers Benefit with this Platform ? 

  • Can Claim Ownerships easily
  • Register any kind of Clothing NFT
  • Wide Exposure for Clothing NFTs
  • Easy Connect with Investors
  • No price range for bid value

Scope of NFT Fashion Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace for Fashion is at its initial stage but this business model is going to stay here for quite a long time. The Fashion Industry is the most sophisticated industry with huge investors and the demand and hype for fashion will not fade away. Many International Fashion Companies have already started their own NFT Fashion Marketplace.

How To Build A NFT Fashion Marketplace?

NFT Fashion Marketplace Development is not a single phase process, It involves  multiple phases of work like deriving business plan, Agile methodology and unique marketing strategy, etc, all that requires a highly skilled technical team like Bitdeal.

Derive A Business Plan : Analyze the market completely and derive the perfect  business plan that makes you shine unique

Complete White Paper : Write the detailed white paper with precise details of your business.

Development : Once white paper is complete, you need to dive into the Agile Methodology process.

Testing: Test your platform completely and then release your platform in the pilot launch

Marketing: Marketing is inevitable for any business, by incorporating a unique marketing strategy. 

Who We Are ?

Bitdeal, leading NFT Development Company, We furnish all kinds of NFT Services like NFT Gaming Development, NFT Storage Development, NFT Wallet Development, etc. As a Prominent Company in the crypto domain, we hold 10+ years of hands-on field experience and have exposure to the ups and downs of the cryptomarket.

We are not only limited to NFT Fashion Marketplace Development, We Expertise in building

  • NFT Art Marketplace
  • NFT Music Marketplace
  • NFT Real Estate Marketplace
  • NFT Role Play Game Development
  • NFT Gaming Development

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