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How Cryptos and NFTs Ruled The Year 2021 ? - A Complete Review

Explore the complete cryptocurrency year end review for 2021 and get insights about the emerging business model.

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How Cryptos and NFTs Ruled The Year 2021 ? - A Complete Review

Cryptocurrency market 2021 - The Glimpse

2021, the fortunate year for the crypto industry, despite of COVID-19 crisis, the cryptocurrency market brings out many more innovations, business models, and noticeable milestones in the industry. The Price of both BTC and ETH became the talk of the town. significantly Bitcoin has reached its all time high price of 65k USD and in the second quarter, the price of ETH has risen upto 500%. Later, NFTs entered and just spice up the market. Let's go back and have an overview of the crypto market 2021. 

Bitcoin Market Capitalization hits 1 Trillion

Bitcoin market has reached the market value of one trillion USD for the very first time in the month of February. The major reason behind this epic growth is participation of  institutional investors and financial companies. The major difference between institutional investment and individual investment is the volume of BTC.

The volume of Bitcoin is significantly high for institutional investors when compared with individual investors. This one Trillion Market Capitalization is the epic milestone for the Crypto Industry.

NFTS - The Big Bang

In the initial stage of NFT, the crypto world does not have any clue about its vigorous growth. NFTs just smash and have disrupted many industries out there. Some think tanks of the market still believe that the NFT market capitalization would override the crypto market. The NFT Market value reaches upto 22 billion USD and there is no wonder that it will rise to the epic peak.

Top Celebrities from various fields like Music, Cinema, Art, etc, have also been interested in creating their own NFTS, which is also the major reason behind the quick reach of NFTs among the people. We Could say it aloud that 2021 is the special year for Non Fungible Tokens.

The New Dimension Of Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry has undergone marvellous growth, especially in the year 2021. Many kinds of blockchain and NFT based games attract gamers attention as they are built in a way to reward the players.We all know, "Play to Earn '' is the popular search term of the year 2021. There are many kinds of NFT games like Adventurous games, Horse racing , Role Play Games, etc, with a drastic number of users.

Some Popular NFT Games of the Market are

  • Axie Infinity
  • Zed Run
  • Alien Worlds
  • NBA Top shots
  • Sorare
  • F1 Delta Time

Business Models Ruling The Crypto Industry

Business models are the obvious search for any year end. Let's explore the Successful business models of 2021.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Starting a cryptocurrency exchange is the promising, ever-green business model. Day by day, the number of crypto holders keep on increasing, and of-course, Crypto Exchanges are the one and only place to get cryptos. Thus, building a crypto exchange would be the successful business model in the year 2021 and beyond. Many Cryptopreneurs out there are willing to start their own exchange like binance. 

Bitdeal, being the prominent Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, provides high tech crypto exchange development services with tight security features.

Decentralized Exchanges

DEX is now the obvious choice for many crypto traders, thus many want to trade in the trust less ecosystem. Epic Crypto Exchange like Binance has also launched its own “Binance DEX” to promote decentralization.

DeFi Based Exchanges

The Tweet of Elon musk, “Don’t Defy DeFi '' has generated huge waves in the digital ecosystem. Popular Defi based exchanges like pancakeswap, Uniswap have gained huge users and the overall trade volume also went high. 

One can  start their Defi based exchange instantly with Bitdeal, some of our Top clone scripts are

NFT Games

As said  above, NFT based games have undergone drastic growth in the year 2021. With our prominent NFT Gaming platform development services, we strive to bring more innovations in the gaming industry.

Some of our best selling NFT Gaming Clone Scripts

NFT Marketplace

Opensea is the popular NFT Marketplace with a market capitalization of 1.5 billion USD. Just like cryptocurrencies, people now have a craze for NFTs and this business tends to stand here for quite a long time.NFT Marketplace does not come under a single domain. There are various kinds of NFT Marketplaces based on the genre. Here is the list of some

  • NFT Art Marketplace
  • NFT Music Marketplace
  • NFT e-commerce Marketplace
  • NFT fashion Marketplace

Bitdeal provides optimal NFT Marketplace Development Services and builds all kinds of NFTmarketplaces on various blockchain like Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, etc, 

The Milestones of Crypto Market - 2021

Beeple NFT sold for 69 Million USD.

The Artist named Wike Winkelmann, popularly known as Beeple has sold his NFT named, "Everydays: The First 5000 days" for 69 million USD which is considered as the most expensive nft.

Elon Musk - The Doge Father

Elon Musk, The iconic influencer of the cryptocurrency industry, represents himself as a doge father, the doge coin hit its all-time high to 73 cents as a reflection of Elon Musk Tweet.

The Launch Of Bitcoin ETF

The Futures-based Bitcoin ETF has launched on the New York Stock Exchange. 

EI Salvador accepted Bitcoin as a legal Tender

EI Salvador, become the first country to adopt Bitcoin legally, which includes payment for goods and Taxes in Bitcoin

EIP-1559 - The New Launch Of Ethereum

EIP, Ethereum Improvement Proposal, the new upgrade of ETH in the month of August which is meant to shift the network from proof of work to "Proof of Stake". 

The Ban Of Cryptocurrency In China

The Chinese government has banned cryptocurrency which will make a huge impact on crypto market, Data showed that, for the first time, US hold the number 1 position for bitcoin miners

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

DAO, tend to make huge impact on the crypto market, thus it automates the process like decision-making, voting,etc, 

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