Smart Contract Auditing Services

Smart Contract Auditing Services

Get the best smart contract auditing services from Bitdeal and make your smart contract functions well. We can prevent your smart contracts from hacking and attacks by undergoing a complete auditing process.

We all know that the term "Smart Contract" is being the ruler of the cryptocurrency globe. The terms Cryptocurrency ,  Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Decentralization, etc., are unavoidable in recent days. Thus, every individual should be aware of all these aspects. Now, let us look about what is smart contract auditing? , Why to audit a smart contract? How to audit a smart contract? and smart contract auditing services of Bitdeal in detail.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is nothing but a set of codings written on any computer languages to perform particular tasks. In the cryptocurrency world, smart contracts perform the matching of seller and buyer automatically after the placement of orders. This eliminates the need for middleman or central authority to monitor the orders.

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Smart Contract Auditing - What Is It ???

After the development of a smart contract, it is essential to bring it to the auditing process before launching it to the market for people use. The process of verifying the codes to prevent it from hacking and attacks through various testing is known as smart contract auditing.

Smart Contract auditing is done to find the vulnerability in the codes and fix them properly to prevent it from various attacks.

Why Smart Contract Auditing is Needed ??

Even though the blockchain concept provides transparency, there are also many hackings and attacks done on blockchains. There are a huge number of attacks happened on blockchain smart contracts. Some of the smart contract attacks are as follows :

1. Stack overflow and underflow.

2. Reentrancy attacks.

3. Reordering attack.

4. Replay attack.

5. Short address attack.

There are many kinds of attacks and so it is necessary to audit a smart contract after the development which reduces the chance of hacks and attacks.

Smart Contract Audit - Who Needs It ??

Here are some important business individuals who need smart contract services.

1. Entrepreneurs of STO and ICO Startup

2. One who owns Dapp

3. Smart Contract Developers

4. One who needs trust and hope of investors.

Benefits of Smart Contract Audit :

 1. Code Optimization

 2. Code Effectiveness

 3. Re-enforcement of  authorization

How to audit a smart contract ??

There are many firms who provide smart contract auditing services. The auditing process involves many testings to find out the code vulnerability and fixes everything with no bugs and errors.

Let us have an overview of the smart contract auditing process carried out in Bitdeal.

Bitdeal - Smart Contract Auditing Services Firm

Bitdeal is the firm which provides complete smart contract auditing services to prevent the codings from attacks. Our Experts undergoes various researches and conduct many testings to check out all the errors and fixes everything with other suitable codings and also does the auditing process for the second time.

Bitdeal Has Smart Contract Auditing Flow as follows :

1. Contact with you to collect the complete details about the smart contract that you have sent for audit.

2. Analyze and confirm with you about the cost and duration for the auditing process.

3. By using specialized tools, we audit your smart contract codings.

4. After the completion of the audit, we report you with the results.

Bitdeal's smart contract audit report covers the following details :

    1. Disclaimer

    2. Origin Details for the audit.

    3. High Vulnerabilities

    4. Low Vulnerabilities

    5. General Guidance on code improvements.

5. After identifying the issues and errors, we try to fix everything to make it bugfree.

6. Finally, we do a re-auditing process to find out whether the fixings work well.

Now, your smart contract has been gone through the auditing process successfully and it is perfectly ready to publish to the market for the usage.

We, Bitdeal works on smart contracts of all kinds of industries and help them reduce the complexity in their codings.

Get a free demo for Your Smart Contract Auditing From Bitdeal !!!


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