STO Marketing & Consultation Services

STO Marketing & Consultation Services

Get complete STO Marketing Services from Bitdeal - A growing STO Development Company in India. We offer end to end Security token offering services, including consulting, strategy deriving, marketing, community management, legalization, tokenization of assets, and security token development services. 

Stages in STO

Pre - STO is the backbone of complete STO process. We can classify this entire Pre STO process into three stages. 

First one, Tokenization of Assets - During this phase or stage, the issuer must determine which kind of securities that he/she going to pay for the investors.

The second step is, Legalizing the entire security token issuance process.
The third step is Marketing Security Tokens across various social media, mediums, and other online platforms.

Make your STO Token as a Brand With Bitdeal's Powerful Marketing Plans & Services

STO has three types of security tokens, 

1. Equity tokens 2 Reserve assets tokens 3. Debt tokens

Based on the securities and the assets packed with, the tokens functionality, issuance method and characteristics will vary, finally will be segregated into any one of the above types. Each type of security tokens requires a different type of marketing approaches, so we do complete R&D process to filter out which marketing approach can work out well. Here is the list of marketing activities that we can do in common. 

We bitdeal cover up the following activities in our STO marketing Services, We have a separate Expert team who can extract best marketing outputs, results and impressions from various mediums.

1. Marketing Consultation.

2. Planning and Strategy Deriving.

3. Organizing the Marketing processes.

4. Influencer marketing.

5. Social media marketing.

6. Email marketing.

7. Press Release Services.

8. ORM.

9. Content Marketing.

10. Community Management.

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