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Initial Game Offering (IGO) - The Next Big Thing In the Crypto Industry

Explore what is initial game offering and know the popular IGO launchpads

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Initial Game Offering (IGO) - The Next Big Thing In the Crypto Industry

Initial Game Offering (IGO), is expected to be the new massive trend in the crypto space. The Crypto community is  familiar with various fundraising concepts like ICO, IPO, STO and ILO has just entered the industry but this IGO is  different, which is exclusively created for gaming platforms that promote Non Fungible Tokens. 

Initial Game Offering 

Initial Game Offering is the innovative fund raising mechanism created exclusively for NFT gaming platforms. Investors can invest in the on-going NFT gaming projects with IGO launchpad. Once the game goes live and gains popularity, the investor can gain a huge ROI in return. The process is entirely similar to the initial coin offering (ICO) but what makes the difference is Non Fungible Tokens. 

It is a kind of crowdfunding event for the gaming industry and start ups. Investors get project tokens in return for their investment in the project. That holds unique characteristics like their percentage of share and some other additional benefits.With the increase in the user volume on the gaming platform, the revenue of the shareholder also increases

Popular IGO Launpads

IGO launchpads is the decentralized platform that lets any investor participate in initial game offerings. This kind of platform encourages startups and budding enterpreneurs to overcome the fund shortage.


Seedify was founded in the year 2021 on binance smart chain for blockchain games. In just one year this platform successfully conducted 4 IGOs.Elrond, directly connected seedify in their network to issue tokens directly.


GameFi is the largest IGO ecosystem developed by labs behind Red Kite. Very recently IGOs were conducted for Kaby Arena, a kind of NFT game. within 48 hours kaby token value increases It offers different pools and each pool holds different value, 


Gamestarter is built on polygon matic and it is a part of polygon gaming studio. it has its own token, $Game which is already listed on other exchanges like Uniswap, Pancakeswap 

Enjin Starter

It is built for blockchain gaming and built on Enjin jumpnet. The game creators gain returns entirely based upon Enjin's trade volume. 

Things to consider while Participating in IGO

IGO seems to be a good investment, yet the below are the things one needs to concern before participating in the IGO

Check the holder benefits of the native token and don't forget to compare it with the
benefits of other IGOs

  • Look for the guaranteed allocation in the IGO launch pad, if the IGO incorporates lottery mechanism then guaranteed allocation is not sure
  • History of the IGO is very important, have the look at the successful Projects and the ROIs
  • Check the holder value which is directly proportional to the token value, calculate it before get in 
  • Know the total number of token generation events that took place for the project. 

Binance NFT launches IGO 

Binance, the ever popular Dominant in the Crypto Space, has announced that they are on the way to launch their own Initial Gaming Offering which is considered as the largest NFT asset trading platform for gamers. IGO is exclusively available on Binance NFT Marketplace, which is designed specially for in-game assets like characters, weapons, lands,etc, The items are launched via auctions, mystery boxes and flat sale. IGOs are conducted in various rounds.

How IGO will transform the gaming Industry ?

The gaming industry is already in the cloud nine, popular NFT games like Axie Infinity earn nearly 1.1 billion USD in this year and day by day the users of the gaming platform keep on increasing and significanlty now is the perfect time for the Initial game offering, this encourages many developers and creators to give life to their innovations. 

The raise of IGO at this time will further elongates the gaming market and which eventually brings liquidity to the overall ecosystem

Benefits of IGO

  • Supports Innovative projects
  • Helps Developers overcome Fund Shortage
  • One can main equity of the company
  • Fast Funding Process
  • The Creator can 100% rights on company decision

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