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Is Solscan the alternative of solana blockchain ?

Explore in detail about Solscan, its key features and primary usage of solscan.

Is Solscan the alternative of solana blockchain ?

Solscan -Alternative of Solana Blockchian 

As the DeFi industry is reviving, Solana blockchain is rising at high levels with the alternative that would make a smart move for crypto enthusiasts. SolScan is an alternative Solana blockchain explorer. Solscan Blockchain explorers are similar to Google explorers for cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry, especially in Solana blockchain. They allow users to access different details related to transactions on specific wallet addresses and blockchains including the amount transacted, sources and destination of funds, and status of the transactions. Using a blockchain explorer is essential for anyone transacting with a network.

What is Solscan?

Solana is one of the world's fastest-growing decentralized public blockchain platforms, recognized for its lightning-fast transactions and robust developer environment. SolScan, a dedicated block explorer, is also available in Solana Blockchain. The Solana ecosystem's primary explorer is Solscan. Whether you're not sure where your staked funds moved, or if a transaction is still pending, It supports you to utilize SolScan to figure it out. It may be used for more than just displaying transactions, accounts, and tokens. Solscan offers a variety of tools to help Solana users make sense of what's going on in the Solana blockchain, manage their accounts, and search for investment possibilities throughout the ecosystem's many platforms.

It includes:

  • Tutorials
  • Definitions, 
  • Terminologies
  • FAQs
  • Instructions for using Solscan's tools and interfaces
  • And more to assist you anytime.

Key Features of Solscan

  • Solscan has its own RPC with all of the historical ledger data, and it helps users by giving them rapid access to the transaction they just completed.
  • Making transactions is made simple If you have Solana Token ( SOL ) in your wallet that mint any Address in SOL wallet to do a transaction.
  • your token development information will be automatically updated on so it's easy to access. 
  • It supports making more wallets under your radar by adding accounts to your Watchlist.
  • Adding a feature that can be used to revoke an address function is a possibility that is being considered soon.

Purpose of Solscan

You can trust the information on SolScan because it comes directly from the Solana blockchain. SolScan or any other blockchain explorer will assist you in better understanding the mechanics of the DApps you use and the transactions you make. Anyone transacting with a network has to use a blockchain explorer. Whether you're not sure where your staked coins went, or if a transaction is still pending, you can utilize SolScan to figure it out.

Usage of Solscan

SolScan follows the same format as EtherScan, which makes it simpler to comprehend. Many people prefer it to Solana's official explorer because of its layout. It's entirely free to use and includes a number of useful tools, lists, and graphs. The explorer also includes a set of public APIs for integrating real-time SolScan data into custom, third-party applications and utilities.

Best of Solscan

With Solscan Analytics, Users can find hidden patterns and correlations, develop market trends, profitable trading behavior features, price anomalies, whale interactions, and fraud detection using both on-chain and off-chain data. According to the data, the Solscan business claims that since its debut, its block explorer has serviced over 2.3 million monthly users and over 180 million monthly data requests. As it shows, Solscan is emerging rapidly. 

Solscan sees a big opportunity and unmet demand for Solana's data validations and analytics. This funding will allow the company to continue developing world-class solutions such as NFT scan, network monitoring, and DeFi dashboard, among others.

Wrap up 

Solscan is the hub of the Solana ecosystem, and they're creating a network effect that's all their own. To provide a better block explorer, they have merged various Solana protocols into the Solscan front end. Solscan will use its contacts to speed up integrations and user adoption, in addition to receiving financial backing from blockchain investors.

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