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Solana Blockchain Development Services & Solutions

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Solana Blockchain Development Services & Solutions

Solana Blockchain, being a Web-Scale blockchain network that allows for seamless, secure, and scalable decentralized apps & marketplace developments.

Here let us look at the major key metrics about the blockchain-related developments on Solana - A more Advanced Version of Ethereum, ETH.

What is Solana?

Solana is a decentralized programmable blockchain network that runs multiple decentralized finance operations. Similar to Ethereum, Solana offers capabilities for storing smart contracts that can be programmed for fulfilling the transactions when certain conditions are met. 

Being a programmable network, Solana not only permits the exchange of SOL coins but also the exchange of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) & all other crypto assets.

Solana Overview

First Release - February 2018
Founder - Anatoly Yakovenko
Founding Company - Loom Network
Core Contributor - Solana Labs,  Solana Foundation
Consensus Mechanism - Proof of History 

Features That Defines Solana Blockchain Network

To make Solana achieve its goals, the developers have packed up the system with many capabilities & features to make the blockchain network more reliable.

Listed here are the key features that describe the Solana blockchain network.

Proof of History

POH serves a vital role that helps in creating higher efficiency & throughput. The integration of timestamps in each transaction approval and the records of transaction history enhances the efficiency of the network.

Gulf Stream

Gulf stream is a mempool concept that allows the network to forward the transactions to the validators before the current block is finished with transaction approval.

Tower BFT

This feature enhances the network responsiveness by offering validators a right to vote on the ledger with records of previous votes which will be helpful for validation. This feature is completely responsible for every transaction chain on the Solana network.


A transaction processing unit for the improvement of block validation time is known as pipelining. This protocol works by assigning input data for different hardware based on specifications.


This feature enhances iterations by allowing the system to read & write data at the same time & this works in tandem with pipelining & other features.


The turbine is a blockchain broadcasting system that takes important data & makes segments. These packets of data can be sent faster with less bandwidth.


This system allows smart contracts to leverage the same protocols & executes multiple smart contracts that are running parallel.

Why Choose Solana For Blockchain Development?

Solana makes itself the perfect fit for any blockchain-related development, as it delivers various breakthrough solutions which make it a performant layer.

Listed here are some of the valid reasons behind choosing Solana Blockchain over another blockchain network

  1. As there are frequent innovations on Solana with application to security, bandwidth, and decentralization.
  2. There is no state like others as part of its program
  3. Presence of on-chain clock verification which is absent in Ethereum Blockchain
  4. It removes the mempool
  5. Block speed of Solana is the main benefit
  6. The low fees enable the experience of the Next-Gen launchpad platform
  7. Solana has the potential to drift the DeFi space
  8. Cost-effective with lower transaction fees
  9. Perfect meet of the concept of decentralization
  10. Supports for 65,000 TPS & designed to scale together with hardware & bandwidth

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Reason Why is Solana Skyrocketing

As celebrities are looking actively to invest in NFTs, NFT based games and collectibles are becoming more popular.

Since Solana offers fast blocks speed & low fees, it is preferred more for the development of NFT based dapps & exchange.

1. Solana moves into NFT space
2. As it attracts a wide range of projects which are doing great
3. It is being the alternative of Ethereum (ETH)
4. It is known for its speediness in transactions. 

Solana Blockchain Development

Leveraging the first web-scale network, Solana for blockchain-related development which includes deployment of decentralized applications, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), NFT Marketplace Development, private blockchain development on Solana is termed as Solana Blockchain Development. As Solana Blockchain possesses fast blocks speed & lower fees, the Solana blockchain development for any NFT or digital assets related to exchange or lending or marketplace development will be the right choice out there.

Want to develop your own decentralized application or blockchain-related platform on Solana? 

You are at the right destination! Bitdeal - Leading Solana Blockchain Development Company is here to assist you with unbeatable Solana Blockchain Development Services.

Solana Blockchain Development Company 

Bitdeal - Leading Blockchain Development Company offers blockchain development services and solutions on various trending blockchain platforms such as Cardano, Solana, Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Polygon, and more. As in recent days, Solana strikes the sky in the crypto globe, Our Blockchain Experts have started providing services on Solana Blockchain Network. 

Our Experts develop & deploy Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), NFT Marketplaces, Gaming Platforms, Collectibles, Exchanges, and more on the top layer of open-source public blockchain network, Solana. Bitdeal always moves along with the innovations to make our clients happy through satisfying development services. 

Solana Blockchain Development Services 

Listed here are the main Solana Blockchain Development Solutions offered by Bitdeal overseas.

Solana Blockchain Development 

Creating a separate private blockchain network based on industry-centric or any use-cases centric through the leverage of the famous open-source blockchain protocol, Solana termed as Solana Blockchain Development. Bitdeal provides Solana Blockchain Development with complete decentralization & Scalability. 

Solana Dapp Development

We have Dapp Experts who can develop decentralized applications on the top of the Solana blockchain network to provide greater security. Solana Dapps for various applications such as lending, NFT Marketplaces, borrowing, staking, yielding, and more can be developed & deployed easily when you Hire Dapp Developers from Bitdeal. 

Solana DeFi Platform Development

As DeFi widens its space in the crypto market, developing DeFi related platforms such as DeFi exchanges, DeFi Lending, DeFi Borrowing, and more on Solana Blockchain would result in better ROI. Develop any kind of  Solana DeFi Platforms through Bitdeal’s Solana DeFi Platform Development Services.

Solana DeFi Dapp Development

DeFi Dapps, decentralized finance applications reach the end-users more than DeFi Platforms. Thus build your own Solana DeFi Dapps support on Android, IoS, MAC, and more with Bitdeal’s DeFi Dapp Experts.

Solana Exchange Development 

Create your own cryptocurrency exchange on Solana blockchain with advanced trading features and plugins through Bitdeal’s Solana Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services that include the development of centralized exchange, decentralized exchange, hybrid exchange development on Solana blockchain. 

Solana NFT Development

The space created for NFTs in the crypto globe will tend to increase and will never fade. Thus creating your own Non Fungible Tokens on one of the trending blockchain networks Solana will be the right choice.  Thus acquire the best Solana NFT Development services from Bitdeal & be one among millionaires. 

Solana NFT Marketplace Development

Creating an NFT Marketplace for any applications such as Arts, Gaming, Sports, Domain, Music, Collectibles or any other on Solana would bring you instant ROI & brand visibility. Build your own NFT Marketplace on Solana with Bitdeal, leading Solana NFT Marketplace Development Company who offers best NFT Marketplace Development Services on Solana.

Solana Smart Contract Development

Developing & deploying smart contracts on the Solana blockchain network for any business verticals with perfect auditing to avoid vulnerabilities after launching is provided by Bitdeal, the Solana Smart Contract Development Company

Solana DEX Exchange Development

As Decentralized Exchanges makes global revenue, building DEX on Solana can be the right choice in recent air. Bitdeal provides Solana DEX Development, Solana DeFi DEX Development via which one can launch their own DEX Exchange on Solana. 

Solana Smart Contract MLM Platform Development 

In addition to Ethereum Smart Contract MLM, TRON Smart Contract MLM, Bitdeal provides Solana-based Smart Contract MLM Software to launch your own MLM Platform on Solana blockchain. 

Apart from the above listed Solana Blockchain Development services, Bitdeal can provide Solana Blockchain Development solutions based on your business requirements and needs

Why Bitdeal for Solana Blockchain Development?

Being pioneer Solana Blockchain Development Company Bitdeal will be the right choice out there for your Solana Blockchain Development Project as we 

  • Possess 7+ Blockchain Industry Experience 
  • Have Experts with complete knowledge about Solana
  • Offers A to Z blockchain development services & solutions on Solana Blockchain
  • Unique & different development approach to beat the competition 
  • Perfect Solana Blockchain Development Services at affordable costs. 

Hope you are now in need of our Solana experts to discuss your business requirements? 

You are just one step to reach our Blockchain Experts for signing your Solana Blockchain Development Project !!

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