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Top 9 Revenue Streams To Make Money With Your Cryptocurrency Exchange

Having a plan to launch your own crypto exchanges, here is the list of revenue streams that can boost your exchange ROI.

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Top 9 Revenue Streams To Make Money With Your Cryptocurrency Exchange

People are always looking to make money, but they are not clear which is the best way to make money. Before the internet, there were less opportunities to make money, but the boom of an ever-growing online world opens “N” number of gates for people to make money online, and make passive income.  If you are looking to make money, you can pick any method based on your convenience,  your profession, and skills. But, What we suggest is there is an open gate for everyone to make passive income with 10X ROI. 

I.e “Cryptocurrencies” - A Key To Make Unbelievable Income with Smaller Analytical Efforts.

In the past few years, cryptocurrency has reached great heights. The industry has kept on growing with frequent updates and trends. These trends boosted Bitcoin, the top nerve of the cryptocurrency ecosystem to achieve greater heights in its prices. 
The all-time high price of bitcoin was $67,566.83 On Nov. 8, 2021.

This made a lot of people get inspired to make money with crypto’s and have started to invest in it. 

In 2013 a demand and trend were going on for Cryptocurrencies because many people got interested in Bitcoins and started to look for exchange platforms for trading and buying Bitcoins and other cryptos. Hence many businesses and entrepreneurs started their exchange platforms and earned revenues from them. After that, Exchanges, DEX’s, P2P Exchanges, ICO’s, STO’s, IEO’s,IDO's,  Dapps,  DeFi applications, NFTs, NFT Marketplaces, NFT Games,  and Metaverse were top of the trends in certain periods.  A new hype was created with ICO and really went well, following the ICO the Decentralized Exchange created a good interest among the world with its unique features in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain universe. Defi Smart contract platform also offered many businesses and entrepreneurs to perform decentralized financial solutions by providing them a well pre-programmed Smart Contract software which allowed Defi and Dapp to execute their functions properly. DeFi smart contracts have been used in many industries such as banking, cryptocurrency exchanges, markets, asset maintenance, and much more.

Why People Showing So Much Interest in Cryptocurrencies?

Other than any other online money making method, cryptocurrencies are providing Win-win opportunities, for both the parties who are involved in.  This made people get inspired to make money by trading crypto’s or by investing in it.  If you have opted to make money with crypto you can become a trader, lender, investor, token issuer, miner, and entrepreneur. The Most popular ways to make money with cryptocurrency are.

1. Either become a Trader.
2. Or become an Entrepreneur.

Crypto Trading: Continuous Efforts to Make Expected Money

If you opt to make money by trading crypto, you need to learn some trading skills, choose the right crypto exchange, choose the right trader to buy or sell cryptos, and most importantly you should keep on watching the ups and downs of cryptocurrency prices. But, all this will become smoother, by practice and through experience. 

The Fact is it will take a long time, and frequent efforts to learn the trading nooks for getting expected returns through trading... 

Cryptocurrency Exchange: The Throne For Crypto Entrepreneurs

There are two options, you can either become a master or a king. If you choose to trade, you can master the skills in cryptocurrency trading, but if you choose to start a cryptocurrency exchange, obviously you can become a successful entrepreneur. 

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the places where crypto trading happens. Without crypto exchanges trading is not possible. So, if you want to make a permanent income try to start a cryptocurrency exchange. What we suggest is Instead of reaching the top of the tree, you can reach the peak of the mountain with the same efforts. 

Many people are thinking that it is not good to invest in cryptos because it is getting down. Cryptocurrency will always find its way up with more amazing features. So never think it is late to invest in the world of cryptocurrency, because every time it updates itself, surely it will require the exchange platforms to make things happen. So starting a cryptocurrency exchange will always be the best option to get higher revenues from the cryptocurrency.

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

If you opt to make money with cryptocurrency exchange, you have to develop it first. 

So, how to develop a crypto trading website? 

To Start a cryptocurrency exchange you must need development support, either you can prefer to hire a developer, or hire a team of developers from a cryptocurrency exchange development company like Bitdeal. There are many top crypto exchanges are there in the world such as Binance, Wazirx, Coinbase and more. You can also start a own cryptocurrency exchange like those top exchanges (eg: if you want to start a crypto exchange platform exactly like Binance) you can purchase a Binance Clone Script from Bitdeal and  then you can launch it instantly, you can also customize it according to your business needs. 

There are 3 major classifications in crypto exchange scripts.

1. Centralized Exchange Script - it is a common model, using this you can start a cryptocurrency exchange like binance, localbitcoins, with centralized admin control, Order books and trade match engine plays a major role in executing a trade.

2. Decentralized Exchange Script- It can be used to create a completely decentralized exchange. A smart contract takes entire control to execute trades.

3. P2P exchange script - Executes trades between two users.

You can get a demo for all of these cryptocurrency exchange scripts at bitdeal any time.

Features That Boost Revenue Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

As long as cryptocurrency exists there will be a need for cryptocurrency exchange too. If we are planning to make money from the exchanges then we should provide a top-notch cryptocurrency exchange platform to the users for more ROI and conversions.

There are some key features a cryptocurrency exchange should have. We will discuss that feature here because the Cryptocurrency exchange with more features will get more users and conversions which will lead to a successful revenue generation.

Features a Cryptocurrency Exchange should own

  • Secured Authorization & Verification 
  • Trade Engine
  • Higher Liquidity
  • Holding Powerful APIs
  • Eye-catching UI/UX
  • Futuristic Admin Panel
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Wallet

Secured Authorization & Verification
Most of the users will prefer simple & quick onboarding features. Verification plays an important role in cryptocurrency exchanges to avoid the possibility of scams.
To keep this thing away we should provide a secured environment with Two-factor authentications and more security features as possible.

Trade Engine
The trading engine is one of the major factors of cryptocurrency exchanges. The trade engine will take care of the processes of

  • Price
  • Commissions
  • Transaction possibilities
  • Matching offers & biddings
  • Accessing order books

Get the right cryptocurrency exchange development company, because trade engine development is a problematic task.


Cryptocurrency exchange with higher liquidity will allow the users to start trading quickly. The exchange that comes with higher liquidity will show itself as a rich and steady market where trades will happen fast and easily. Hence a cryptocurrency exchange platform should focus on features that will enhance liquidity.


API stands for Application Programming Interface, generally, API contains a set of protocols that show how two platforms or applications interact with each other.

A cryptocurrency exchange should contain a powerful set of APIs that connects to real-time markets, managing accounts, and more technical functions.

A cryptocurrency exchange can possess APIs such as

  • Web Sockets
  • Rest API
  • Trading Bot APIs
  • Merchant API
  • Liquidity API

Friendly User Interface

Calling User Interface as a feature is not a correct term, yet it 
contains every part of the exchange which will directly connect with the user. 
Providing an understandable and interactive UI will result in more users and gives chances to freshers who are unfamiliar with crypto trading.

Next Gen Admin Control

An admin panel will be required to maintain the overall operations of the cryptocurrency exchange. An admin panel should have the basic options like:

  • Editing trading fees
  • Managing cryptocurrency listing
  • Credit/Debit functions
  • Support for issues.

Admin panel can be customized according to the requirements of the businesses or entrepreneurs.

Notification & Alerts

Providing push notifications and Alerts for your users will keep your users engaged with your exchange. With these features, you can stay connected with your users by alerting them about news, offers and trade tips, and cryptocurrency exchange promotions.

Multi-purpose Wallet

The wallet function allows users to store, send and receive virtual currencies. Those wallets should be integrated with more cryptocurrency acceptance. Here is the list of features a leading cryptocurrency exchange should provide:

  • The wallet should have multi-wallet functionality for supporting a variety of transactions.
  • Leading banks & payment gateways must be integrated to sell & buy cryptos in real-time.
  • A cryptocurrency exchange should offer both a Hot & Cold wallet facility to its users.

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency Exchanges

In order to make money with your cryptocurrency exchange, you have to keep on updating your exchange, and should not get tired of attracting new traders to your exchange. 

Steps you need to follow for making money with your cryptocurrency exchange.

  1. Expand the brand awareness for global awareness
  2. Do continuous maintenance, and keep on concentrating on the website performance.
  3. Impose Trading Fee
  4. Impose Withdrawal Fee
  5. Impose Deposit Fee
  6. Impose service fee for using debit cards and credit cards
  7. Lend Cryptos and Earn Interest
  8. Assets Custodial Fees
  9. Commission from merchants

Trading Fee 
This is the most popular way to make money with cryptocurrency exchange. As an admin, you can charge a certain percentage as trading fee from the transaction. The percentage can vary based on the transaction executed.

Withdrawal fee
You can charge your user to withdraw the money from their wallet

Deposit Fee
As an admin, you can charge a certain amount for depositing money in their wallet.

Service fee
Charges can be applied for using third-party payment options, including master cards, visa cards, credit cards, or any debit cards.

Lend Cryptos and Earn Interest
Lending the cryptos to the borrowers could be the add-on revenue method for cryptocurrency exchanges. This can help you in two ways, you can regain the trader, also you can earn interest for trading the lended cryptocurrencies. 

Custodial Fees
Some exchanges charge their user for securing their asset inside the crypto custodial wallet. The charges can vary based on the quantity of cryptos, and based on the type of crypto they use in the custody wallet.

Commission from Merchants
Exchanges like Paxful are tied up with e-commerce merchants for purchasing bitcoins with gift cards. If you commit to tie up with merchants like this, you can get a commission from them for every purchase. 

As said above, if you want to make money from cryptocurrency exchanges start your cryptocurrency exchange with the features I mentioned above and do the right marketing and promotions to your exchange platform to get higher ROI and conversions. General audiences too earn money by approaching the right exchange platform and buying, selling, and trading the cryptocurrencies. 

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