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Solanart Clone Script to Build a NFT Marketplace like Solanart

Explore what is Solanart clone Script and know how it works, its features and functionalities.

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Solanart Clone Script to Build a NFT Marketplace like Solanart

Solanart Clone Script

Solanart Clone Script is the White Labelled NFT Marketplace Script encrypted with strong security features and functionalities to build an NFT marketplace just like Solanart. Bitdeal's Solanart Clone Script is designed as a kind of developer friendly script that promotes quick market launch. Solanart is built on the Solana blockchain, but you can launch your own look-a-like platform like solanart on any kind of blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Near, Flow, etc, Our NFT Marketplace Clone Script comes under customization, so the business person can pick up things from blockchain technology to additional APIs. 

Solanart Clone Script Specifications

  • Script Type: NFT Marketplace Script
  • Blockchain: Solana  (Custom)
  • Version: New update
  • Supported Tokens: Native Token Supported (Custom)
  • APIs:  All the Prime APIs (Custom)

Solanart Clone Script Features

1. Storefront

Attractive Storefront to showcase the listed NFTs which is also categorized based upon popularity and new uploads.

2. Search Option with Filters

Smart Search Option with filters, exactly brings out what the users are searching for and makes search easier.

3. NFT Listing

Quick and Straightforward NFT listing, The NFT listed would be in any format like Png, gif, Jpeg, video, etc, The NFT is listed on the platform, once it is approved by the administrator.

4. Wallet Integration

Integrated Wallet with tight security feature lets users buy, sell and hold NFTS.

5. Creator Dashboard

Separate dashboard for creators which displays things like listing status, seller details.

6. User Dashboard

User Dashboard is designed to show stats of sold and bought NFTs with time and price

7. Buying and Auction

Some Creators can list NFTs Under Auction, where users bid to buy NFTs, once the Auction gets complete, the desired NFT is sent to the buyer's wallet.

8. Ratings

Ratings option is very important for both creators and users, it helps in finding out the scammers out there.

Why Launch a NFT Marketplace like Solanart?

Solanart is the first-ever NFT Marketplace built on the Solana blockchain, As solana network is known well for its seemless speed and scalability.  Thus Solanart also possesses these unique and special characteristics.

Solana Blockchain was launched in the month of march, following that Solanart was launched on Solana in the month of June, In the Short span of time, this platform holds huge popularity.

Have a look at the statistics of Solanart at this time

  • Daily Sales - 2.3K
  • Total Sales - 492K
  • Daily SOL Volume: 8.9 K
  • Total SOL Volume: 4300K 

The Below Listed are the top collection of Solanart

1. SolChicks
2. Genopets
3. Aurory
4. Degenerate Ape Academy
5. Degenerate Trash Pandas
6. Nyan Heroes
7. Shadowy Supercoder
8. Portals

Solanart charges 3% as a market commission on every transaction and additionally, 0.02% is deducted as the ad fee and this low fee is also the prominent reason for the growth of solanart. 

How To Clone Solanart ?

When it comes to cloning, the fundamental idea is not just replication of features and functionalities, the prime motto is the replication of success and popularity that the platform has.

To do this, business people have a number of options like hiring the free launcher, building from scratch but the most recommended and the pragmatic idea is to make use of Solanart Clone Script.

Are You Serious about Cloning Solanart ?

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How Does Solanart Clone Script Work ?

  • At first, Users need to create an account in the platform
  • When NFTs are gone for sale, it is stored in a temporary account of the marketplace. 
  • Which is automatically added in the database which stores the sales data.
  • If user buys NFT, the desired SOL amount is transferred from buyer's wallet to the
  • seller wallet.
  • The NFT that is stored in the temporary account is automatically sent to the buyer's wallet.
  • On-chain as well as off-chain data is used here.
  • Off-chain data is used for displaying NFTs on the main page as well as in the database.
  • While on chain data is used to display NFTs in series. 
  • The on-chain data provides highly secured and trustless decentralized experience

Technology Stack Behind Solanart Clone Script

To provide the exact user experience as it is in solanart, we prefer to work on the technology stack that the Solanart was built on and we also consider clients' suggestions for technology stack.

Top Technical Stacks

  • SPF, 
  • IPv6,
  • Cloudflare DNS.
  • React
  • Core JS
  • Moment JS

Solanart Support Wallets

  • Mobile App Wallets
  • Web Wallet 
  • Hardware Wallets
  • Command-line Wallets

Business Benefits of Starting a NFT Marketplace like Solanart

  • Customization
  • High ROI
  • Low Transaction fee
  • Scope of Solana 
  • Super Fast Transaction Speed

Why Bitdeal For Solanart Clone Script ?

Bitdeal, the leading NFT Development Company, provides optimal NFT solutions on various blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon Matic, Flow, Near, etc. Our solid experience in the crypto industry lets us explore the nook and corner of the market. Being the top-rated company in the crypto space, we are obliged to provide noble services with the keen customer centric approach.

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