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Solsea Clone Script to Build a NFT Marketplace like Solsea

Explore what is Solsea Clone Script and its features. Build yours with Bitdeal.

Solsea Clone Script to Build a NFT Marketplace like Solsea

Solsea Clone Script

Solsea Clone Script is the original NFT Marketplace Script that is designed to utilize the superior  functions and features of  popular NFT Marketplace Solsea. The NFT Marketplace built  with this script reflects the same user experience and interactions as it is in Solsea and promotes effective NFT listing, buy and sell of NFTs. Furthermore, this script comes with metaverse capabilities so that users can get access to virtual lands. 

Bitdeal’s Solsea Clone Script comes with customization facility, meaning that the business people can select things from Blockchain Technology to additional APIs. 

Solsea Clone Script Specifications

  • Script Type: NFT Marketplace Script
  • Blockchain : Solana (customizable)
  • Version : newly updated 
  • Token Support: Native Token Development Supported
  • API : All Prime APIs are supported

Solsea Clone Script Features

Licensed NFT: It allows creators to embed license for their desired NFTs
Calendar: Integrated calendar option offers effective tracking so that the users can keep track of NFT price
NFT Minting: Instant and easy NFT minting with low cost, it also lets users to directly upload Metaverse NFT
Collections Creation on-chain:Collection lets creators to mint ntfs and all are stored on collections 
Private and public listing: Private listing enables P2P selling of NFT and Public listing allows anyone to explore the listed NFT
Multiple Currencies Support: Multiple currencies like SOL, SRM , USDC, etc, are supported in Solsea for better user experience
NFT 3D View: This feature allows user to view NFT in a 3D format
Rarity Index: The Traits of NFTs are sorted in the specific order and decides the rarity index.
Serum Swap: Serum swap supported to adopt cross currency payments
Order book: Order Book is precisely designed for individual nfts.

Why To Launch an NFT Marketplace like Solsea - The Solid Stats 

Solsea is the first-ever NFT Marketplace built on Solana by All-art protocols that supports many more like embedded license, Rarity, FTX-pay, etc,

NFTs minted in the Solana ecosystem created demand for open source NFT marketplace and gave rise to Solsea.

All-art protocol in their official blog stated that it might resemble Opensea but they strongly believe that this open source marketplace creates freedom and opens the gateway wider into the community.

Solana blockchain, the strong back bone of Solsea now, Solana is emerging as the superior blockchain. Day by Day, many new projects have been built on the blockchain which on the other hand added weightage to Solsea.

Solsea has not just build simply as the NFT Marketplace, It holds lots and lots of unique features and functionalities like

  • Bulk NFT Minting
  • Creation of Collections
  • NFTs with embedded license
  • Launchpad
  • FTX-Pay Integration

Unity Solana Wallet

Unity Solana Wallet was released by All-art protocol to improvise the NFT transactions in solana. It is the kind of wallet that would act as the bridge between developers and Solana blockchain. Unity game is the ever popular tool to build games and apps, Thus this unity solana wallet acts as the super gateway to the solana.

Being the Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company, we will build you a gentle, highly secure compatible wallet just like Unity Solana.

How To Clone Solsea ?

There are many potential ways to clone solsea like 

  • Hiring the free launcher
  • Development from scartch
  • NFT Marketplace Clone Script , etc

But the most approachable and instant way to clone solsea is to go with NFT Marketplace Clone Scripts. If you have planned to clone solsea, then you can simply buy solsea clone script / software from bitdeal that comes under NFT Marketplace Clone Scripts. 

Are you serious about cloning Solsea ?

Contact Us Instantly! 

How Does Solsea Clone Script Work ?

Solsea Clone Script works exactly as Solsea,

  • User need to create account in solsea
  • Connect NFT Wallet with the account.
  • Creators are allowed to mint NFT individually as well as in bulk
  • Once Minted NFT got verified,  it  got listed in the Marketplace
  • Collectors can buy the listed nfts with the price labelled by the creators.
  • The collectors can sell the NFTs whenever they want.

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If the creator creates a series of NFTs and wants to sell it in bulk, then they can create a collection that would act as a gallery that holds all the artwork. 

How To Create a Collection ?

1. To Create Collection, 
2. Add Label Image, Title and Description of your collection.
3. Then upload the NFTs in series
4. The Creator needs to provide title, description and price for each uploaded NFT.
5. Royalty Payment is Supported in solsea
6. The Creators can upload copyright license for their NFT

Minting Permissions Royalties

If the specific art work has more than one creator, one can provide ownership sharing by adding them as a co-creator. And the co-creator gets notified, if any activity happened on NFTs.

Royalty is the scheme that provides lifetime rewards to creators, The creator can choose royalty fee in the time of minting.

Benefits of Starting a NFT Marketplace like Solsea

  • Low Transaction and Minting Fee
  • Solana holds long term scope
  • Super Fast Transaction Speed
  • Customization
  • High ROI

Why Bitdeal for Solsea Clone Script ?

Bitdeal is the noble NFT Marketplace Development Company provides versatile NFT solutions on  various domains like art, sports, gaming, music, realestate, etc, and also experise in Metaverse NFT Platform Development Services.  As a reputed company in the crypto space, we hold hands-on experience on many NFT projects. Client centric approach and Relying with the trend is our epic business mantra

Best Selling NFT Marketplace Clone Scripts 

Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the Solsea and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term "Solsea" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.


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