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TRONex Clone - Launch Your Own TRON Investment Smart Contract Platform

TRONex Clone Development to launch your own Investment Platform on TRON blockchain.

TRONex Clone - Launch Your Own TRON Investment Smart Contract Platform

TRONex Clone Script

TRONex Clone Script is a fully decentralized ready-made Tron investment smart contract Investment clone website script that has all the features and plugins like the TRONex investment platform. TRONex Clone Script is the easiest way to launch your own TRX Investment Smart Contract Platform like TRONex and become a billionaire in less period of time. Get a completely customizable TRONex Clone Script from Bitdeal and catch our experts to know about the price details. 

TRON Investment Smart Contract

TRON Investment Smart Contract is a completely decentralized blockchain smart contract built on the TRON blockchain network to launch your own TRX Investment platform. In recent days, people show greater interest in the investment of TRX, and the TRON network is becoming the most popular decentralized blockchain network. With this TRON Investment Smart Contract, one can launch their own TRX investment platform in which each and every transaction is being automated and does not require any middleman authority.

There are already a lot of TRX Investment smart contract-based platforms available in the crypto market such as Bank of Tron, TRONex, TRXchain, and more. If you have an idea of starting your own Investment platform and becoming a millionaire, build your platform with more features benefiting the investors.

How to start an Investment Platform like TRONex?

To start an Investment Platform like TRONex, one must need a TRX Investment Smart Contract with all the functions and features like in TRONex smart contract. The TRONex Clone, which is a clone of the TRONex website, can help you in launching your own TRON Investment Smart Contract Platform as like TRONex.

We are a Bitdeal leading Smart Contract Development Company, develop and deploy the investment smart contract on TRON Blockchain to launch your own crypto investment platform like TRONex. Our Smart Contract is audited twice, to be free from vulnerabilities and possess 100% customizable features.

Why Launch a TRX Investment Platform like TRONex?

The reason for or hidden business benefits in launching your own TRX Investment platform are listed below:

1. Less Initial Investment
2. Less Risk Involved
3. No Constant Manual Power Involved
4. High ROI within a limited time
5. Most trusted among people as it involves TRON Smart Contract.
6. Most Welcoming Business Models among today's entrepreneurs.

Thus, launching your own TRON investment Platform like TRONex will be the finest business solution. 

Why like TRONex?

There are many Investment Platforms in the market that allows users to deposit cryptocurrencies like TRX, ETH, and more with smart contract integration which makes the platform trustworthy among the users. 

Here let us deeply look into the reasons why to start a crypto investment platform like TRONex.

What is TRONex?

TRONex is a popular investment platform built on TRON blockchain which allows users to invest TRX and earn +200% of TRX of their investment. This TRONex platform provides high-end security and transparency over each transaction, as this platform is based on TRON Smart Contract Technology which automates every transaction in fractions of seconds.

Key Things to be considered 

  • TRONex
  • The #1 TRX Investment Platform in the Crypto Industry
  • With 30,000+ Active Users
  • Along with 60,000,000+ TRX Turnover
  • Registered and operates under the legal norms of UK

This TRONex, the Best Market Maker's main aim is to provide a way for their investors to double their funds without any risks.

What TRONex offers its Investors?

Unlimited Earnings

TRONex provides a way to invest with conditions along with a growing percentage which depends on the basic interest of the investment and smart contract total and personal "Hold Bonus".The maximum available profit one can earn through TRONex is +200% per day of your deposit.


As the TRONex platform is built on TRX blockchain smart contract technology, it ensures 100% safety for their investor's assets. In TRONex, the scam or steal of funds is impossible as this smart contract is immutable in nature.

Worldwide Legalization

Even Though TRONex is registered in the UK, the professional team of experts is working to make this platform popular across the world through their continuous efforts.

Free Access 

To check the honesty and transparency of the platform, anyone can check the smart contract codes anytime. The smart contract of TRONex is audited and reviewed by an Independent company (GROX Solutions) and the audit results are displayed in the platform which increases the trusts of the TRONex platform to make fearless investments.

24/7 Support

TRONex platform has a support team that is available round the clock to support you with your investment-related queries and doubts. You can contact them anytime to know the ways to make profits.


TRONex platform conducts promotional contests with huge prize pools through which they benefit their investors and also expand their popularity. The platform recently conducted a YOUTUBE channel creation and updating review about the TRONex platform and provide them prize amounts in TRX to their respective accounts.

How to work or invest with the TRONex Platform?

Working or investing in the TRONex platform is not as tedious as you think. Here are the simple steps to invest and earn using TRONex

Step 1: Initially, load your personal wallet with the TRX amount that you want to invest in TRONex.
Note : 

  • The minimal deposit on TRONex is 100TRX. There is no maximal limit.
  • TRONex does not support the deposit of TRX from Exchanger accounts.
  • TRONex support deposit with personal wallets such as TronLink, TronPay browser extension, or any other mobile crypto wallet that supports TRX such as TronWallet, Banko, and more.
  • So, Get TRX from Popular Exchanges like Binance or Bitfinex or any other. Then send those TRX to your Personal Wallet.

Step 2: Transfer the Loaded TRX to TRONex smart contract to start earnings.
Step 3: Get earning of TRX every moment with 200% TRX of your deposit every day.
Step 4: Additional Referral Program is also included, through which you can withdraw the rewards instantly.
Step 5: To withdraw, you can request the withdrawal from the same wallet you used for depositing. The payout along with all your earnings occurs instantly with a single transaction per request.

Affiliate Program of TRONex

TRONex platform is integrated with a well-designed affiliate program that allows users to earn more TRX through inviting their friends and family to invest in the TRONex platform. The referral program of TRONex has three levels of Affiliate rewards such as 5%, -2%, and -0.5%.

The Rewards are instantly added in wallet balance and you can withdraw it anytime along with your total earnings.

Investment Conditions of TRONex

Here are the factors through which the percentage of Income is produced in the TRONex platform.

1. Basic Interest Rate 

The profit on TRONex is calculated from the next second of your deposit on TRONex smart contract and you will earn each hour with +0.0416% of your deposit. Thus, this platform provides an overall profit of +1% each day for your TRX deposit.

2. Personal Hold Bonus

TRONex provides an extra bonus when you hold your TRX without withdrawal. TRONex Smart Contracts calculates the holding bonus of your deposit from the date of deposit or last withdraw date. If you didn't request to withdraw over 24 hours you will get an additional bonus of +0.1% and if it is 48 hours you will be getting +0.2%  and if 72 hours, you will get +0.3%, and so on. This way of earning offered by TRONex is known as Personal Hold Bonus.

3. Contract Total Amount Bonus

For every 1,000,000 TRX balance on TRONex smart contract, you will be credited with earnings as the smart contract checks the current wallet balance often.
These are the ways TRONex offers the earning of TRX for its investors.

Bitdeal -  Crypto Investment Platform Development Company

Bitdeal - Leading Blockchain Development Company provides all cryptocurrency and blockchain-related services and solutions. We are expertise in building cryptocurrency investment platforms with smart contracts on various blockchain networks such as TRON, Ethereum, EOS, and more.

We assist you with cryptocurrency MLM Platform development and also provide the clones of top smart contract MLM Platforms such as Million Money, Forsage, DoubleWay, and more. Some of our popular crypto investment clone development services include Bank of TRON Clone Development, TRONex Clone Development, and more.
If you are interested in launching your own business and making a huge turnover with less investment, then launching the Crypto Investment Platform is the right choice. TRON smart contract-based investment business would provide you with the best ROI in a short span.
We would like to conclude with a great saying, 

"In A Gentle Way, You Can Shake the World" - Mahatma Gandhi.

Like the words of  Mahatma, we can take a gentle step to bring revolution in the crypto market.

It's time to launch your own TRX investment platform like TRONex.

Get the best TRONex Clone Development Services from Bitdeal Now!

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Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the TRONex and their trademark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term "TRONex" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.


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