Top alternatives for Zed Run

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Top alternatives for Zed Run

Zed Run, the Popular NFT gaming platform promoting digital horse racing  hits the news headline after selling 30 million worth NFTs. It is the kind of blockchain based game built on the top of Polygon that supports WETH, meaning that the users need to load WETH alone to participate in racing.

This NFT gaming platform allows users to participate in racing and to breed horses but has defined certain protocols to breed horses. The game is designed in a way that 12 horses can participate in the race, among them 3 horses can win consecutive prizes.

To participate in breeding, the user needs to certain requirements like

  • Stable owner
  • User needs to own a male and female horse
  • Certain amounts of WETH in Wallets.

Why are people looking for alternatives ?

The Surfing of Zed Run alternatives does not mean that Zed Run was not at its good, there is no cross opinion that Zed Run is amazing gaming platform but certain things makes users to think about other alternatives that provides similar gaming experience just like Zed Run

Some are

Only WETH is supported in this platform, so obviously, other crypto holders are looking for other options.

Certain rules and protocols may failed to satisfy existing gamers

NFT games like Zed Run

Listed here are some of the NFT gaming platform that provides similar gaming experience just like zed run

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the kind of NFT gaming platform that lets players earn passive more. Axie, is the native NFT of this gaming platform which is listed as the Top Etherum gaming sites

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained lets players own game items where one can collect cards and can earn more by participating in the game.


Splinterlands is also a kind of card game that resembles a monster's impression. Gamers can earn more by participating in it


Sorare is designed for soccer players built on the top of the solana blockchain. They have segregated various kinds of cards in their platform.

Other Alternatives Of Zed Run

  • Tron Village
  • Eggies World
  • TronGoo
  • Aftermath Island
  • Cropbytes
  • Magic Academy
  • TronVegas
  • TRONtopia – A New Era
  • Dragon 7
  • 7tron
  • Rocket Game
  • Blaze Economy
  • TRONbet

NFT Games platforms dominate the NFT market and we have witnessed the epic growth  of popular NFT games in terms of trade volume and market capitilization. Thus many Crypto preneurs out there are willing to start their own Gaming platform.

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