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Top 10 Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Business Ideas 2019

Find out the top 10 bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Business ideas for 2019.

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Top 10 Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Business Ideas 2019

Hello Fellas! Hope, you all are waiting to welcome the year 2019 with your all new cryptocurrency startup business, Right? Let’s have a look about most profitable cryptocurrency business ideas for 2019, So that you can choose the best suit for you!

Before that, we just want you to remind that we have published a brief article last year, in the title of “best cryptocurrency exchange business ideas 2018”, in which we have discussed a lot of profitable cryptocurrency business ideas from “Exchange” To “ICO”.  (The article was published based on analyzing the last year trends).  You can check the article here - The Best Cryptocurrency Startup Business Ideas For 2018.

Let’s get in to the topic..

Top Cryptocurrency Business Ideas For 2019

In general, if you research the cryptocurrency industry, there are some business models which can’t be replace forever and ever. In which the first one is exchange business, followed by that mining, wallet, trading, smart contracts and recently digital asset exchange business. So whatever comes and go in cryptocurrency industry, the above business ideas and revenue models cannot be replaced with other.

In simple we can say exchange is the back bone of cryptocurrency.

So we don’t want to exclude those business ideas. As like 2018, these business ideas grabs the first five position in the list of 2019 too.

1. Bitcoin Exchange / Bitcoin Trading Startups
2. Cryptocurrency Exchange / Cryptocurrency Trading ( Crypto to Crypto) Startups
3. Bitcoin Wallet Service Startups
4. Bitcoin Mining Startups
5. Ethereum/ Digital Asset exchange Startups

Apart from the above cryptocurrency business ideas, there are some new arrivals to the cryptocurrency industry, and we are expecting that these business ideas will be the trend of 2019 and beyond too. Surprised??..
Industry leaders predict that, after the arrival of these business models, Cryptocurrency industry will grow like a boom, and the industry will change into a new dimension upwards.

So, let’s see what are they…

Cryptocurrency Business Ideas: New Arrivals

1. Decentralized Exchange with Atomic Swaps
2. STO - Security Token Offerings
3. Private Blockchain Implementation For Business
4. Token Exchange ( Ethereum)

Decentralized Exchange – An Exclusive Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Model that Favors the Traders

For your knowledge, Most of the cryptocurrency exchange websites all around the world are “Centralized Exchanges”. (i.e) there will be a central authority for that exchange who will control trades, and mediate the fund transfer.
In technical words, centralized exchanges will collect the trader’s private key and will store it in a hub of cloud storage.  As because of storing the private keys in central cloud storage, it becomes a honey pot for brutal hackers to quickly inject harmful data’s and retrieves all the details.

To overcome this, developers and experts have found a new trading model that is called “decentralized exchange”. This decentralized exchange will not store private keys in cloud storage. You may ask me then how the trade made??.
Yes, Decentralized exchanges trades the asset directly from the hardware wallet. So during this process no traders have to sent their private keys or transfer their funds to the admin of the exchange. The Funds will be by-pass through the exchange website, without halting anywhere.

Because of this buyers and sellers will get quick benefits. (i.e) the funds will be transferred immediately.
Moreover decentralized exchanges are completely rely on encrypted smart contracts, where as centralized exchanges depends order books.

Please check the below diagram for better understanding about how decentralized exchange works?

2. Security Token Offerings

It sounds like we already heard somewhere, right? Yes, STO’s and ICO’s are slightly similar to each other. You may ask why STO?, We have an answer..

If you look back the books of 2017, and 2016 ICO were the dominant ruler and most wanted crowd funding business model.

In 2017 there were around $6 billion dollars have risen through ICO’s, But this capital have been overtaken within the first quarter of 2018, which is around $6.3 Billion dollar.

But the sad part here is, there were many fraudulent ICO’s have emerged and have back stabbed the investors with no notice. So because of this ICO’s started to loss the market from the mid of 2018.  To overcome this issue, crowd funding communities have reinvented an already known Security Token Offerings.

Why means, ICO’s are not regulated fundraising model, but STO’s are. STO’s are underlies Federal laws and SEC (U.S security & Exchange Commission) Regulations. In STO’s token drives their value from external assets. In STO’s investors have complete rights over any decisions of the crowd funding projects and if there is any issue, they can legally claim it.

3. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is not a new word in cryptocurrency industry; this technology started its bull run in 2017, rage in 2018, and expected to revamp many corporate industries in 2019. This public ledger technology has full potential to roll out 19 industries, in which Banking, SCM, Real estate, Health care, Telecom, Fashion, Food, Music industries also included.

1.How Blockchain can revamp healthcare?

2.How Blockchain can revamp Telecom?

3. How Blockchain can Revamp Banking?

4.  Token Exchange

As of today the number of crypto tokens is expected to overtake the count of live cryptocurrencies. The reason behind this scene is ICO’s and STO’s. So the people have tokens in their wallet have no way to exchange it with other assets or crypto’s. So to favor those people, many popular exchanges have started to integrate Token Exchange model.
Hope you have understand the most popular cryptocurrency business models of 2019, so if you are looking forward to start a cryptocurrency business, better analyze all the above business model and choose the right one which best suits for you.

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