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How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency During Coronavirus Lockdown

This article is going to cover up the possibilities on how to make money online with cryptocurrency during the coronavirus lockdown.

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How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency During Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus is making a huge medical emergency all around the globe and this pandemic situation made all of us stay at home. The reason is, this new infectious virus spreads vigorously from the droplets of the infected person to another. So, obviously we all need a social distancing to be safe. After witnessing an unstoppable increasing death count, many countries like the US, UK, China, Italy, Spain, India and more than 200+ countries announced a temporary lock down. This caused the many business professionals and the poor people to become jobless. 

While on the other hand, some essential services like the medical department, police department, and the department of human welfare are geared up with their work and are sacrificing their lives to save people.  So we can simply say coronavirus is ruining all our life also in parallely it makes a huge fall in the global economy and the financial wealth of individual people. Here, the most affected people are those who are getting daily wages, and the poor people,  IT people, farmers, shopping malls and everyone. This virus is affecting all of us from all the sides. So, there is no option, we have to face this situation, and have to tolerate the things happening around us. 

But, surely this will be solved, and everything will become normal very soon, only if we all could stop spreading the virus by staying at home. We couldn’t exactly say when this pandemic would stop. It may take two months, three months or more than a year.  

Until then, how can we survive ? 

If there is no job, we can’t get money, and we can’t get our food, and we will be trapped in a tough situation. So, obviously we have to find ways that can help usto  make money every day while staying at home.

How to Make Money While Staying at Home During a Long Lockdown?

Well, there are a lot of online opportunities waiting for you to make money during the lockdown. Based on your profession, you can choose the one which suits you the most,  and if you are not a business professional and are not having a wider online exposure, then you can choose some online business opportunity that will require zero experience. 

But, here I am going to exclusively cover an interesting business idea that could make you richer and can help you to easily make money online while staying at home . What is It?

Yes, You Can Make Money With Cryptocurrency From Home.

This article is going to cover up the possibilities on how to make money online with cryptocurrency during the coronavirus lockdown. This will be more friendly for those who are fresh and familiar to the cryptocurrency industry with basic knowledge. Just cheer up and continue reading!

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency During The Coronavirus Lockdown?

You can make it easily. To be straight, you are not going to just make the money for your daily needs, but you are going to become richer at the end of the lockdown period. 


In general cryptocurrencies often offer a lot of money making opportunities to the common people. Some seem to be easier, and some will be a little bit harder since they require some technical knowledge. Based on that, I am going to provide you the 7 Possible ways that can help you to make money with cryptocurrency from home. Let us see what they are?

7 Cryptocurrency Business Ideas To Make Money During The Coronavirus Lockdown

1. Buying and Holding

You can simply purchase a cryptocurrency form any popular exchanges and hold it for a while, until the price of the purchased cryptocurrency soars up. While the price goes up, you can sell it through any exchange website. In this way you can get assured profit. If you choose this method, I recommend you to deal only with the following popular and safest cryptocurrencies. 

  • Bitcoin
  • Tezos
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Binance Coin

There are more than 1000+ coins in cryptocurrency, so you have to be deterministic while choosing a coin to buy. Many new coins come with less price, but they may not have assured life time. So better deal with popular cryptocurrencies.

2. Buying and Holding For Dividends

Some sort of currencies will pay you a profit just for holding them in your wallet. Excited!! This is actually known as “holding the dividends” and this is a very smartest method of making money online with cryptocurrency. Here you are going to be paid just for holding their shares in digital format. Not all cryptocurrencies come with dividends, so you have to choose the coins which can pay you dividends. Here are some of the known cryptocurrencies that will pay you for holding the dividend.

  • NEO Coin
  • Kucoin
  • Komodo
  • NEXO
  • Neblio


Staking it is a combination of both the above methods. In staking all you need to do is just buy good cryptocurrencies, and hold them for a while in your cryptocurrency wallet. This is a highly revenue yielding method, without actually working for it. If you can hold a cryptocurrency for a while, you will be rewarded with a dual profit one for holding the coin, and the additional one is holding the dividends. 

This staking concept evolved into the market just to build a strong infrastructure for a blockchain network. Comparatively staking is similar to the fixed deposit that we deal with fiat currency. You have to hold it for a while, and you will be paid with additional rewards as interest just for holding it.  This staking process helps in creating new nodes through an algorithm “proof-of-stake”.

4.Day Trading

Day trading, it is not recommendable for the fresh people who are not familiar with cryptocurrency trading. Because here as a user you have to continuously monitor the pattern of trading charts.  Usually the price of popular cryptocurrencies often fluctuate nearly 30%-50% in a day. So you have to choose the most friendly method to trade cryptocurrencies and also prefer an user friendly cryptocurrency exchange to buy bitcoins. 

  • Binance 
  • Localbitcoins
  • Kucoin

5. Do Microtasks or Work for a Cryptocurrency


Another simplest method of making money with cryptocurrency, here you will be paid with cryptocurrencies for contributing a small service to someone. All these tasks can be very easy to contribute, they may be like app downloading, online surveys, watching online videos.

Check out the websites where you can earn cryptocurrency just by completing some tasks. 

  • Bituro
  • Coinbucks

Work For a Cryptocurrency

This is a technical part. If you are a developer, designer  or a tester, then you can contribute to a cryptocurrency network by validating the bugs and by proposing your technical ideas to the network.

6. Masternodes

Running a masternode is another smartest way to earn highly passive income from cryptocurrencies. A master node is a computer or a wallet or a full node which keeps the entire copy of a cryptocurrency’s blockchain. This master node will be paid for performing certain tasks.  Based on the cryptocurrency network you choose to run or host a masternode, the network will pay you a certain number of coins. But, to run a master node you must hold a minimum number of coins preferred by the network, which could range between from 1000 to 20000 coins. There are a lot of online guides that could explore how to set up a master node.


7. Cryptocurrency MLM

By joining a MLM network powered with ethereum smart contracts you can earn a significant profit. There are a lot of online portals like,, where you can choose the MLM plan. But, before joining an MLM you should ensure the buying level, Also i would like to recommend never join to an MLM which is not run under a smart contract

Also, if you have a plan to quickly start a MLM business like million money just check out here, which will explain you the business plan and the working nature of a million money clone script

Other Possible Ways

  • Accept payment in bitcoin if you are merchant or supermarket 

During this lockdown time, many supermarkets are allowed to open as per the government's instructions in various countries. So, if you are a supermarket owner or any other essential goods service provider, you can accept payment through cryptocurrency, based on the government norms.

  • Start writing blogs on cryptocurrency accepting websites ( Ex: steemit)

Some popular blogging websites, rewards the writers with cryptocurrency if the blog is worth and has been liked by many readers. 

  • Cryptocurrency Faucets

Faucets are similar to the micro tasks, here you can earn cryptocurrency just by paying

Start a Cryptocurrency Business Which Will Yield You Permanent Profit Forever!

We have seen the most possible business ideas that could yield you the temporary hike and small amount of profit during this lockdown time. But, now we are going to see an ultimate cryptocurrency business model which is better than all the above and which could yield you a permanent profit even after the coronavirus pandemic. 

Wanna know what it is?!!!


Yes, you can start your own cryptocurrency exchange like binance in a very short period.

Analyze What Worked and What Doesn’t

 Personally I recommend this is the right time to start writing your cryptocurrency exchange business plan. Why means, the cryptocurrency exchange market is having a huge competition, everyday a new type of crypto exchange is introduced to the market, and the security of customer assets become a high level concern. But, this coronavirus pandemic made the industry slow down, and many of the new startups hold their process of upgrading to the next level. So, you can take this as an analysis period, and could monitor what has worked in the past and write down what would work in the future. 

Find your Support

After analyzing the possibilities, you should find the resources and support that could help you to launch your cryptocurrency exchange business. Better find a cryptocurrency exchange development company which can help you from scratch and can help you to launch your exchange in a short period.

Bitdeal Can Help You to launch Your Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitdeal - A leading cryptocurrency exchange development company. We are a team of expert developers who are instructed by a frequent market analyzing team, and can equip us to provide technical support to the end user. 

How bitdeal can help you?

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We can guide you to make temporary profit and also permanent profit with cryptocurrency during this lock down. But,

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