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How to create Dapp on Tezos Network ?

Explore here the step by step procedure to build your own dapp on Tezos

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How to create Dapp on Tezos Network ?

Blockchain, a massive technology will no longer be an unknown term for all of Us. Right? Dapp or decentralized applications are the utilization of blockchain technology which provides trust and seamless growth. 

Here we are going to look at one of the most important blockchain networks, Tezos, the world's first Self-Governing Blockchain Network, and building dapps on the Tezos network in detail.

Tezos - Self-Governing Blockchain

Tezos, a new self-governing blockchain network that was developed in early 2014 and came to live in 2018 is becoming a strong competitor for the most popular Blockchain Network, Ethereum. It was founded by Arthur Breitman & Kathleen Breitman in September 2018 in Switzerland. 

Tezos (XTZ) is the native cryptocurrency of Tezos which is created through the process of Baking. In the list of top coins to invest in 2021, Tezos is also a major cryptocurrency which is the best choice of the crypto coin to be invested in 2021, to yield a high return on investment.

Tezos is a blockchain network that creates great potential for the development of smart contracts and dapps. Many decentralized applications were built on Ethereum in earlier days. Now, many blockchain networks are preferred for dapps and smart contract development. Tezos is the most notable one among them, as it is the first self-governing blockchain network that works with the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain mechanism.

Dapp - Leveraging the Business Growth

Dapp, the decentralized application is a computer-based application that runs only in a decentralized network. The potential of dapps is heavy and that can drift any kind of industry or business to the next level. Blockchain-based dapps create security, trust, transparency, and visibility among global users. 

Dapps are immutable and decentralized, in which all the information is stored in a decentralized ledger that can not be modified or deleted. Most of the dapps are built on the Ethereum blockchain network. The features of dapps differ with the kind of business and one can involve many attractive features like reward programs and more to grab more user base.

These blockchain-based dapps can bring greater business growth with higher transparency and security.

Specialties of Tezos 

Tezos, being a strong competitor to the famous Ethereum Blockchain Network has the following specialties.

  1. On-Chain Governance - Which eliminates Hard Forks
  2. Decentralized Advancement - Leads to easy upgrading of network
  3. Self-Amendment - Automates the evolution of network by itself
  4. Delegation - Provides security by finding out unethical individuals & activities on the network.
  5. Smart Contracts & Verification - Boosts the credibility of the network by building dapps.

Working of Tezos Blockchain Network

It is a must-know factor to know about utilizing the specialties of Tezos to understand the working of Tezos blockchain network.

On-chain Governance

Through which stakeholders in the Tezos network can participate in the regulating protocol and can officially share their suggestions on the modification of protocols for upgrading the network.


Tezos blockchain network utilities delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism which aims for any stakeholders to join the processes and get rewarded for their contribution which increases the stability and scalability of the network.


Stakeholders can suggest modifications in the network and code developers will validate it and provide them rewards and make the modifications if it is valid to upgrade the network.

Smart Contract & Formal Verification

Tezos allows for the construction of dapps and smart contracts which is built using Tezos Smart Contract language. The smart contract development also has a formal verification process to find the errors in the coding & to rectify them for better performance.

Thus working of Tezos is based on Proof of stake with a delegation which allows for every stakeholder’s participation in the network irrespective of the amount they hold.

Why Tezos for dapp & smart contract development?

Listed here are the major reasons to choose the Tezos blockchain network for the development of dapps and smart contracts.

1. Highly Scalable

2. Smart Contract Support

3. Formal Verification of Smart Contracts

4. Self-governing mechanism

5. Decentralized Cryptographic ledger

6. Solidity Smart Contract Integration

7. Less Computational Power as DPoS

8. Less Expensive as elimination of PoW

9. High-level Interface

10. On-Chain Governance Network Upgradation and more.

How to build dapp on Tezos?

Tezos is an open-source blockchain platform that has a complete collection of coders to code smart contracts and dapps on Tezos blockchain network.

Listed here is the general procedure to build a dapp on Tezos network.

  • Code Smart Contract using Tezos Smart Contract Language - Michelson
  • Utilize Liquidity for fast writing of Michelson's smart contract
  • Deploy the Michelson's smart contract on Tezos
  • Build a site to interact with Tezos contracts
  • Produce Tezos XTZ tokens
  • Read the Designer DOCS
  • Install all needed primary & advanced tools 
  • Establish all API's
  • Build Dapp and test it
  • Monitor the growth of dapp

So to build tezos dapp, one should be so familiar with the Tezos Smart Contract Language Michelson, which resembles the operation code of virtual machines. One can use a Javascript library called eztz.jz to manage RPC nodes directly which run essential commands easily.

TezBridge that uses an iframe & local storage to communicate with dapps across all the browsers. Here is the code screen of deployment of tezos dapp.

Benefits of Tezos Dapp 

Listed here are some of the benefits of Tezos & Tezos Dapps.

  1. As Tezos can upgrade without hard forking, Tezos dapps avoids activities & enhance the participation
  2. Tezos dapps contribute high stability and security
  3. Since Tezos is a self-amendment blockchain network, dapps on Tezos are easy to adopt new innovations & changes
  4. Tezos Dapp offers systematic & formal procedures to process protocols.
  5. It ensures code correctness & safety for any kind of use-cases.

These are the main advantages of building dapps on Tezos blockchain network.

Features of Tezos Dapp 

Listed here are the key features of Dapp platform.

On-Chain Governance

The process by which one who holds a stake in Tezos takes part in the governing protocol is known as on-chain governance. This provides holders a way to vote for the future performance in Tezos blockchain network. This is a system through which Tezos blockchain is upgraded by stakeholders who can vote for code modification and encoding of protocol. Thus, anyone in the network has the right to suggest changes in code which is validated and integrated by code developers.

On-Chain Governance offers transparency, fewer malicious hard forks, quicker consensus, and easy code modifications.

Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS)

The Tezos blockchain works based on delegated proof of stake consensus algorithm which allows the stakeholders to take part in the creation of blocks to obtain rewards. This DPoS means that even a small stakeholder can also participate in the block creation and get rewards, irrespective of the amount they hold.

Self- Amendment System

Tezos is a first evolved self-governing blockchain network that believes hard forks are not only the way to upgrade the network, as like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Thus, the main feature of Tezos is its self-amending mechanism which is designed and developed as a decentralized cryptographic ledger for upgrading the system.

Smart Contracts

In accordance with the Self-amending & on-chain governance mechanism, the Tezos Dapps supports smart contract technology. Thus Tezos based smart contracts are written using Michelson, a popular Tezos's smart contract programming language which is specially used for writing smart contracts on Tezos network.

Smart Contract Verification

The Michelson is a formal verification language that allows for formal verification through which developers can verify the correctness of codes and for any bugs or errors in this coding. Since it does not completely find the bugs,but formal verification of smart contracts can eliminate major vulnerabilities.

Develop your own Dapp on Tezos with all the key features & also advanced features to stand unique in the market.

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