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Unocoin Clone Script to start an exchange like Unocoin

Explore the highlights of unocoin exchange and unocoin clone script features

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Unocoin Clone Script to start an exchange like Unocoin

Unocoin Clone Script

Unocoin Clone Script is the ready-made script that can be used to build a replica of popular Indian Crypto Exchange Unocoin. This white-labeled Unocoin Clone Script has all the default features of exchange and one can integrate some other additional user-friendly features in this script to make an exchange the unique one.

 What is Unocoin?

Unocoin is the Indian Crypto Exchange founded in the year 2013 at Bangalore. This exchange focuses only on Indians and lets them buy, sell, store and use bitcoins.

The Supported Cryptos are

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

Unocoin has launched a mobile app that enables traders to buy or sell cryptos in just one tap while on the go.

How Secure is Unocoin?

Is this a secured exchange? This is the very first question for crypto traders. Unocoin proved its security by providing AES-256 Encryption

All the Crypto Assets are stored in offline and the generated private keys have undergone
AES-256 Encryption and then these keys are stored in the safe deposit lockers in different locations. Once the address is filled, the server switches to the next address automatically.

This immense security measure gains traders trust and now this exchange has gained 1,200,000 customers

 How does it work?
1. The First-ever process is Registration, you need to register with your mobile number with OTP Verification.

2. Once Registration is over, you need to upload a PAN card, Aadhaar card, and photograph. Then you need to deposit INR in Unocoin’s account by transferring a certain amount of money from your bank account. You are allowed to withdraw money anytime from the Unocoin account.

3. Then you can buy/sell Bitcoin or Ethereum by creating a buy order or sell order.

 Unocoin Trading Fee

 Buy/Sell Bitcoin

The standard charging fee of Unocoin for buying and selling is 0.7% and added GST. After the significant trading volume, the account will be promoted to “Gold Membership” here, charging a fee is reduced to 0.5% and the transaction limit for that trader is also extended.

Sending/Receiving Bitcoins

Unocoin charges 0.0005 BTC to 0.0009 BTC if you send bitcoin to a bitcoin address and charges nothing if you get bitcoins to your wallet.
There is no storing fee to store bitcoins.

Lending Fee

The lending fee is deducted at the interest rate of 15% and the Processing fee of 2.00 %. 

Interesting Schemes of Unocoin

Systematic Investment Plan

Systematic Investment Plan is an investment scheme introduced by unocoin to acquire bitcoin easily. Traders need to choose the Systematic plan with daily, weekly and monthly basics along with the desired amount.
For instance, a trader can choose a plan to buy 1 bitcoin and fix 50 INR on a daily basis. The exchange automatically deducts a certain amount of money on a daily basis when it matches the bitcoin price, 1 bitcoin is sent to the trader's wallet instantly. 

Provides Loans

Unocoin started providing loans for crypto assets as a backend. Banks and some other financial institutions provide loans for traditional assets such as gold, land, etc, This kind of loan scheme is highly appreciable. 

Bitcoin Payment

Unocoin lets traders pay bills for phone and DTH with bitcoins. It also allows users to send bitcoin as a prize to anyone who does not have a unocoin account.

How to Start an Exchange like Unocoin?

One can easily start a cryptocurrency exchange just like unocoin with unocoin clone script. 

Where to get?

Bitdeal - Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script Provider

Bitdeal is the leading P2P Crypto Exchange Development Company which also Provides the best unocoin clone script with 100% source code. We have a team of Proficient thinkers and doers working for complete customer satisfaction. Our expert team offers Popular Crypto Exchange Clone Scripts such as

Unocoin Clone Script Features

OTC Trading

Over the counter trading, feature let traders trade in bulk amount

Multiple Cryptocurrency support wallet

Multiple Cryptocurrency wallet integrations for better trading experience

Two Factor authentication

It is a kind of two-level verification process for security purposes.

KYC Verification

Know your customer verification process which involves document uploading.

Instant Registration Process

The quick registration process, one can sign up within a minute.

Fast Trade Matching Engine

High power trade matching engine to proceed fast trading.

Grab our unocoin clone script and step into the crypto market!

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Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the unocoin and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term "unocoin" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

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