Bitdeal - The Best Blockchain Business Development Company!

Bitdeal - The Best Blockchain Business Development Company!

Bitdeal - A leading blockchain development company in India, focusing on providing best possible blockchain solutions for 20+ industries.  We are the group of 120+ blockchain developers who can depoy best possible blockchain solutions for enterprises, startups and organizations. We started our journey as a bitcoin exchange script provider, and now we are providing many blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions over 100+ overseas countries. 

Blockchain Technology

We have discussed a lot more things about blockchain in our previous articles. In general blockchain is a public ledger technology, that is created to store and track bitcoin transactions in crypto world. But later, the use cases of blockchain found to be useful for corporate industries that are work with large databases & daily transactions. Hence blockchain is now started to be used as a primary database technology, in 19+ industries that we have discussed earlier. Check out the article here : 9 Major industries that will be disrupted by blockchain technology.

Know more about blockchain technology here: What is blockchain technology?

Our Exclusive - Brand New Blockchain Solutions

1. TRON Dapp Development
2. Private blockchain on TRON
3. TRC 10 /TRC 20 smart contract development
4. Security token Development

Our Primary Blockchain Solutions 

1. Private Blockchain Development
2. Blockchain POC Development
3. Hyper ledger Development
4. Smart Contract Development
5. Dapp Development ( EOS & ethereum)
6. Blockchain Consulting 
7. Token Development

And more

Our Cryptocurrency Business solutions

1. Cryptocurrency Exchange development 
2. Native Coin Development
3. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
4. Decentralized Exchange Development
5. Hybrid Exchange Development

Our Blockchain Products & software solutions that are highly demand on 70+ countries

1. Bitcoin Exchange Script
2. Decentralized Exchange Script
3. Binance Clone Script
4. Bitcoin Mining Script
5. ICO Website Script
And etc

Our Other Blockchain Related Services

1. Smart Contract Audit Services
2. ICO Marketing Services
3. ICO Consulting Services
4. Security Token Offering Services
5. STO Marketing Services
6. STO Consulting Services

Our Industry Focus


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