Blockchain Solutions Company

Blockchain Solutions Company

We had a brief explanation about blockchain technology, and how it is helpful for various industries in previous articles. Now, this article is clearly gonna explain about bitdeal’s exclusive and enterprise blockchain solutions which were most welcomed by clients across the world.

Bitdeal - Industry Based Blockchain Solutions

Bitdeal, we are a top rated blockchain development company in India, our main motto is to bring the blockchain technology to every corner of the world. We are focusing around 120+ countries and are providing best blockchain solutions for 20 + industries.

Industries we focus



  1. Banking
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Insurance
  4. Government sectors
  5. Health Care
  6. SCM
  7. Real Estate
  8. Voting
  9. Transportation
  10. IOT
  11. Music
  12. Retail
  13. Crowdfunding
  14. Energy
  15. Charity
  16. Cloud Service


Blockchain Solutions

We help startup, enterprises, and organization to implement their custom blockchain application for their business growth.

  • Private blockchain Development
  • Hyperledger blockchain development
  • Smart contract development
  • Blockchain consulting Services
  • POC Blockchain Development
  • Blockchain Dapps Development

Our Technology Stack

We have expert blockchain developers who are

  • Expertize in cryptographic algorithms
  • Skilled to operate with large code databases
  • Familiar in p2p networks

And a lot more skills.

Here is the technology stack in which we are expert.




Develop your Blockchain application With Bitdeal!