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Bitdeal - A Hub Of Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain - A ledger technology that has powered up bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in earlier days.

The immense benefit of blockchain has made businesses, enterprises and organization to adopt it for business operations. Incorporating the blockchain technology for business can increase security, transparency and traceability within a decentralized network. Read more about blockchain technology

Statistics that proves blockchain becomes more powerful


1. 69% of banks are experimenting private blockchain corporation. 

2. Switzerland have gained a success in voting with blockchain

3. According to linkedin there are nearly 14,000 job openings in blockchain space

4. There are around 28 million blockchain wallets are in use


A blockchain development company focusing to provide blockchain solutions for more than 20+  corporate industries. 

Our most promising blockchain solutions for businesses are

1. Private blockchain development

2. EOS Dapp Development

3. Smart contract development

4. Blockchain consulting

5. Hyperledger development

6. Blockchain for Telecom

7. TRON Dapp Development

8. POC Blockchain Development

And more

Industries We Focus For Blockchain Implementation





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