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Top Most Cryptocurrency Business Ideas 2021

Here is the guide with the top crypto related business models to start in 2021

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Top Most Cryptocurrency Business Ideas 2021

"Every New Beginning is the End of Something".

Each day brings new opportunities. Let us hope that 2021 will be the year filled with a lot of opportunities to build ourselves both professionally and personally.

As we are all at the end of 2020, to welcome the new beginning of 2021 with more experience and learnings. We people from any nation of this world have lost, learned, suffered, experienced, educated, and empowered ourselves in this world's biggest Pandemic. This year of 2020 has taught us many things through this COVID'19 crisis and many of the business individuals have driven to the extreme extent that they never would imagine.

On the other side, this crisis has opened the gate of success for cryptocurrency and its users. When many traditional businesses faced difficulties in making revenue in the hard times, online and crypto-related business-people made a steady income even in this quarantine time.

This Pandemic paved way to spread the utilization of cryptocurrency as a passive income through crypto exchanges when the people are stuck at home in quarantine and find it hard to run their routine life.

With the great hope that the end of this Pandemic is nearer and the new year 2021 will be a year out of this crisis and will be the year loaded with positivity to start your own cryptocurrency business & make you a millionaire, we are here to discuss some of the topmost trending cryptocurrency business ideas for 2021. You can choose the one from the list that suits you the best and start enjoying the huge revenue with less capital investment.

Without any interruptions, let us, deep-dive, into the Top Cryptocurrency Business Ideas for 2021.

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Cryptocurrency and 2020

The term cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that prevails in this digital world since 2008 and has accountable users. This year of 2020 has magnified the usage of cryptocurrency, as people find it hard to earn traditional currencies in this world's biggest crisis. In India, Supreme Court has lifted the RBI's ban of cryptocurrencies in March 2020. And later, from April 2020, Indians suffered a lot to make money due to COVID'19 quarantine issues, and many people who are unaware of cryptocurrency in India have searched for cryptocurrency exchanges and made trading of cryptos to earn passive income. News flashed that youngsters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu has made cryptocurrency trading as a way to earn passive income which made Chennai City as third-largest city in the country in the trading volume of a cryptocurrency over the year 2020. Not only in India, as there were more than 250+ countries affected by this pandemic and all searched for a way to make money & found cryptos, cryptocurrency trading can help them find a way on this difficult time. Thus 2020, has made cryptocurrency sounds better than ever before.

Revenue Genarating Cryptocurrency Business Ideas 2021

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The Cryptocurrency Exchange business will never fade away from the crypto industry until the cryptocurrency exists. Since Cryptocurrency exchanges are mediums through which this digital currency transaction occurs. Already there are 18,998+ markets through which we can trade cryptocurrencies. Starting a cryptocurrency exchange business will always be the best choice if you are clear in your business plans and metrics. As per the technology evolution, the types of cryptocurrency exchanges increase at times, and choosing the best one from the list of crypto exchanges would give you huge revenue with less capital investment.

Some of the cryptocurrency exchange types you can choose for a profitable business are as follows:

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

A centralized or traditional cryptocurrency exchange is a medium that allows traders to buy and sell cryptos with the presence of central authority or admin. For each transaction on CEX, the admin receives a commission called Trading fees. This Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange is a first come and ever trusted crypto exchange platform by crypto traders. You can launch your own centralized cryptocurrency exchange using a ready-made centralized exchange script anytime.

Popular Cryptocurrency Exchange like Binance, Kraken, Gemini, and more are examples of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

Decentralized Exchanges shortly termed as DEX supports cryptocurrency trading between buyer and seller without the involvement of the admin. DEX platform is built with smart contracts which act as admin which controls and processes all the transactions automatically. This new form of crypto trading is also accepted by a wide range of crypto users, apart from its liquidity issues. Many decentralized exchanges face liquidity issues which makes it less adaptable by crypto traders. You can launch your own decentralized exchange platform with low or no liquidity problems through the decentralized exchange script developed and deployed at Bitdeal.

IDEX, Binance DEX, Bisq, and so on are popular decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange 

The combination of both centralized and decentralized crypto trading features on a single platform is termed as hybrid cryptocurrency exchanges. This hybrid crypto exchange allows users to choose and switch between centralized and decentralized modes of trading. The easiest way to launch your own hybrid cryptocurrency exchange is through a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange script which involves the functionalities and security features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Peer to Peer Crypto Exchanges

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange is one in which the trading occurs instantly between buyer and seller directly through the involvement of Escrow-protected mechanism, which is not present in the DEX platform. Thus, this Escrow-based P2P crypto exchanges provide more safer and secured crypto trading than the DEX platform and so people in larger amounts prefer P2P Crypto Exchanges. You can start your own P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange platform with P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script instantly.

Paxful, Remitano, Wazirx, and more are some famous P2P Crypto exchanges. 

DeFi based DEX Platform

DeFi based DEX platforms are now ruling the crypto globe. As we are all in the place where DeFi sounds louder and it will not be a new term to us anymore, Right? If you are unaware of DeFi,read our article What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?

As discussed above DEX platforms face Liquidity Issues and there comes DeFi in DEX Space which eliminates the problem of liquidity in decentralized exchanges.

There are many DeFi based DEX platforms with liquidity pools that provide a seamless trading platform for all the users. You can contact DeFi Development Company, who can assist you with the best DeFi based DEX platform development services.

Uniswap, Bancor, Ddex, and more are the most popular DeFi based Decentralized Exchange Platforms.

You can also launch your own cryptocurrency exchanges in which the trading is carried out by placing ads or through order books. It is your own choice to choose which suits the best crypto exchange type for your business requirements.

Smarter People Choose Smart Ways! Here is a simple way to start your own successful crypto exchange business.

It is nothing but Cryptocurrency Exchange Clones !!

We Bitdeal - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Provider offers the easiest way to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange and make a high density of user base within a short span of time. It is through the crypto exchange clone development of top cryptocurrency exchanges. We provide cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts to launch your own exchanges like Binance, Paxful, Wazirx, and a lot more.

Some of our top selling crypto exchange clone scripts are as follows:

You can buy the live demo of all the above-mentioned clone scripts completely free of cost. 

Crypto Lending and Borrowing Business

The process of lending or borrowing crypto assets through any online medium is known as cryptocurrency lending and borrowing. There are many popular crypto lending and borrowing platforms available in the market which differ from the interest rate they set for lenders and borrowers on each platforms.P2P crypto lending is the most commonly preferred technique by all cryptocurrency users. The new decentralized finance, called DeFi has uplifted crypto lending and borrowing to the next level.

DeFi lending and borrowing platform provide an easy way to lend and borrow cryptos without the involvement of third parties. Thus this financial transaction occurs within fractions of a second, 
thus all the processes are automated by blockchain smart contracts.

Aave, Maker, Compound, InstaDApp, and more DeFi Lending and borrowing platforms are making benchmarks in the recent cryptocurrency globe.

It is the right time for you to develop and launch your own DeFi Lending platform with user-centric features and plugins to grab the market's attention.

Cryptocurrency / Smart Contract MLM

Cryptocurrency MLM business occurs over years in the crypto industry, but it attracted heavy attention among the people during this COVID'19 pandemic. We all know that MLM business is the easiest way to earn more money. The crypto lovers preferred smart contract-based MLM platforms such as Forsage, Million Money, TRONex, and more to earn passive income. 

Ethereum Smart Contract based MLM platforms allow users to earn ETH while TRON Smart Contract based MLM platforms allows for earning of TRX. The cryptocurrency Investment platforms have seen major revenue hype in this world's biggest pandemic. Since smart contract-based MLM platforms provide high-end security for investors. This MLM business can come down when all this crisis has come to an end. But it will never fade out from the cryptocurrency industry. This cryptocurrency or Smart Contract MLM business is a riskless and huge revenue-generating business model. Start your own Smart Contract based MLM business now and see yourself placed on the top of the billionaire list soon.

We Bitdeal - Smart Contract based MLM platform development company offers MLM platform development on major blockchain networks like Ethereum, TRON, EOS, and more. We develop and deploy smart contract-based MLM platforms with MLM plans and compensation plans as per your requirements.

We also provide clones of famous Smart contract MLM platforms to reach out to the market sooner. Some of our top-selling Smart Contract based MLM Scripts are as follows:

Crypto Banking Platform

As this digital world moves in closely adopting the open-source finance DeFi, sooner the traditional finance and banking process will turn to cryptocurrency banking and decentralized finance can hold the complete Financial processes of all the nations.

Crypto banks are Banking institutes that involve financial activities such as saving, depositing, lending, borrowing, and more using cryptocurrencies. This crypto banking can eliminate the large queue process for all money-related activities.

Recent news says that India has planned to launch crypto banks in more than 22 places and as many countries accept cryptocurrency is legal, there is no doubt that all the traditional finance, insurance, lending, borrowing will be replaced by cryptocurrency banking, DeFi based lending and borrowing. This could reduce the time and eliminate the problems in cross border transactions with ultra-fast speed and security.

You can launch your own crypto bank to serve the crypto people an easy way to deposit, withdraw, lend, borrow, and more with cryptocurrencies.

Sports Betting Business With Cryptos

As smartphones have consumed all of our time, we all prefer playing games on mobile phones rather than outdoor games. Thus, betting over fantasy sports games like IPL is becoming more likely among us. Already there are many sports betting gaming apps available in the market. You can grab both crypto lovers and fantasy sports lovers through building their own crypto betting fantasy sports game apps which allows users to earn more cryptocurrencies. This may surely bring you high user density and ROI within a short span of time. 

Crypto Crowdfunding 

Crypto Crowdfunding is a way by which one can collect cryptos as funds to make their dream business into reality. Through crypto crowdfunding, investors can donate their funds for the project and claim for the share or benefits in the future. ICO, STO, IEO are the different types of crypto crowdfunding available in the crypto market. This is the easiest crypto business idea you can choose to make your long term business ideas into reality. You can develop crypto tokens, distribute them among investors, and collect funds from them to start your own business. With these crypto tokens, the investors can claim for profit or share in the future. Building a cryptocurrency crowdfunding app can help you reach more customer base in short time.

ICO - Initial Coin Offering is the commonly followed crypto crowdfunding model which is a variation of Initial Public Offerings.
STO - Security Token Offering offers investors security tokens through which they can claim a share in the business after its launch.
IEO - Initial Exchange Offering is a new crowdfunding technique, which involves a listing of projects in top crypto exchanges.

We Bitdeal help you in the successful launch of your crypto crowdfunding whether it is ICO, STO, IEO, ICO Marketing, and consultation, we deliver the unexpected output and make your business come true. Crypto crowdfunding is an easy and simple crypto business idea that can make you achieve your goal in a short time.

Online Gambling With Blockchain Smart Contract

As discussed earlier, smartphone games have grabbed all of our time and attention. As Smart Contracts are immutable and safer, the games built on the blockchain networks are free from hacks and attacks. This makes more people prefer blockchain-related gambling platforms and applications over non-blockchain games. By building your own blockchain-based games like Cryptokitties, you can make huge revenue, in this blockchain-powered digital economy.

Crypto Wallet Business

Last, but not least, Crypto wallet businesses. Cryptocurrency wallet services will never be a washout from the market until the cryptocurrencies occur. Since cryptocurrency wallets are the safest place to store crypto assets. You can create your own wallet to store your own cryptos or else you can build a wallet and provide crypto wallet services to crypto traders in any exchanges as third-party crypto wallet providers.

There are many kinds of crypto wallets such as a Web wallet, desktop wallet, hardware wallet, paper wallet, and more. You can get the best cryptocurrency wallet development services from the best cryptocurrency wallet development company and start your own crypto wallet services as a business.

Some other best cryptocurrency and blockchain-related business ideas that would work in 2021 and beyond are listed as follows:

  • Crypto Cashback powered Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Business
  • Launching Your Own Decentralized Applications
  • Building Cybersecurity Tools for Crypto Transactions
  • Launch of Cryptocurrency ATM
  • Use of cryptos in Real Estate Business
  • Creating business-specific utility tokens
  • Begin a Crypto Brokerage Business
  • Build Blockchain Smart Contracts for Insurance sectors
  • Creating Cryptocurrency Vending Machine
  • Launching DeFi based DApps and a lot more.

Hope we have covered the best cryptocurrency business ideas and plans from the list of ideas that could work better in 2021 and beyond.

Hope you have selected your crypto business plan from the above list. Then why still wait for a better time?

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